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‘Dying storm’ in planet Neptune expected to fade away like a fart


By Rizal Obanil

Since 2015 scientists of the National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA) have been tracking and monitoring, with the use of the Hubble Telescope a storm, a “dying storm” in the planet Neptune.

Neptune (Pixabay / MANILA BULLETIN)


A video from Mashable Asia has described the storm to be similar in size that of the Atlantic Ocean.

Although this may sound like an ordinary scientific endeavor, the kind that geeks would be into and scientists would be very interested in, there is one unique quality about this storm that sets it apart from all other storms whether here on Earth or in Jupiter that we laymen can definitely relate to.

The storm according to NASA is made up of hydrogen sulfide and thus would give it the smell quite similar to that of rotten eggs.

Because of this, scientists have now been likening the storm to that of a “planet fart.”

It stinks like it, and just like fart eventually dissipates, depending on what and how much you had for dinner or lunch.

Unlike any other planetary storm, for example like the centuries-old red storm of Planet Jupiter, scientists initially expected the storm in Neptune to quite literally go out with a bang.

However, contrary to their knowledgeable guess, the storm recently has shrunk and is expected to just fade away, quite like a fart.

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