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The year that will be (2018)


By Alex Eduque

Last week, I wrote about my reflections and realizations on the year that was. This time around, I muse about what I hope will be. None (or maybe I should say most of us since some do supposedly possess that gift) of us have the ability to see into the future – that is fact. But what we all have the capability to do is pray and hope. And dream. Dream big – of possibilities and potentials; and aspire for a brighter, bigger and bolder future. And while we all do plan as much as we can, we also know by now that life goes its merry way, and just happens. That there in fact will always be a “greater plan” that supersedes anything we set ourselves out to do. But to leave it to fate, we must also have faith. A great amount of it, may I add.

Yesterday, as I left my house, I saw a beautiful giant black and red butterfly. While I am not one to believe in superstitions, I do like learning about what omens supposedly surround symbolic creatures, such as butterflies. According to my research, while some cultures believe it to symbolize evil and danger, others believe it to represent a powerful soul or spirit, and in addition to red/pink butterflies symbolizing intense romance, passion and many happy years to come, there is in fact a belief that if the first butterfly one sees at the beginning of a season is this, it indicates a healthy year for them. So yes, while some may be wary about the representation of butterflies, I choose to see it as luck and re-assurance. In the same way, we can always make the choice to veer away from the negative, and to bask in the positive energy. This year, I will consistently make the choice to see the silver lining in every situation – to filter out the good and capitalize on productive progress.

Just like every year, we aim for personal growth. This year, I look to further enrich the spiritual side of my being because I have seen how much more calm and tranquility a strong faith is capable of bringing about. The inner peace prayer is able to provide us is truly incomparable. This year will be a year of adventure, and new explorations for me, by means of travel – purposeful travel that is. I look forward to giving myself a bit more “me” time through that, simultaneous with the priceless opportunity of bonding with family and friends. Working hard to bring oneself fulfillment, and finding the perfect balance as not to compromise, but to enhance productivity is something I will continue to work on this year, and is hopefully something I’m able to share with my peers. I hope to be able to provide more encouragement to friends to pursue their passion alongside living their best life as most productive and progressive citizens, and I will work on deciphering, and going through my options more this year as not to spread myself out ever so thinly to the point of burn out and exhaustion. Quality after all, is always better than quantity.

The start of every new year provides us an opportunity to start anew. It also gives us the chance to continue to thread on the path we have paved out for ourselves. Another year means another chance to realize our passions, work towards the fulfillment of our dreams, and make our loved ones feel truly important. Let us continue to spread our sunshine, and be a blessing to the lives of others – to our nearest and dearest, and most especially to those who may not even be able to do anything for us. Let us keep dreaming. Keep hoping. Keep praying. Keep believing! 2018, I’m coming for you!

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