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Diet and Fitness Resolutions for 2019



“Here we go again!” you say. It’s time to make resolutions for the coming year yet you wonder if you will truly succeed this time around. Perhaps you found yourself guilty after recalling how the past year went by and at the same time comparing it to your list.

Have you ever wondered why most people tend to get distracted and derailed from their New Year’s resolutions? It is because their plans for the year are not realistic and sustainable. They have this notion that writing perfect resolutions will automatically make them healthier, better. When you’re on a high about something, it’s easy to stick to your goals but feelings tend to dwindle. When emotions spiral down, you will find yourself less and less motivated to stick to your plan. You end up switching back to your old habits.

Let 2019 be different. Conquer it by committing to resolutions that will not drive you crazy. Suit your list to your preference and lifestyle. It is also vital to understand the true meaning of the words diet and fitness. Diet does not mean starving yourself. It is an eating pattern that must nourish, satisfy and keep your mind and body at their optimum state of well-being. Fitness on the other hand does not only pertain to exercise, which is contrary to common belief. Rather it is the condition of being physically fit and healthy to enable you to perform specific tasks and roles. Fitness is achieved in many ways, including exercise, diet, sleep, and more.

This list of diet and fitness resolutions may just be the answer to your earnest desire to set it right this 2019:

1. I will carry a water bottle with me all day, every day.
Hydration is important. Water must be drank adequately throughout the day even when we are not thirsty. Carrying and regularly taking sips from a water bottle will keep you well hydrated and healthy.

2. I will not deprive myself of the food I love.
Avoiding certain favorites leads to a vicious cycle of deprivation and overindulgence. It is best to allow yourself a small treat occasionally instead of suffering and eventually getting out of control and stuffing yourself with high caloric and unhealthy food, especially when stress kicks in.

3. I will add fresh produce to my daily diet.
Buy fresh fruits and eat them in the morning before leaving the house or bring along for snacks. It will save you from mindlessly snacking on unhealthy food. Make fresh vegetables available at home. Practice quick cooking to make vegetables available for at least two meals in a day. You can also make a juice or smoothie out of your fresh produce if you don’t like to cook.

4. I will include lean protein in my meals.
Vary your protein sources from fish, chicken, egg, soy, lean cuts of pork, and beef. This will keep you feeling fuller longer. It will also prevent you from eating
more carbs and fat than what your body requires.

5. I will walk more.
No time to hit the gym or it’s just not your thing? Be mindful about the amount of time you sit down. Walk whenever you can throughout the day. Walk in place, pace while talking on the phone, take the stairs, take a couple of 10-minute walks, or even more during your break. Just avoid sitting and lying down all day. If you have a desk job, stand up and walk in place after every hour or so by setting a reminder.

6. I will schedule my snooze.
Sleep is vital to losing weight, preventing chronic diseases, being happy, and having the energy to exercise. While late nights cannot be avoided sometimes, plan your week by including not only your exercise but also the time you wish to sleep. Treat your sleep schedule the way you would a meeting or an appointment. Work around a realistic work, meal, exercise, leisure, and sleep schedule.


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