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The calming of a storm at sea

Mark 4:35-41   On that day, as evening drew on, Jesus said to His disciples: “Let us cross to the other side.” Leaving the crowd,…


Seed grows of itself

Mark 4:26-34   Jesus said to the crowds: “This is how it is with the Kingdom of God; it is as if a man were…


The mission of the seventy-two

Lk 10:1-9   The Lord Jesus appointed seventy-two other disciples whom he sent ahead of him in pairs to every town and place he intended…


The commissioning of the eleven

Mk 16:15-18 Jesus appeared to the Eleven and said to them, “Go into the whole world and proclaim the Gospel to every creature. 16Whoever believes…


Jesus and his Family

Mark 3:31-35   The mother of Jesus and his brothers arrived. Standing outside they sent word to him and called him. A crowd seated around…


Jesus and Beelzebul

Mark 3:22-30 The scribes who had come from Jerusalem said [of Jesus], “He is possessed by Beelzebul,” and “By the prince of demons he drives…