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The third proposed core value: Karangalan


Dr. Jesus P. Estanislao

Dr. Jesus P. Estanislao

By Jesus Estanislao


From our own personal life and experience, we have found out that it is never enough to be orderly and disciplined. It is also necessary for us to do things well, with as much perfection as possible. On such a base of order, discipline, and excellence at work, we can build for ourselves a noble niche and a dignified pedestal that would make us respectable and exemplary for others to emulate.

This would bring us to the third proposed core value, coming from Dr. Tiongco. He puts it forward as Karangalan.

This is what he says:

“As a value, karangalan includes the following nuances or connotations:

“Sense of honor.

“Dignity and decency.

“Self-respect and pride.


“Care and concern for one’s integrity, good name, and reputation.

“One can thus speak of the following:

“Marangal na tao (honorable or decent person).

“Marangal na hangarin (noble and upright purpose).

“Marangal na pakikitungo (dignified and upright way of dealing with others).

“Marangal na mamayan (decent and respectable citizen).

“Marangal na paglilingkod sa bayan (honorable public service).

“Furthermore, opposed to marangal or karangalan are the following notions:

“Garapal, makapal ang mukha, walang hiya (shameless).

“Kahiya-hiya (shameful, disgraceful, or dishonorable).

“Bastos, malaswa, magaspang (rude, vulgar, coarse, crude).

“Palamunin, maninipsip (parasitical).

“Iresponsable (irresponsible).

“Hindi mapag kakatiwalaan (untrustworthy, unreliable).

“Walang isang salita (deceitful, duplicitous, dishonest).

“Masamang ugali (ill-mannered, uncouth).”

In conclusion, here is what Dr. Tiongco says about the three core values he has proposed for Dream Philippines:

“Why do I think these three core values should be given priority of development and promotion in our nation and society?”

“The main reason is that these three core values, considered individually and in combination, can be of great help in addressing many of the social and moral ills that afflict Philippine society today.

“Kaayusan is the response to the widespread lack of discipline and order, as well as physical and moral filth, that we see around us.

“Kahusayan is the antidote to the sloppiness, shoddiness, mediocrity, and incompetence that we frequently find in the kind of work or service rendered by people, organizations, and institutions, both public and private.

“Karangalan is the answer to the lack of sense of honor, dignity, decency, self-respect, responsibility, and concern for integrity among individuals and institutions, as well as to theshameless and deceitful conduct of persons in authority.

“Woven together, these three core values would generate a powerful moral force that could transform Philippine society.”

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