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‘Tax nga ng tax, pero build ng build naman!’



THE Duterte administration’s massive infra-structure thrust – “Build, Build, Build” – is an enormous program that has never been attempted by any administration in the past. It is concededly a results-oriented undertaking.

Impressive as it is similar with its powerful thematic catchword, the titanic  scheme is seen to unbolt massive employment and work opportunities.

The observation is that “Build3” drowns out any other ambitious infra-structure program of the Duterte reign.
On top of those affirmations gained by the ‘ Build3’ thematic call on public attention, its goodwill value is indisputably achieved.

And pretty soon the program marquee will become a household name.

Meanwhile, here’s one petty coincidence: Of all musical ditties that had showed effectiveness in public patronage using a repetitive same-word title was “Rain, Rain, Rain” by Frankie Laine in mid-1950s.

The record’s success and coin-dropping allure in juke boxes defied the dominance of then rock and roll favorites like Bill Haley and The Comets, Elvis Presley, and Chuck Berry.

“Rain3” was backed up by The Four Lads in that new song. Without much expectations from American recording industry moguls, the quartet’s number sort of piggy-backed with the million-dollar selling “Rain3.”

So it became a walk in the park for The Four Lads to hit the chart’s apex with their “Istanbul.” The foot-stomping melody of the song had lyrics that told of amusing anecdotes of some dating couples getting lost where to meet as a result of the change of name of the Turkish capital from Constantinople.

In the same vein that today the administration’s “Build3” program opened doors to some endeavors that can easily piggy-back on it, calculated to gain favorable public acceptance.

Meanwhile, “Build3” will continue to churn the wheels of the construction industry as long as the “TRAIN” goes on chugging  by collecting more taxes to fuel the steam engine of massive Infrastructure projects.

So by now our readers can see that notwithstanding the avalanche of criticisms from various sectors  to halt the “TRAIN”  on account of adverse  repercussions upon the marginalized segment of society, still new tracks will be laid by the government on which the “TRAIN” will roll along.

Now comes Sen. Sonny Angara asking the Duterte government to consider adopting a sort of an “agricultural revolution” alongside  “Build, Build, Build.”

He is urging planners of the administration also to consistently and widely support a massive program in agriculture. That is why he is calling his proposal “Plant, Plant, Plant.”

Again as narrated earlier in this piece, to similarly piggy-backed with “Fish, Fish, Fish,” making the two vital players what the senator calls ”nothing short of an agricultural revolution.”

Just about time, for my observation is that the agriculture priorities of the government have been sidelined in favor of “Build3.”

I, therefore agree, with the Angara move to revive an ailing sector that dominates 60 percent of the country’s poor populace.

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