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Behind the scene: Kim Jong Un in Iran


By José Abeto Zaide

Jose Abeto Zaide

Jose Abeto Zaide

While US President Donald Trump is on his Asian swing, I excerpt from a despatch from my mole aka George Thomas Clark about a rendezvous between two katzenjammer kids. Nuke delinquent Kim Jong Un speaks:

(Soliloquy): Just so you understand, I have a hot line to Iran and can contact Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei any time I want; but I won’t need a phone today. After a secret trip by means that must remain mysterious, I’m meeting Khamenei in Tehran where I’ve been invited to discuss how we can save our two countries from the nuclear arsenal wielded by Donald Trump and his warmongering Americans. I know what Trump’s up to. He’s in Asia right now, conniving with imperialists in South Korea, Japan, and, yes, even China. They no doubt plan to tighten sanctions and call me a terrorist.

I nod at our two translators, and tell Ali Khamenei, “I’d like to expand our military aid for your great nation.”

AK: “We’ll need your help if the Americans force decertification of our nuclear deal.”

KJU: “I hope they do. Then you’ll be free to develop your deterrent, which is the right, and duty, of all sovereign nations.”

AK: “But Trump says he won’t permit Iran to become another North Korea.’”

KJU: “We’ve already given you important information about our ICBMs, and I’m today prepared to offer insights that, within a couple of years, can make your missiles and warheads as formidable as mine.”

AK: “Our ballistic missile tests have been encouraging. And our academic research of nuclear weapons is accelerating. But we are essentially abiding by the terms of the treaty.”

KJU: “That’s a mistake,”  “You’ll always be a hostage until you can destroy some of their cities.”

AK: “We really don’t plan to attack Israel or the United States.”

KJU: “We won’t be attacking anyone, either. But they’ll destroy us if we don’t have nuclear weapons, or if we have and use them. So our only choice is to deploy them as a warning.”

AK: “I’m not convinced Iran will ever have that option without fighting. We might even benefit from war, as long as the Americans observe the Queensberry Rules and keep it conventional.”


There hangs the tale…


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