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Duterte: File an impeachment, I’ll have you arrested


By Argyll Geducos

President Duterte dared those who are threatening him about an impeachment complaint because of his remarks on the South China Sea to go ahead, but he will order their arrest.


President Rodrigo Roa Duterte

Duterte made the statement days after he said that China is allowed to fish in the Philippines’ Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) in the disputed waters because that was the agreement he made with China.

In an interview in Malacañang, Duterte said that he is not afraid of an impeachment complaint, but threatened his critics that he will have them arrested if they file one against him.

“Kulungin ko silang lahat. Subukan niyo (I will have all of them arrested. Just let them try). Try to take it, I mean to do it, and I will do it,” he said Thursday evening.

“G*** ba kayo (Are you fools)? You try to impeach me. Do that. And I will tell you. Subukan ninyo (Just try it). I am challenging you to do it. You really want to force my hand into it? Okay,” he added.

“P******** ninyo gawain ninyo (You sons of bitches, just do it). File it. Tignan ko kung saan (We will see)… You f*** with me, kita ko sa inyo kung (and I will show you) how not to run properly in government,” he continued.

Some senators and other critics said that Duterte’s remarks regarding the West Philippine Sea are grounds for impeachment, adding the President violated the Constitution for failing to protect the country’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

Dealing with reality

According to Duterte, what his critics do not know is Chinese President Xi Jinping threatened that there will be trouble if the Philippines will try to dig oil in the disputed waters. He said he is just trying to deal with reality.

“Pero itong mga g*** (But these fools), I said I deal with reality. If you are in a state of grim, you are in a trance, ‘wag ninyo ako. Takut-takutin ninyo ako ng impeachment, p******subukan niyo (Don’t try to scare me with impeachment, just try it),” he said.

“Ako na nga nagsasakripisyo dito. Kayong mga putang ina ninyo. And I will … nagkahirap-hirap ang Marawi, nagkahirap-hirap ang Jolo, nagpakita ba kayo doon? Kayong mga senador? Nagpunta ba kayo, nakipag-ano ba kayo sa mga sundalo na namatay doon (I’m the one who is sacrificing here. When Marawi and Jolo were in trouble, did you go there? You senators, did you go there and talked to the family of the soldiers who died)?” he added.

The President then reiterated that he does not want Filipino soldiers to fight a losing battle against the Chinese, whom he said are just like Filipinos who hate being insulted.

“What do you think if we exchange blows there? Look at Vietnam, they attack the coast guard of China. They got a bloody nose. ‘Yan ang gawin ko (Should I do that)?” he said.

“Ngayon sabi ko, turuan ninyo ako paano na. Sinagot na ako ni Xi Jinping noon (Tell me what to do because Xi Jinping already told me that), there will be trouble. Kaya sagutin mo muna ako Justice [Antonio Carpio] (So Justice Carpio), give me the formula at gagawin ko (and I will do it),” he added.

Constitution would be meaningless

Duterte then hit his critics who are citing provisions in the Constitution stating that resources in the Philippine waters exclusively belong to the Philippines. He said that these provisions are meaningless in the current situation.

“That is a provision for the thoughtless and the senseless. About the protection of our economic rights, about the economic zone, resolves this? I am protecting the country and 110 million Filipinos,” he said.

“Ako kung sabihin (If), you present to me a constitution like that and we have this ruckus, claiming the same place in our jurisdiction, sabihin ko, kung wala kang pang-ilo gamitin mo ‘yang constitution mo (I’ll tell you if you do not have a toilet paper, use your constitution),” he added.

“‘Yang mga (Those) scholarly exposition… Don’t give me that shit. Hanggang diyan lang kayo sa libro ninyo (You are limited to your books). I have to protect the interest of my country, the very life of the Filipino, 110 million,” he continued.

Duterte also said that the resources in the country’s exclusive economic zone would mean nothing if those who are supposed to consume them would just die.

“How can I protect the resources when there is nobody to eat it? How can I protect the fish there and the produce of the land kung walang kakain (If not one will eat it)? G*** ba kayo (Are you fools)?” he said.

Only war

The President then answered his critics’ question if war is the only outcome if the Philippines will make a stand against China. He, however, expressed a belief that God will not forsake Filipinos.

“As it is now. Like all the other crisis, World War 2, World War 1, there was no remedy in sight. But God in His infinite wisdom will find the answer, not to give us the right to allow the slaughter of my countrymen,” he said.

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