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Roque: PH a model in combating drugs


By Genalyn Kabiling 

Some countries have started to consider the Philippines as a “model” in combating the drug menace, despite criticisms thrown by some groups at the Duterte administration, according to a Palace official.

Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque (PCO / MANILA BULLETIN)

Presidential spokesman Harry Roque Jr. (PCOO / MANILA BULLETIN)

Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque Jr. said the government’s war on drugs has become “hugely successful” that some neighbors even intend to deploy “observers” to the country.

“Let us not underestimate the success of the President in the war against drugs. In fact, other countries now look to us as a model,” Roque said during a press conference in Cebu City last Sunday night.

“Just a few days ago, President Trump himself declared his own version against war, his own war against drugs. And other ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) countries are also sending their observers here to find out exactly what steps we are taking that have led to our success in this war against drugs,” he said.

In sharing the country’s best practices, Roque said the President has used “tremendous political will” to address the drug problem, making it a national priority.

“This is the first time really that we have waged a campaign of this magnitude. And in fact, until the administration of President Duterte came along, we hardly felt that there was any importance ‘no or that they considered the drug problem as a priority,” he said.

“It’s only under the administration of President Duterte that we have number one, given a priority to this problem; and number two, used the tremendous political will in countering these problems,” he said.

So far, Roque said the local drug crackdown has resulted in the arrests of thousands of drug suspects. Public support for the drug war also remained high despite allegations of rights abuses by some groups, he added.

“To begin with, despite criticisms, the war on drugs has been hugely successful.

I think we are witness to the number of drug personalities that have already been arrested. They now number into the thousands,” he said.

He said the price of shabu has skyrocketed amid the government’s intensified anti-drug efforts, making it unaffordable to many people. He said this was “proof that supply has been curtailed as the result of the war against drugs.”

Roque said he has not been to any place in the country without residents being “happy” with the drug war since their communities have become peaceful.

“To me it’s unfortunate that people know that there are EJK’s and despite this knowledge, you know, the support for the war against drugs is still at 88 percent,” he said.

The President earlier waged an aggressive campaign against illegal drugs but human rights advocates here and abroad have denounced the soaring number of alleged summary killings and other rights abuses.

The Catholic Church recently led a prayer action seeking the country’s healing from the alleged extrajudicial killings under Duterte’s bloody war on drugs. Several opposition personalities were among those attended the activities held at EDSA Shrine and nearby EDSA 1986 People Power monument.

Roque said the government does not see the Church-led activity as a threat, adding that it joins the Church in praying for the country’s healing.

“As far as the organizers are concerned, they assured the public that it is not political. As in fact, I believe many Catholics went to that gathering knowing that it was a prayer activity and not a political activity,” he said.

Roque reiterated that the President, being a lawyer and former state prosecutor, does not countenance murder and will not tolerate abusive cops.

“He has ordered the police as I have mentioned over and over again to arrest the individuals, the policemen behind the killing of Kian, which is proof that the statement of the President, the policy of the President is that he will back up the police if the killing is a result of legal engagement and will order their arrest otherwise,” he said.

He was referring to the 17-year-old Kian delos Santos who was shot dead during an anti-drug operations in Caloocan City last August. The policemen implicated in the killing have been slapped with criminal charges.

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  • Berdugo Katapang

    the people are tired of corruption in government. our president is tired and mad at corruption in government. let us pressure the top officials of pcso to resign and let the president clean our government. the pcso is an important agency that will support the funds needed by the government for their projects and for the people.


      corruption has been existing in the pcso in the longest time and still up to now. their top officials should be replaced as they failed to clean the agency and still deliver less what is expected. we should support our president in making sure that corruption will stop /,..

    • Liwanag Para sa Bayan

      corruption must stop and our president is working hard to do this for the entire government. pcso is considered as corrupt as they are not providing funds for the government even if the people support their products like lottery, etc. the top officials of pcso must be pressured to step down and not allow our president to be embarrassed,


      our president hates corruption and this declining sales of pcso clearly shows that corruption is very high in that agency. we know that people are buying lottery and yet they are declining sales. these officials should be removed immediately they are corrupt and not capable.//

    • Simon antonio

      our president clearly indicated that he is not corrupt but pcso officials are still corrupt and not supporting the initiatives of the government. they should be investigated and if found guilty of corruption should be removed and punished according to our laws and our constittution,,


    pcso is an important agency of the government to provide funding for the various projects and initiatives of the government. if they cannot deliver what is expected then their officials should be replaced immediately. our government has a lot of good projects for the good of the people which should be supported by the funds from pcso

  • Liwanag Para sa Bayan

    our president clearly asks for support for his anti corruption campaign. it seems that pcso officials are ignoring this and are mismanaging the operations of the pcso. they should be investigated immediately and in the meantime be replaced by people who will manage the pcso and get rid of corruption/


    the pcso is a good source of funds for our government however it is not managed properly by the current officials. they should be investigated and removed from their positions immediately. we should not allow these types of officials to continue serving our government and the people,

  • Simon antonio

    we have a very honest president however he is not getting the required support from his pcso officials. they should resign immediately and not stay any longer in their role as they are showing true support for the current government. corruption must stop at all levels of government.//

  • Mike_Realism

    Dream on Harry, not even close to solving the problem yet you blubber too much. One step at a time pls. We may give you the benefit of the doubt but with all honesty you should have done your homework first before showing yourselves in the press. Otherwise they are going to eat you alive with your stupid remarks.

  • DU30 is a Maggot

    DuTAE: “Ever kissed a carabao’s private parts ?”
    XI JINPING: “No, have you?”
    DuTAE: “Yes I have many times, Ilocanos’ s private organs & Ronnie Dayan’s too.” ????

  • Leonardo Esmero

    The Duterte Administration’s ‘war on drugs’ when it was handled by the PNP involved shooting squatter suspects and a few convenient politicians; however allowing the president’s son, the Davao Group, and his ‘magkumpare’ to remain relatively unscathed despite being allegedly involved in massive amounts of shabu.
    So who are these ‘observers’ and from what countries do they come from? It would be informative to any Filipino that may be travelling abroad to avoid such places.