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The light that saves the world


We have spiritually pre­pared ourselves, dur­ing the season of Lent, awaiting the greatest feast of all feasts, the Easter Sun­day of the Lord’s Resurrection.

Catholic churches globally are now celebrating Easter Vigil Masses to celebrate this joyful and great occa­sion, the Resurrection of Christ, his triumph over sin and death.

Holy Saturday is one of the litur­gies in the liturgical calendar that must be celebrated after sundown.

We honor the Jewish tradition in viewing the start of a new day beginning at sundown instead of midnight.

We allow the night, once again, to be a powerful symbol of the power of sin that so invaded the world that it put to death the Second Person of the Trinity, Jesus Christ.

The celebration begins with a simple flame, a light in the dark­ness, representing the light of Christ (Lumen Christi).

After the blessing of the fire, a procession into the church, which is darkened, takes place.

It is slowly filled with a warm light as the parishioners light their candles from the Easter flame.

This symbolizes the light of Christ that illumines the darkness of our sinful world.

The Easter Vigil is one of the most powerful expressions of Christ’s resurrection transform­ing the night from defeat to vic­tory.

The ancient hymn called the Exsultet (PraeconiumPaschale) refers to this night, reminding us of salvation history, starting from the sin of Adam, which paved the way for the coming of the one, true morning star of Jesus Christ to illumine the darkness of hatred and sin.

As we observe Black Saturday, we see the dark nights of our lives which will soon see the light of Christ’s Resurrection.

Let us not view the night as merely a symbol of sin.

Let us gaze into the night with wonderment, realizing that Christ sanctified the night through His victory over sin and death.

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