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77 public spaces designated as communal firecrackers and fireworks display zone


By Ria Fernandez

A total of 77 public spaces were designated by the Manila Police District (MPD) as communal firecracker and fireworks display zone in the capital city for welcoming New Year.

Firecrackers / Manila Bulletin file photo

Firecrackers / Manila Bulletin file photo

For firecrackers, there are 75 locations identified such as the following:

Under MPD Station 1 (Raxabago)

· Barangay 82 Covered Court, Dandan corner Velasquez Street

· Barangay 151 Covered Court, Capulong Road

· Barangay 69 Covered Court, 1364 Madrid Extension, Tondo

· Barangay 72 Covered Court, Quezon corner Concha Street, Tondo

· Barangay 109 Covered Court, 9 Mapalad Street, Tondo

· Barangay 111 Covered Court, San Sebastian Street

· Barangay 123 Covered Court, C.P. Garcia corner Moriones Street

· Barangay 128 Covered Court, Permanent Housing, Vitas, Tondo

· Barangay 177 Covered Court, Hermosa corner Paraiso Street

Under MPD Station 2 (Moriones)

· Claro M. Recto corner Dagupan Street, Tondo

· Plaza Hernandez

Under MPD Station 3 (Sta. Cruz)

· Barangay 383, Zone 39 along Arlegui Street corner Quezon Boulevard, Quiapo

· Barangay 384 Zone 39 along Globo de Oro and Quezon Boulevard, Quiapo

· Barangay 385, Zone 39 along Arlegui Street and Nepomuceno Street, Quiapo

· Barangay 386, Zone 39 in front of Nazareno Along P. Casal Street, Quiapo

· Barangay 387, Zone 39 in front of Barangay Hall along Arlegui Street, Quiapo

· Barangay 388, Zone 39 along Concepcion Aguila and Pasaje del Carmen

· Barangay 389, Zone 39 in front of Barangay 389 along Legarda Street, Quiapo

· Barangay 390, Zone 40 in front of Plaza del Carmen, Quiapo

· Barangay 391, Zone 40 along Bilibid Viejo Street corner Hidalgo Street

· Barangay 392, Zone 40 along Bilibid Viejo Street and G. Puyat Street

· Barangay 393, Zone 40 along streets of Guzman, Hidalgo Street, and Carcer

· Barangay 394, Zone 40, Pagoda Basketball Court along Gonzano Puyat Street, Quiapo

· Barangay 312, Zone 31, Basketball Court, Lope de Vega Street corner Oroquieta

· Barangay 342, Zone 34, Basketball Court, Maria Clara Corcelinio Street

· Barangay 317, Zone 31, Bambang corner P. Guevarra

· Barangay 329, Zone 33, Basketball Court, Lope de Vega

· Barangay 337, Zone 34 beside Barangay Hall

· Barangay 338, Zone 34, P. Guevarra corner Malabon

· Barangay 321, Zone 34, Silas Basketball Court

· Barangay 328, Zone 33, Makata Street, S. Reyes Basketball Court

· Barangay 323, Zone 32, A. Mendoza Street and Corquiricada Street

· Barangay 353, Zone 36, S. Reyes Street corner Tayuman

· Barangay 357, Zone 36, T. Mapua corner Laguna

· Barangay 358, Zone 36, T. Mapua Street corner F. Yuseco Street

· Barangay 373, Zone 38, Tambunting Street, Sta. Cruz

· Barangay 371, Zone 37, Tiago Street corner Vision Street, Sta. Cruz

· Barangay 378, Zone 38, Aurora Boulevard corner Oroquieta Street, Sta. Cruz

· Barangay 306, Carlos Palanca, Quinta Market ( in front of barangay to Feati University)

· Barangay 307 from Rizal Avenue/Raon to Quezon Boulevard

· Barangay 308 along streets of Evangelista, Porveiner, Esperanza, and Dela Fe

· Barangay 309 along streets of Germinal and Trinidad

Under MPD Station 4 (Sampaloc)

· Barangay 411, Zone 42, G. Tuazon Street corner Sta. Teresita Street, Sampaloc

· Barangay 521, Zone 52 along Algeciras Street near corner Fajardo Street, Sampaloc

· Barangay 557, Zone 55, Cebu Street corner Visayan Street, Sampaloc, Manila

· Barangay 568, Zone 55, Cebu Street corner Mindanao Street, Sampaloc

· Barangay 402, Zone 41, Basketball Court along Palmera Street, Sampaloc

· Barangay 463, Zone 46, Basketball Court along P. Paredes Street, Sampaloc

Under MPD Station 5 (Ermita)

· Remedios Circle

· Raja Sulayman

· Ortega Court

Under MPD Station 6 (Sta. Ana)

· Barangay 811, Zone 88, San Andres Bukid, Barangay Basketball Court

· Barangay 775, Zone 84, San Andres Bukid, Barangay Basketball Court

· Barangays 879 and 884, Barangay Basketball Court

Under MPD Station 7 (Jose Abad Santos)

· Barangay 214, Zone 20, PNR Antipolo Street corner Vargas Street

Under MPD Station 8 (Sta. Mesa)

· Barangay 622, Dalisay Covered Court

· Barangay 617, Ricass Covered Court

· Barangay 604, Paraiso Covered Court

Under MPD Station 9 (Malate)

· Barangay 701, A. Mabini Street and M.H. Del Pilar Street

· Barangay 704, Amadome Basketball Court, San Andres Street

· Barangay 705, Avella Court, Leveriza Street

· Barangay 706, Leveriza Street near corner San Andres Street

· Barangay 707, Paraiso Ng Batang Maynila, Maginhawa Street corner Quirino Avenue

· Barangay 709, F. Castro Street

· Barangay 733, Zone 80, Singalong Street corner Zapanta

· Barangay 739, Zone 80, Meding Street corner Tuazon

· Barangay 746, Zone 81, Dian Street corner Estrada

· Barangay 748 along streets of Torres, Estada, and Taal

· Barangay 753, Zone 81, A. Francisco Street corner Arellano

· Barangay 754, Zone 81 near Barangay Hall, Arellano Avenue

· Barangay 755, Arellano and A. Roxas Streets

· Barangay 756, Conchu and A. Roxas Streets

Under MPD Station 10 (Pandacan)

· Barangay 863, Zone 94, Plaza Balagtas Beata Street corner Jesus Street Pandacan, Manila

· Barangay 841, Bagong Barangay Plaza

· Barangay 868, Basketball Court

Meanwhile, Manila Ocean Park and Plaza Lorenzo Ruiz in Binondo will be the common area for fireworks display.

The move is in accordance to President Rodrigo Duterte’s Executive Order No. 28 banning the use of firecrackers in residences.

But from the perspective of Manila arson chief Capt. Reden Alumno, it will be safer if the public will stop patronizing pyrotechnics.

“We only have small spaces here. We don’t know where the firecrackers will land. It is expected that at that time we are all busy for New Year,” Alumno said in Filipino.

Nevertheless, he assured that they are on red alert and ready to respond any time emergency happens while the year shifts to 2019.

He is also advising outgoing Manileños to have someone to look after their houses while they are away.

Unplugging appliances, closing windows, and storing a bucket of water or placing a fire extinguisher in an accessible spot will also help minimize the risks of blaze, he added.

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