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Cargo theft a worldwide problem


By Floro L. Mercene

Floro M. Mercene

Floro M. Mercene


Now we discuss mid-air or in-flight theft, a situation when your valuables are stolen by fellow passengers or the airline’s crew members.

Passengers usually stow away their carry-on and other bags on the overhead bin but sometime someone else had gone ahead and occupied the space above the seat. The best solution is to put your carry-on under or in front of your seat, if not too bulky.

When the flight is cruising and the lights are dimmed, that is when the danger of theft occurs.

Syndicates are getting bolder because travelers remain complacent or ignorant about the perils of thievery at 35,000 feet. Many travelers also bring along their expensive jewelry.

A study found that the Philippines was one of the Asia-Pacific countries with the most international travelers two years ago.

The study attributed this to a rising middle class whose households make at least P1 million or more annually, increased connectivity through the Internet, the expected opening of over 300 airports all over the world, and an aging population which is “changing the travel landscape in a very different way.”

Local airlines are not exempted from this new phenomenon of air thievery and one only has to follow the social media to see what is going on in mid-air shenanigans.

The most celebrated case happened on May, 2016, when CNN reported on of the largest in-flight thefts ever reported. A Turkish businessman reported that during a flight to Hong Kong, his $260,000 in cash and jewelry was stolen from his carry-on bag which he had placed in the plane’s overhead compartment during his flight.

The best way to avoid being the victim of in-flight theft is to first be aware of the possibility that it could happen. Be alert that there are air thieves out to steal your belongings.

There are really only four things you need to have on your person on the plane. They are: Your passport if traveling internationally, a credit card, a cell phone, and essential prescription medications.

If someone steals every single thing you brought with you, these are really the only things you cannot replace quickly.

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