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      Alex EduqueAnd just like that, I am in the tail end of my late twenties. As I turned 28 the Wednesday before last, I could not help but ponder on some life lessons and realizations. And so, as I did last year, here are 28 of them (in no particular order of importance) as they came to me. And as I re-read through them, it suffices to say that it encompasses my learning quite thoroughly – if not from my life thus far, my recent past at the very least. Allow me to share them with you:

  1. You are solely accountable for your own actions.
  2. Admit your mistakes. It is much more noble than finding an escape plan, blaming others, and/or a situation.
  3. Never judge a book by its cover. Therefore, never judge anyone based on their Instagram account.
  4. Instagram (and social media for that matter) is a curated version of “real” life. Remember, what you see is only what others want you to see and know about them.
  5. Love wholeheartedly. If you are going to love in portions, might as well not love at all.
  6. But never loose yourself in love, no matter how blinding it can be.
  7. Only when you have learned to love yourself fully – by embracing your flaws, and being secure with your imperfections – can you really learn to truly and fully love another.
  8. Think (hard) before you speak.
  9. If you have nothing nice to say (make it stay as a thought), do not say it.
  10. Treat everyone (no matter who) with respect, and never compromise anyone’s dignity.
  11. Always view your cup as half full, rather than half empty – cliché, but only then will you be able to live with an attitude of gratitude.
  12. The world is round. What goes up, will go down.
  13. Power is fleeting (and blinding) – do not ever let it get to you.
  14. Pain can be debilitating, but it also is temporary.
  15. Face the truth. Denial will only pave the path to temporary escape, and reality kicking in is inevitable.
  16. Integrity and loyalty – possess them, practice them, and when you meet someone with these traits, never let them go.
  17. You cannot change, or control the actions of anyone, except your own.
  18. Respect the choices, and decisions people make, but be truthful about your feelings.
  19. Say it as it is.
  20. Black or white. Yes, or no. Gray and bluff is completely overrated (and over complicated).
  21. Give wholeheartedly, without expecting anything in return.
  22. You never fully know what someone else is going through, and their decisions are their own to make.
  23. Avoid settling for “pwede na. Do not be a perpetrator of mediocrity.
  24. Some of the staunchest support is done and given in silence.
  25. The crowd will always follow to the seemingly greener side of the fence – this does not mean you have to do the same as well. Stand your ground, and remember your principles.
  26. Punctuality is timeless and is the most basic form of respect. Do not under-appreciate how much people value it.
  27. It is perfectly okay not to be fond of, or like, someone, in the same way that you cannot please everyone. But, do not be rude. Your behavior will always speak strongly of you.
  28. The golden rule must and will always stay golden: “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”

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