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SWS survey: 84% say it’s possible to succeed in career and love life


By Alexandria Dennise San Juan 

Almost three out of five, or 59 percent Filipinos chose career over love life, but a high 84 percent said that it is possible to succeed in both, the latest Social Weather Survey result showed.

Based on the result of the survey conducted from December 8-16, 2017, 59 percent of the respondents chose career and 41 percent chose love life when asked to choose between the two.

A man surprises his girlfriend with a rose as they greet Valentine's Day Wednesday pre-dawn. (Jun Ryan Arañas / MANILA BULLETIN)

A man surprises his girlfriend with a rose as they greet Valentine’s Day pre-dawn Wednesday.
(Jun Ryan Arañas / MANILA BULLETIN)

According to the survey, majorities of 60 percent among women and 57 percent among men choose career over love life, and the preference for career over love life was high among both s ingle men and ingle women s

To the survey question “In your opinion,is it possible to be successful in your love life and career at the same time?” 58 percent answered definitely possible, 26 percent said it is somewhat possible, 5 percent somewhat impossible, and 3 percent said it is definitely impossible. Eight percent were undecided if it is possible or not.

This gives a net possibility score (percent definitely or somewhat possible minus percent of somewhat or definitely impossible) of +76 which was classified by the SWS as “very strong.”

In the follow up question if they ever experienced having a successful career and love life, a majority 66 percent said that they had.

The December 2017 survey also found out that 57 percent described their love life as “very happy,” 29 percent said “it could be happier,” while 14 percent said they do not have a love life.

This is somehow similar to the 2016 result with 55 percent saying their love life was very happy, 31 percent it could be happier, and 14 percent have no love life.

About 81 percent or four out of five of those who have no love life chose career over love life, compared to the 57 percent among those who wish to have a happier love life, and 54 percent among those with very happy love life who would choose the same.

The result added that success in both love life and career was higher among those with live-in partners (76 percent of men, and 72 percent of women), and marrieds (72 percent men, 68 percent women).

Those who have a “very happy” love life, the result also showed, have higher success in both love life and career at 76 percent, followed by those whose love could be happier at 58 percent, and who have no love life at 38 percent.

Success in both love life and career was also higher among those who chose love life at 71 percent than those who chose career at 62 percent.

In terms of civil status, those who are “very happy” with their love life were higher among married men and women at 71 percent and 62 percent, respectively.

This was higher compared to those with live-in partners (62 percent men, 53 percent women), singles who never married (36 percent men, 28 percent women), and singles who are widowed/separated/divorced (21 percent men, 23 percent women).

Meanwhile, the survey result also noted that 18-34 years old single men (those who never married and those who are widowed/separated/divorced) are happier with their love life (45 percent) compared to single women of same age group (28 percent).

The December 2017 survey was conducted through face-to-face interviews among 1,200 adults nationwide (300 each in Metro Manila, Balance Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao).

The SWS emphasized that the survey questions on Valentine are “non-commissioned and included on SWS’s own initiative and released as public service.”

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