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Telco love triangle


Jullie Y. Daza

Jullie Y. Daza

By Jullie Y. Daza


Without Pulse Asia and SWS reading our minds, you already know what’s the most eagerly awaited event of 2018, don’t you?

Yes, folks, it’s the arrival of a third telco to deliver us from a duopoly! Whether the new kid on the block is Chinese or Korean, its arrival, like manna from the sky, could not come sooner. Listen to this cry for help from an astrologer: “You’d think after wreaking havoc on the communication needs of its subscribers tonight (Jan. 12), they’d at least serve notice it was happening and when, service would be restored, apologize and offer compensation! There was a ‘system downtime’ in their Greenhills office, according to personnel. But as it was closing time, they left their customers hanging. Can’t wait for the third telcom player!”

I don’t know if it was the same Greenhills staff, a guy and a girl, who told me my problem was “you’re Smart but you’re calling Globe,” and all along I thought I was the dumb one. Dumb (and fair) enough to need two cellphones – their fault – as I never know when the signal of one or the other is weak or will go awry and away, depending on whether I’m in friendly or unfriendly territory.

I may be jurassic, but I get the same SMS arriving regularly that “the system is being upgraded,” which is taking an eternity to complete. . . or better yet, until a new player comes along. And then it will be a love triangle, delicious!

Duo or trio, in the area of cable television, Sky is practically a monopoly, with a band of subscribers who are about to say sky’s not the limit of their patience. As it reigns solo, practically unchallenged, Sky can take out one channel after another and still expect their service to be sky-high in customer satisfaction. Take the case of Fox. Fox News, a “must” alternative to CNN, has died on us, followed by Fox Crime, which shut down yesterday, leaving Fox Channel, Fox Life, Fox Movies, Fox Family Movies, a redundancy in any language.

Reportedly, Fox is charging ultra-high for Fox News to stay with Sky. To pay or not, that’s Sky’s choice, and apparently the foxy choice has been made. Whom do subscribers complain to, since we’re so down here and they’re so high up there no one can hear us?

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