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Husband, wife should not compete but complement each other


By Fr. Bel R. San Luis, SVD

By Fr. Bel San Luis, SVD


A man was sick and tired of going to work every day while his wife stayed at home. He wanted her to see what he was going through so he prayed, “Dear Lord, please exchange our bodies and roles.”

* * *

The next morning, the man woke up as a woman, cooked, fed the family, drove the kids to school, washed and ironed, went out to the market, balanced checkbook, cleaned the house, cooked dinner.

* * *

After supper, she cleaned the kitchen. At night, although very tired, she made love with the husband.

Next morning, she admitted to God his big mistake and prayed for a trade-back. God said, “Ok, but you’ll have to wait for nine months. You got pregnant last night!”

* * *

The story illustrates how difficult, indeed, is a woman’s role. We are in the Women’s Month of March and so let me share some issues touching women’s life today.

* * *

On “gender equality,” there can never be a complete equality between man and woman simply because there are clear differences in their physical, biological, emotional and psychological make-up.

For instance, the woman was created to bear children and breastfeed which the man cannot do.

* * *

While the household chores usually fall on the shoulders of the woman, it does not mean the husband is totally exempted from sharing the burden. The responsibilities should be shared.

On “gender discrimination,” even in civilized societies, it is perceived as normal for a husband to be a “palikero” (philanderer) or to have children by different women.

* * *

But for women to do the same is grossly condemned. This is an age-old bias because even during the time of Christ, we read in the gospel that the woman caught in adultery was condemned to death by stoning. (Read St. John 8,1-11).

The big question is: How about the man with whom she had relations? Why was he not condemned, too? Isn’t that blatant discrimination?

* * *

While our country has some of the toughest laws to protect women from physical abuse, sexual harassment and trafficking, what’s more important is the strict implementation.

Finally, in one of our “Salitang Buhay” program on DZMM teleradyo, our guest stressed that husbands and children should realize the difficult role women play in the family and society; hence, a dose of love, understanding, and appreciation should be shown.

* * *

SUPERIOR SEX? A teacher in religion class said, “First God created Adam, but when he looked at him, He said, “I think I can do better if I try again.” So He created a woman, Eve.

* * *

At a local library, a man asked for a book entitled “Man, the Superior Sex.” The young, pretty librarian said, “You’ll have to look for that in the Fiction Department.”

LESSON: Couples should understand that husbands and wives don’t compete but complete and complement one another.

* * *

‘7 LAST WORDS.’ Join our presentation of the “7 Last Words” on Good Friday, March 30 at 12-3 p.m. which will be telecast live on ABS-CBN Channel 2 and SIMUMULCAST over DZMM Teleradyo

* * *

You may attend at the Shrine of Jesus, the Divine Word, within the compound of Christ the King Seminary, E. Rodriguez Blvd., Q.C or watch on Channel 2 or DZMM TV-radio Channel 26.

* * *

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