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President Duterte’s governance is akin to the job of a shrewd sales manager




Elinando B. Cinco

Elinando B. Cinco

“Foremost of all, always strive to sell your products to a huge number of consumers and the world will not forget you!”

Thus, said an American Ivy League professor who rakes in more financial rewards by lecturing to marketing professionals around the world than in classroom teaching.

It must be noted that there is a striking similarity in the application of the above precept and the selling of government programs that are now being   vigorously pursued by President Duterte.

Sales management specialists are one in saying that the two platforms are different from each and diverse factors may come into play, and their target markets are dissimilar.

As an example, read the following claim:

“I feel better selling my products to 100 customers who are in a dingy public market than make a one-item sale to a well-coiffured matron in an air-conditioned mall,” said a salesman.

The idea is that in the first case above the big number of customers is achieved, while in the second is just a singular registered count in the salesman’s sales report to his boss later in the day.

What is not mentioned is the “quality” of the buyers in those two instances.

But a pragmatic company CEO who will go over the sales manager’s report of the day, will discover that the bulk sales in the first case have only marginal buyers. They are the so-called one-time purchasers.

While the chic lady in the mall may not only be buying the same product in just a matter of days; she may even exert a persuasive influence on her “amigas” to also patronize the merchandise. Moreover, she may even command a bigger mass of buyers who maybe her employees and workers.

The scenery being pictured here is the link between selling a consumer product and the launching of a government cause or agenda that both aim to persuade the public and the product market-sector for attention and action.

An example of a government program that President Duterte is actively selling are the Rehabilitation of Boracay program and the Battle for Manila Bay Clean-up drive. All signs of success of the two endeavors are already in the horizon. It is clear that the people’s interest and participation have been ignited.

The urgent clamor of the upper echelon of the population is for the President to institute determined proceedings to claim our sovereignty over the West Philippine Sea, the Panatag Shoal, and nearby islets and reefs.

The other week, a national concern bothered the consciousness of the populace  –  the outbreak of measles among children in Metro Manila and four other regions.

Again, “Salesman Rody” has gotten into the limelight by announcing that he himself will personally lead the national information drive to urge parents to have   their young children immunized against the viral malady.

That’s one plus-factor going the way to the Malacanang occupant.

*     *     *

UST PHILETS ALUMNUS SEEKING VERIFICATION OF HIS GRADE IN A BAR EXAM HE TOOK 40 YEARS AGO. Today – in his own words – “in the twilight of his years,” this retired newspaperman has embarked on his crusade to finally cap the mental anguish that has been bothering him since he failed the bar examination he took in 1979.

“Did I factually get the disqualification rating of 42.00 percent in labor law?” he asks. The examiner in the subject during the 1979 bar is now a lawmaker. He was a Cabinet member at that time.

“I am asking this question because, in one lunch meeting with him and two other newsmen at a leading hotel in 1987, I still remember him saying, ‘I never gave that kind of grading to any of the examinees,’ ” the retired newsman recalled, quoting the lunch guest.

That occasion was the induction of officers of the Justice and Court Reporters Association 1987. And the government executive was the guest speaker.

“My fault was I never told the then examiner that I was that examinee who received the grade. I had that respect for him that was why I froze,” my Philets colleague told me.






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