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Placing perspective on pandemonium  




Alex M. Eduque

Alex M. Eduque

The past weeks have been somewhat of a pandemonium – not only for me, but for most people in one way or another, I am guessing. The mid-term election has just taken place, and as expected, a lot of opinion has been tossed in relation to its outcome. On a personal note, I left shortly after I cast my vote for a much anticipated family vacation and break in our home away from home. In between running all around the Big Apple to keep up with the New York minute while battling jetlag and juggling a few other things, it has been a multi-tasking frenzy. The kind that makes you feel like you are floating atop clouds at times.

Last weekend, as I was walking back home from running a few errands, I witnessed a terrible vehicular accident – the first (and I pray the last) that has happened right before my very eyes. A car speeding that tried to beat the red light rammed into another car that was turning in from the other side of the street. The impact caused the hit car to spin, and collide with a parked car that ended up with its wheels up on the sidewalk. It all happened so fast. It was one of the most frightening things I have ever witnessed. Everyone stopped where they were to watch, all aghast. I felt myself as if to check that I were still alive and conscious. The loudest explosion-like noises in three consecutive bursts had scared the wits out of me. Two split seconds later, the woman beside me called 911, and my adrenaline spike got me home as fast as my legs could take me.

Ten minutes earlier, I had been in that very same sidewalk. Had I taken longer at my errand, or had the unfortunate accident happened sooner, I could have very well been a victim by simply being at the wrong place, at the wrong time. That is perhaps what shook me the most as I began to recall the events and process things while going through the snaps I took on my phone. Burst tires and watching the airbag of the car inflate, it was at that very moment that I knew my guardian angels and God up there were at work. I was spared, and for that, I am truly grateful.

As the day ended, and as my blood pressure and adrenaline level went back to normal, a realization dawned on me: that truly, the small things are the big things. Though cliché and seemingly mundane, it is what we take for granted, but what brings about an opportunity of a new day. At that very moment, I was just thankful to be alive. And as I write this, I still am, and will always be. It is an eternal blessing to be able to wake up every day and do the things we desire.

Put your heart into all your endeavors, and do that which makes you happy, because at the end of every day, really, we should always give thanks – for our safety, for that of our loved ones, and for simply being given the chance of another day.

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