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Keep an open mind, medicinal marijuana bill author reminds Philippine Medical Assn


By Charissa Luci-Atienza

Isabela Rep.  Rodito Albano has urged the members of the Philippine Medical Association (PMA) to keep an open mind with regards to his bill that seeks to legalize the medicinal use of “cannabis” or marijuana in the country.



The PMA has issued a statement opposing the legalization of medicinal marijuana as provided under House Bill 6517.

In an interview, Albano said the fears expressed by the Philippine Medical Association have already been addressed by the bill. “They are not listening because they have a very narrow perspective and very ignorant on marijuana and the bill itself, ”  he added.

The medical community said Albano’s bill could lead to the diversion of cannabis for recreational use but the congressman pointed out that, under his bill, the smoking and planting of marijuana are prohibited acts.

Albano also took to task the statement made by the PMA that  HB 6517 “will expose our citizens to a natural, uncontrolled, human experiment with cannabis and its derivatives.”

“Uncontrolled human experiment? What language is that? All those trials done in the name of medicine were uncontrolled,” he said.

“Discoveries arise from the unknown not from what is already known. That’s why there’s nothing significant that happens here on in the name of science because doctors like them are so mediocre in their thinking,” Albano pointed out.

He maintained that his measure contains very stringent control provisions on the use of medical marijuana to prevent any abuse.

Albano is confident that majority of his colleagues,  led by Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez, would support his measure and approve it on third and final reading as a “Christmas gift” for cancer patients and children suffering from debilitating diseases.

“Thousands of patients in the country are suffering from serious and debilitating diseases and they need this. We don’t have to put them in jeopardy, ” he said.

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  • mkstruct

    This law will do more harm than good. Again, this is another copycat from the US law. Please conduct drug testing to the personalities advocating this law. Drug menace is already at hands and add additional problem to the society. Do you want the Philippines to be known by the whole world to be a cannabis producing country. You want to destroy the Philippines?

    • Happy Folger

      At the moment the Philippines is known for much worse things than cannabis production.

      • Douglas


        Actually your statement is false, there are close to twenty countries in the world with medicinal marijuana. I suspect the people who turn down this bill have more to lose than people advocating it. There should be an investigation on them for there drug links and big pharmaceutical links.

  • Happy Folger

    This will never pass. Institutions in the Philippines are simply too backwards to accept modernity. The Philippines still doesn’t allow divorce (unless you’re rich) and hasn’t caught on to multi-chambered septic tanks yet.

  • mkstruct

    Please stop copying laws from other countries if you don’t understand its complications. Medical marijuana are available in other countries why not just buy the medicine and not to legalize it locally. The bad thing in this law is the legalization and cultivation of weeds. With the legalization and cultivation of the crops plus the undisciplined citizens you will see small kids smoking weeds in the streets. Knowing how rampant and easy to bribe a doctor to issue a prescription in the name of money. The young citizens will all be hooked on to weeds. You cant figured out what the effect will be to the communities. The problem will be much worst than the Shabu menace since it will be legal to use marijuana. I think the people who advocating this law are in business with illegal drugs as they are hurting cuz of the government of ridding the epidemic. Educate and discipline first the people before you ever think legalizing marijuana as medicine. Please investigate the background of this personalities advocating marijuana as medicine as they are all super high doing their job lol.

    • Douglas

      We need proof, not opinions.

      1. If you do not know the effect of it on communities, why comment like you do?

      2. Shabu and marijuana are two different things. I suggest you follow your own advice and educate yourself on medicinal marijuana.

      3. Many of these politicians exhibit sociopathic behavior. Do you not question if these politicians and The PMA are being payed off by big pharmaceutical companies?