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House to act soon on ‘divorce’ and same-sex marriage bills

By Ben Rosario

The House of Representatives will act swiftly in passing two controversial social reform measures–divorce and same-sex marriage — that could invite strong objections from the leadership of the Catholic church.
Deputy Speakers Gwendolyn Garcia (PDP-Laban, Cebu) and Sharon Garin (AAMBIS-OWA Partylist) said House Bill 6027 that provides for additional grounds for the dissolution of marriage and H.B. 6595 that allows civil partnership of persons in opposite- or same-sex relationship will be sent for plenary action soon.

House of Representatives (Michael Varcas / MANILA BULLETIN FILE PHOTO)

House of Representatives (Michael Varcas / MANILA BULLETIN FILE PHOTO)

“This is a Congress that is not afraid to take the bull by the horns,” Garcia said in a press conference.

Both bills are authored by Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez. Critics have said that HB 6027 is a “disguised divorce” while H.B. 6595 is a variation of same-sex marriage.

Garcia, one of the authors of the H.B. 6027, said Alvarez wanted the bill to be passed by December before Congress takes its yuletide break.

Garcia said H.B. 6595 is expected to be tackled in the plenary by December while HB 6027 will be taken up immediately by the House Committee on Revision of Laws.

“Its about time to discuss these concepts because it is a humane thing to do,” said Garin. She pointed out that the measures are “revolutionary ideas” that must pass acknowledged moral standards.

The authors of H.B. 6027 “intends to ease the access of legal process to terminate a marriage.” Alvarez and his co-authors said the bill provides for a process of annulment of marriage that is not “extremely adversarial in nature” and inexpensive as compared to Executive Order NO. 209 or the Family Code of the Philippines that provides the grounds for annulment.

Under the bill, marriage may be dissolved based on irreconciliable differences or “severe and chronic unhappiness” of the spouses which may cause irreparable breakdown of marriage.

Meanwhile, H.B. 6595 recognizes civil partnership of same sex couples and heterosexual couples.

“It aims to be a landmark effort to provide civil rights, benefits and responsibilities to couples, previously unable to marry, by giving them due recognition and protection from the State,” explained Alvarez.

“Ultimately, at the core of a civil partnership are two fully consenting adults who, like many Filipinos, merely wish to love, care and support each other as they build a life together during their fleeting time here on earth,” he stated.

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  • Ibrahim Barambangan

    God creating woman for men were both standard life couples. It is not said created a man for man couples. This is the problem of human kind have created itself constitution as this is corrupted as evil deed those people who followed regardless God books were in hill and more calamities and flooded impact for there nay did. Masbuti pa yong hayop marunong magkilatis sa kapwang hayop ganun paman babae or lalaki.

    • leomar101

      Obsolete na yang pananaw mo tsong. Mag adop ka naman sa 21st century. Even in the Old Testament same sex cohabitaion was already existing.Sa 10 comandments ay walang sinabi doon na bawal ang mag sama ang parehong sex. Ang bawal doon ay huwag mag nasa ng asawa ng may asawa. bwahahahah. thou shall not covet adultery, thou shall not kill. hehehehe

      • Noel

        You are so far out in understanding of the scripture. Please read more both in old and new testament about same sex relationship. You may find that you have wrong understanding of the matter.

        There no such thing as obsolete morals. Truth is absolute. Same sex sexual relationship is not natural and a perversion. If the grand design is such, there will not be a man or a woman. We will be all asexual. Basic nature and science will not allow both men or both women to perpetuate life. Same sex marriage is anti-family, anti-society and anti-God. People who are confused about their sexuality needs help. They need both mental health treatment and prayers.

        Peace and blessings!

        • leomar101

          But you can not give me in the 10 commandments that mentioned explicitly about same sex cohabitation as one of the them. heheheh . These people need help and understanding because it is a genetic issue…. meaning that is not their own making and choice. Instead of condeming them you should understand them. Truth is relative. h ehehehehe. there are many priest who are homo or bakla whatever you call them but they are faithful to their calling. they also engaged in same sex cohabitation only they keep it secret. By th e way same sex marriage now is even practiced in many countries and it is legal. the muslim countires have homos even if they are persecuted or killed. They can not change what is inherent in them and genetically in their personhood. for ultra conservative cathoics and christians among them are homos by the millions. hehehehe

        • Robert Goddard

          You need help . Why are you so concerned about 2 people of the same sex sharing their lives together . As far as I see it . It’s because financially your organization receives nothing from their partnership . Get out in the big wide world and observe the reality of what’s going on instead of living in the Arc along with all those myths your corrupt club invented .

  • Adre

    This bill for divorce is really very important because many couples who are killing each other have a chance to file divorce. Every individual has a second chance to look for new love. If the man always beating his wife, the women has no choice but to absorbs all the beating. Hipokrito ang simbahan, kung ang mga kaparian nga daming asawa at yung iba may kabit. This bill will protect the women / men from abusive partner. Kung ipagpapasa Diyos mo na lang ang pagbugbog sa iyo araw araw, baka masira ang ulo mo :)

    • Noel

      The only losers on divorces are children. Divorcees will always adapt and find new partners and or another possible divorcee. The children will always be broken and come to think of it, they never chose their parents. Spousal abuse is disgusting. Divorce will never be a cure against abuses. The abuser will abuse another person down the road. It just reinforces the behavior. Abusers belong behind the bars. Sinners including priest is not the Church. They are just like you and me who are prone to falling. You wish there is an easy exit to all the mistakes we make. Every relationship is unique and different . When people are now looking to government for solutions in their relationships, society will go downhill for no longer honoring the sanctity of marriage. Divorces lead to more social problems and more litigation and monetary loses. You have no idea what it will cause the Philippine society as a whole. It will go morally bankrupt faster than you can imagine.