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Erik Espina

Erik Espina

Nothing is more encompassing and substantive than generating a change in man, in the citizenry, rather than mere change in government. Personal and cultural values, the sense of self, and of a people, provisions the collective back-bone and historiographic affinity, in creating what must be, the building-blocks of communal worth, in strengthening, re-affirming, and trumpeting national identity.

Much of the stability and progress in many First World countries is predicated on national identity. Fortune smiles on those who have wrestled with this question from a seminal foot-hold, to evolutionary cadence, to the eventual birthing of a nation.

Respect always begins with self, not abroad. A belief system, call it ideology, based on personal and communal values, hardened by history and blood, essays the answers up ahead, when self-doubt sets in or miss-steps in failing to uphold self-recognition.

Globalization, the 21st century, is a constant co-mingling and clash of “who we are,” in identifying “who we are not”, in a clashing world of cultural diversity, political correctness, and waves of facile information and trending influence, in an affectation of the Filipino progeny.

We must be our past. We are what we build. We are what we are ready to defend. This is the ideal, in a never-ending relay of passing the nation’s torch from one generation to the next. This way, we sustain the republic as was originally established. Losing our way never an option, although the people may make mistakes, for such is the price of democracy. Hence, institutions and new leaders with a view to the instructional rudiments of our forefathers, as bearers of a panorama for a greater future, is life-blood for percolating inspiration, hope, and achieving the ascendancy of national dreams, if not greatness.


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