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Trudeau raises EJK issue with Duterte


By Ellson Quismorio

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Tuesday that he brought up concerns over extra-judicial killings (EJKs) and human rights issues in the Philippines during a private conversation with President Duterte and was “frank” about it.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, left, shakes hands with President Rodrigo Duterte during a photo session of the ASEAN-Canada 40th Commemorative session in Manila,Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2017. (Adrian Wyld/The Canadian Press via AP / MANILA BULLETIN)

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, left, shakes hands with President Rodrigo Duterte during a photo session of the ASEAN-Canada 40th Commemorative session in Manila,Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2017.
(Adrian Wyld/The Canadian Press via AP / MANILA BULLETIN)

“I actually had an opportunity to have a conversation with President Duterte just before our meeting earlier this morning in which I emphasized the people to people ties between Canada and the Philippines, the great connection there,” Trudeau told reporters covering the 31st Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit at the jam-packed international media center in Pasay City.

“But I also mentioned human rights, the rule of law and specifically, extra-judicial killings as being an issue that Canada is concerned with,” he said.

“Canada has earned a reputation of having strong and sometimes frank…always frank, sometimes firm discussion around rule of law and human rights with partners around the world,” noted the 45-year-old leader, who has a movie star-like following in the Philippines thanks to his good looks.

The current ASEAN chairman, Duterte, came to power 17 months ago on the strength of a vow to eradicate what he described as deeply entrenched illegal drug problem in the archipelago.

Since then, thousands have reportedly been killed, most of them drug suspects. That state agents were allegedly involved in these killings have made Duterte the subject of international criticism the past few months.

Trudeau, who gave French translations to his answers to reporters, underscored the importance of raising these issues to the host president.

“We know that talking about human rights is an essential part of a path forward, it must be done in an honest and frank way, but it has to be done. We have to talk about the high expectation we must have to protect life, to uphold the law and human rights,” he said.

“Canada is a country that always brings up human rights issues ang strongly engages in line with our values anywhere in the world. Countries have accepted that and expect that even of Canada,” he added.

Duterte ‘receptive’

As for the tough-talking Duterte’s reaction to his statements, Trudeau said that the Filipino President “was receptive to my comments and it was throughout was a very cordial and positive exchange.”

In the past, Duterte, a former prosecutor, has had scathing words for people or institutions that question the conduct of his all-out illegal drug war.

“As I mentioned to President Duterte, we are concerned with human rights, we are concerned with extra-judicial killings, impressed upon him the need for respect to the rule of law and as always offered Canada’s support and help as a friend to help move forward on what is the real challenge,” Trudeau said.

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  • Good, tell that SonOfABitch LunaticIdiot Moron the truth. It hurts and it’s a fact. ThisIdiotShould be dead by now. Psycho duterte is the KING of EJKs, Father of Fake News.

  • angrycitizen

    It’s good to know that Trudeau only has good looks and no brains. If he had any, he would have realized how biased this EJK issue is and how it was exaggerated by the mainstream media. If Trudeau can’t even fix the illegal garbage exports his country has over us, then what hope does he have at solving anything else?

    • Nini

      Trudeau has all the brains. Dutertards are no-brainers!

  • Happy Folger

    Way to go Justin!


    This accusation of EJK is biased…lahat nalang kasi ng pinapatay ay EJK na kaagad….

    • MaxCentavo


      • WATATA

        You said your smart MaxCentavo, so figure it out for yourself….

        • MaxCentavo

          To ask a question actually means that a person desires to be enlightened by the wisdom, backup, facts and information that you have to support your statement. That is what a question is Watata.
          So please explain.

          • WATATA

            is that ignorance or arrogance?

          • MaxCentavo

            Watata my friend, education is neither ignorance or arrogance, education is what makes people who argue able to support their argument. That way you educate ! Have you ever been educated ?
            Once again I ask you to enlighten us and you have a chance to educate, DO IT!
            To many pinoy lack the simple skills to have a free mind, instead it is easier just to be a blind follower. With only a simple skill to insult. Watata my friend you are one of those minded people.

          • WATATA

            Hahaha. I could hardly swallow your pride my man…

            Why would i fall on such a trap..

            Why would people (filipino nation) bother reading my comment (our comment) just to educate themselves?
            When this comment section is all nothing but full of ourselves, selfish one, trying to prove who is better than the other.
            Who is more educated than the other.
            Who is more informed than the other.

            Do not question someone if they are educated or not.
            If you are after argument and supporting your argument is what you are after in education.
            Well, what I’m pursuing in education is learning.

            Learning my friend is not found in comment section.

          • MaxCentavo

            Why indeed? I question watata about his comment and I guess opinion because I want to know if the comment section is not for the observance of your comment then I ask you why are you irrelevant and expect all of us to be as irrelevant as you? My friend you really should think again about why you insist on following, instead look , listen and learn, it will do you good and help you have you OWN opinion.

  • Simon antonio

    PCSO Management should be axed

    It’s time to show the present PCSO management the door. Corpuz and Balutan have failed miserably in maximizing the great potential of this frontline agency. PCSO was created as a government owned and controlled corporation to enable it to better perform its mandate of raising much-needed funds for the President’s social amelioration projects which could impact the lives of poor Filipinos.

    Despite its lofty, noble mandate, PCSO has never fully realized its tremendous potential of providing this crucial charity assistance and medical help for our poor. It has instead been crippled and stymied by corruption perpetrated by its successive management team


      pcso is an important agency of the government to provide funding for the various projects and initiatives of the government. if they cannot deliver what is expected then their officials should be replaced immediately. our government has a lot of good projects for the good of the people which should be supported by the funds from pcso.//

    • Emilio

      corruption must stop and our president is working hard to do this for the entire government. pcso is considered as corrupt as they are not providing funds for the government even if the people support their products like lottery, etc. the top officials of pcso must be pressured to step down and not allow our president to be embarrassed.//

    • Parasa Bayan

      the pcso is a good source of funds for our government however it is not managed properly by the current officials. they should be investigated and removed from their positions immediately. we should not allow these types of officials to continue serving our government and the people

    • maka pili

      our president clearly indicated that he is not corrupt but pcso officials are still corrupt and not supporting the initiatives of the government. they should be investigated and if found guilty of corruption should be removed and punished according to our laws and our constittution,…

  • Simon antonio

    the people are tired of corruption in government. our president is tired and mad at corruption in government. let us pressure the top officials of pcso to resign and let the president clean our government. the pcso is an important agency that will support the funds needed by the government for their projects and for the people.



      corruption has been existing in the pcso in the longest time and still up to now. their top officials should be replaced as they failed to clean the agency and still deliver less what is expected. we should support our president in making sure that corruption will stop

    • Emilio

      our president clearly asks for support for his anti corruption campaign. it seems that pcso officials are ignoring this and are mismanaging the operations of the pcso. they should be investigated immediately and in the meantime be replaced by people who will manage the pcso and get rid of corruption

    • Parasa Bayan

      our president hates corruption and this declining sales of pcso clearly shows that corruption is very high in that agency. we know that people are buying lottery and yet they are declining sales. these officials should be removed immediately they are corrupt and not capable

    • maka pili

      we have a very honest president however he is not getting the required support from his pcso officials. they should resign immediately and not stay any longer in their role as they are showing true support for the current government. corruption must stop at all levels of government