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150 volunteers join Cebu clean-up drive


By Kier Edison C. Belleza

Cebu City – More than 150 volunteers on Sunday collected discarded plastic bags and bottles and other waste items from the 1.5-kilometer Cebu South Coastal Road at the South Road Properties (SRP) as part of a global clean-up effort.

Dubbed as “Mother’s Street,” the project was organized by the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCG), a congregation that was first founded in Korea in 1948 by Ahn Sahng-Hong, their God the Father.

For Mother Nature – Volunteers collected 150 sacks of trash from the coastal road in South Road Properties during a clean-up drive Sunday. (Juan Carlo de Vela|Manila Bulletin)

For Mother Nature – Volunteers collected 150 sacks of trash from the coastal road in South Road Properties during a clean-up drive Sunday. (Juan Carlo de Vela|Manila Bulletin)

Charity Fernandez, WMSCG-Cebu spokesperson, said the event is geared toward cleaning and loving the community’s environment like a mother loves her children, which is how the name of the activity came about.

“We would really want this world to become a happy place for all of us to live in, just like what our heavenly mother wants us to do,” said Fernandez in an interview.

The clean-up drive was in reply to the church’s call to make a total of 40,000 kilometers, equivalent to the circumference of the Earth, of streets around the world free from trash.

The original plan was to clean up Osmeña Boulevard from Fuente Osmeña Circle to Colon Street in the city’s downtown area “but the city government advised us to clean up here at the SRP,” Fernandez said.

The activity is more than just cleaning – it’s about making residents conscious about littering to eliminate the problem at its root, she said.

“We are aware of what’s happening in the world right now. We are experiencing climate change. We are doing this to at least mitigate the effects of climate change,” added Fernandez.

In three hours, the participants filled 150 sacks with used plastic bottles, diapers, styrofoam pieces, package wrappers, food containers, and aluminum cans.

One volunteer, Alexes Villanueva, said that instead of just staying at home, he chose to spend his Sunday picking up litter on sidewalks and removing posters from walls and poles.

The 19-year-old student said he wanted to show other teenagers that even with simple acts of keeping the surroundings clean and green, he has highlighted the importance of giving back to the Mother Nature.

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  • James Parker

    Their service activities have been familiar from the past. It was often reported in the press, and I actually saw many people gathering garbage in front of my house. I applaud their beautiful and exemplary activity.

  • Sungahid Eli

    This event was an eye opener of what our status right now in this world. Seeing this people doing very effort to help our environment made me glad and happy. Our government right now must also focus the things that people in the near future could benefit and make effort to support of it, and media should also support this kind of event that could educate the people about the present status of our environment, not only in cebu but all through out the nation. I will be happy to attend this organization on their next event that could benefit others…Good job World Mission Society Chuch Of God and manila bulletin.keep up the good work in educating us.

    • Liz

      I got touched from the volunteers of church of God who do good deeds for socities and neighbors without any pay. Thankful for showing me church of God’s good deeds !

  • Prince Mar

    Yeah, definitely these guys made a deference in our generation though. Nowadays, As I can see the present situation, most of the people often to have this self-centered thing, well I am one of those, but taking time to read this article, It makes me fell pause… OK, somewhat like reminding me of what I must do to my neighbor as a fellow citizen. Good job guys, hope that in your next activity I can join as well. Please proclaim your activity through social media it that way I could participate with that activity. God bless guys. thumbs up :)

  • Glory

    As I read this news, I was filled with amazement thinking that there are still people like them who devote their lives for the happiness of all mankind. I feel so proud of this church. World Mission Society Church of God teaches people not only the words of God but also good deeds. I will definitely join this kind of event next time. I feel so excited!!!! :)

  • Grace Garbo

    Thank you for your not self-seeking effort for our community, you did a very good job to make the world a better place! i’m moved when we saw this people picking a trash under the sun.
    While the whole world are so busy doing things only for themselves.
    If all the people around the world are like this people from the World Mission Society Church Of God, There will be no problem!