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Love-ly thoughts that sparked




Alex M. Eduque

Alex M. Eduque

Although this comes out a good weekend later, I write this the day after Valentine’s. While others dub it a Hallmark holiday, or Single Awareness Day, I choose to see it as any extra ordinary day with an explosion of hearts, all things red, pink, and pretty with extra confetti, or an acceptable day to have social media exploding with the cheesiest photos and captions. It is when you can expect flowers to be priced at a premium, and the busiest day of the year for any florist. Whatever your thoughts may be, I think one thing we can all agree on is that there is no escaping the Valentine’s rush. Whether you are single or in a relationship; one to use it as an excuse to celebrate or shy away at home, the truth is, you are aware of it and whether you like it or not, it is, at the very least, a thought that looms about.

You attract the energy you give – I firmly believe in that. So if you were to sulk in a corner, bitter, for whatever reason on Valentine’s Day, then it is more likely than not that Murphy’s Law would totally take effect on you. Think pretty and happy thoughts, and you may get a surprise – not necessarily from a significant other, but could be from a co-worker, a family member, or simply someone who wants to share and give some love. Valentine’s Day has undoubtedly been romanticized by Hallmark and the media, when in reality, if we were to trace it to its roots it is a day to celebrate and commemorate Saint Valentine – a priest who was beheaded by a Roman emperor for helping Christian people wed and those being persecuted, and later on recognized by the Catholic church for his efforts. If we were to therefore examine the reason for his recognition, although marital love was at the forefront, he was also one who helped others out of the goodness of his heart – one who perpetuated acts of kindness and selfless love.

Valentine’s Day should therefore not be isolated to romantic love, as this is also the reason why a lot of people tend to be bitter about the day. In a world that is ridden with so much pessimism, negativity, and hate, a day to celebrate love, and remember all ways, even in the smallest one can show it is very much welcome. It should be a day that reminds us all that the tiniest act of kindness and gratitude goes a long way; a day where these concerted efforts should highlight the waves of change love is capable of bringing about to go against the tides of hate and horror that can so quickly swallow us all. It all begins with us, and in a world that needs all the good vibes it can gather, let us start today and spread the love!



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