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February fourteenth        




Alex Eduque

Alex Eduque

Also known as Valentine’s Day or the day of love. From the point of view of cynics, it is the one day in the year when prices of flowers are through the roof, hearts, pinks, and reds flood every corner, and cheesy Hallmark greetings become the norm. Whether you choose to celebrate it or not, there is no escaping it. In the same light that it is perhaps one of those few days in a year when couples find the perfect excuse to go on a special date or post an extra sweet and sentimental photo, it has also been dubbed single awareness day and undeniably, can be an extra painful twenty-four hours for the broken hearted. Whatever the case may be for you, I find that Valentine’s Day, like many other occasions in life, is what you choose to make of it. It can be beautiful, regardless, if you will it to be and make plans accordingly, and it can plain and simple be an ordinary day if that is what you so desire.

As for me, even when I still was not in a relationship, Valentine’s Day was something I always looked forward to. I enjoyed sharing in the joy of others and simply spreading the love. It was the perfect excuse to spoil my loved ones (especially the single ones) with extra sweets and pretty flowers, letting them know that there is someone who is thinking about them on the day supposedly devoted to love. As the cliché saying goes, “Love is but a many-splendored thing” (Andy Williams) and just feeling loved and experiencing the emotion in its multi-faceted nature gives you a happiness and contentment unparalleled that is enough to make you forget about the many challenges and stresses life sometimes brings. In whatever way love comes about you, and in whatever way you choose to give and show it, what I am most certain about is that it comes back to you ten thousand fold – in ways you least expect, but that are most beautifully surprising. After all, one of the beauties of love is realizing it in all its forms, from different, and sometimes the most random of people, but nonetheless, feeling and savoring every bit of its feeling.

This year more than ever, the outburst of sweetness, cheesiness even, and love on Valentine’s Day was a most welcome respite to the negativity that has plagued the globe. The pink cloud of celebrating love – whether that be romantic, familial, friendship, or even some to their furry ones I saw – lightened up the gloom that has been surrounding and haunting us these past coupleS weeks. Valentine’s Day need not be about celebrating a significant other (although it typically is). It is as much about celebrating friends and family who have shown you some love, and remember you throughout the year. If it gets overwhelming, I am of the belief that you definitely do not need to join the fanfare and the frenzy on the day itself – celebrate on the days before or even after if you choose to. In fact, you do not need a reason to celebrate love and the selflessness of those who care about you. If only for the spirit, and what the day conveys, Valentine’s Day, in my books, sans the fanfare and the fancy, should be every day.




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