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Duterte bothered by ‘fake news’ on drug war, extrajudicial killings


By Genalyn Kabiling

President Duterte said he has been “demonized” by “fake news” about the alleged extrajudicial killings linked to his war on illegal drugs.

The President accused his political opponents of spreading such false information about the suspected drug-related killings, insisting he has never ordered any policeman to kill people.

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, in his speech during the ASEAN Law Association (ALA) Governing Council Commemorative Session and Concert Program in Malacañan Palace on October 25, 2017. (RICHARD MADELO/PRESIDENTIAL PHOTO / MANILA BULLETIN)

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, in his speech during the ASEAN Law Association (ALA) Governing Council Commemorative Session and Concert Program in Malacañan Palace on October 25, 2017.

“I have been demonized. And well, of course, I will assure you upon my oath as a lawyer and before God that some are true, some are not. And the extrajudicial tag that has been placed on me is simply not true,” Duterte said during a gathering of ASEAN Law Association Governing Council in Malacañang.

“According to the bright guys of this country, the political opposition, the guys who cannot accept defeat, they invented the fake news and concocted figures,” he added.

Duterte explained that he merely authorized policemen to shoot drug suspects if they violently resist arrest. “I do not deny that there were people killed in that campaign. But what they say is, why are they here? Because a shabu user or a lieutenant of the shabu syndicate has always a gun,” he said.

Duterte said he did not order the cops to murder people who willingly surrender to authorities.

“I did not tell any policeman, for the life of me, to kill just everybody perhaps sitting down or kneeling in front of the police with his hands outstretched in surrender. That is really murder,” he said.

“I have always stressed that the only time that you can kill a criminal is when your life is also in danger, or you’re about — self-preservation,” he said.

The President challenged his critics to file a case against him before the international criminal court, saying there was “no problem” about it.

Duterte defended that he is merely enforcing the law amid the intensified campaign against illegal drugs. He however, saw nothing wrong with his oft-repeated threat to kill those who would destroy the nation through the illegal drug trade.


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  • Meltdown

    Where in the hell DuDirty got his notion that someone is creating a fake news about his drug war and extra-judicial killing? Entire Filipinos and international communities including UN are aware how he has killed those innocent people without due process of law. DuDirty can’t deny his public disclosure offering huge bounty to all law enforcers in the country who kills drug users and petty pushers. DuDirty can’t deny how he allow the freedom of high ranking drug dealers in the country like Peter Lim and his son Paolo. DuDirty seems following the political strategy and style of Trump, denial and lies.

    • Hik_Hik

      DRUG LORDS sympathizers… hurt with dutae.. go go dutae…you are right..

      • Meltdown

        Another clueless and ignoramus supporter.

      • Meltdown

        Oo nga, pareho tayong supporter and sypathizers ni Paolo DuDirty and anak ng supremo DuDirty na P6.8 Billion illegal drugs na tangkang ipuslit sa Burea Of Custom.

        • Hik_Hik

          kahit sino pa tamaan ng drug war wala ako paki… gusto ko nga lagyan ng lason lahat na makumpiskang shabu… at nang mahinto na ang shabung yan…

    • ItosiErmino


      • Meltdown

        Another ignoramus.

        • ItosiErmino

          weh weh weeeh.

    • Juan Dela Cruz

      Ang TANGA mo, hindi ka makaintindi. Sigurado akong YELLOWTARD loser ka

      • Manny Santos

        paniwalang paniwala naman ang tangang , Dutard troll na ito sa lahat ng sinassabi ng poon niya..lahat naman ngaun mga fake news ang lumalabas sa malacanang..utuin mo pa mga sambayanan.

        fake na nga ang nilabas na bank account kay Trillanes nahuli ng na corner na siya….nakakahiya

      • Kultong Dutertards

        99.9% of all Pinóys wanna see YOUR Digóng Ulupong slash his throat on national TV & sócial médiá….. then slowly blééd to déáth ????

  • kapuh

    Demonized? You must be high on Fentanyl again. Where have you been?
    You employed people like Mocha, Nieto, Andanar, Cayetano, Aguirre — their expertise is alternative facts and Fake News…
    Duterte has surrounded himself with all the fabricators of fake news and now he has completely believed in them as truth that what is truthful and factual has become fake news.

  • Manny Santos

    same na naman sasabiin sa kundi mga killing, EJK, walang alam kung ano nangyayari na sa economiya ng bansa

  • Taga-ilog

    Watch this on YouTube. “Huntington: Heroin-ravaged city fighting back – BBC Stories”.

  • Paul Parenas

    I bet he’s not bothered by the fake comments in the MB by his supporters.

  • Parasa Bayan

    OSG misled, manipulated by PAGCOR Greed

    Earlier this month, the Office of the Government Corporate Counsel, or OGCC, issued an important Opinion (sent to the Office of the Executive Secretary on 6 September 2017) which established an authoritative and resounding rebuttal of the earlier opinion issued by the Office of the Solicitor General with regard to the matter of online gaming.

    The OGCC Opinion included a scathing rebuke of PAGCOR for virtually manipulating the OSG to comply with its whim and try to support with “legal basis” its questionable and illegal Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGO) program, which has actually wreaked havoc and caused uncertainty and turmoil in the local online gaming industry. Last year, PAGCOR arrogated authority to itself and wrested control of the very lucrative online gaming industry from other agencies, in the process imposing steep legal license fees. Whispers and grumblings among industry players tell of steep unofficial ‘enrolment fees’ as well.,,

    • sam nicolas

      pagcor should not continue to hide its greed and their actions like online gambling which is clearly something that they should not be doing. pagcor is more concerned on its greed and corruption. they should not be allowed to operate and supervise online gambling as clearly this is not in their mandate

    • myca delos santos

      we need government agencies that will be able to deliver for the government funds needed for projects that will improve the lives of the people. pagcor has the funds however they are operating outside of their legal function and we are not sure if all their earnings are being returned to the government.,,

    • michael timbreza

      pagcor officials should be investigate. their lifestyle should be checked and if found that they are involved in corruption they should be replaced immediately. our president does not approve of corruption and they should follow the example of the president.

    • trisha hipolito

      we should not give pagcor a chance in continuing their greedy acts and corrupt practices. we should continue our vigilance over the acts of pagcor in hiding and justifying their corruption. we should pressure pagcor to always be transparent and clear in all their activities,,

  • Parasa Bayan

    pagcor is manipulating whatever it can to justify its greed and its non legal acts. pagcor is trying to involve other government agencies like the osg in hiding what it can most specially its greed and money making activity. we should pressure pagcor in removing graft and corruption in its ranks

    • sam nicolas

      this is clearly a case of trying to justify their illegal acts. pagcor has been known in the past and even in the future to be involved in corrupt practices and deals. we must not allow pagcor to involve other government agencies in hiding and getting support for their corrupt acts.,,

    • myca delos santos

      pagcor must be consistently reminded that they are serving the people and the government. the government is the people and they are entitled to better services. how can the government support the people and its services if the money that is supposed to go to government goes to corruption

    • michael timbreza

      pagcor has the necessary authority and responsibility to provide government with the funds needed to support several projects. unfortunately the greed of some pagcor officials have resulted in corruption and the government not fully getting the benefits of the .,,

    • trisha hipolito

      online gambling is simply not in the function of pagcor and can be used to further expand their greed and their corrupt practices. we should make sure that pagcor does not abuse its authority and supervision. we should always be critical to pagcors greed and in making sure that they support our president in his anti corrupt acts,

  • Simon antonio

    AFP Acquires State-of-the-Art UAVs

    It is encouraging to note that the AFP will finally acquire a highly capable state-of-the-art unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that will have a “game-changing” impact on the war against terror, especially for military operations similar to the ongoing battle for Marawi.

    Israel, the world pioneer in UAVs (yes, even before the American started using them), is now selling us their latest and most capable UAV, which is priceless for our many military operations and missions. The latest news on the acquisition of this system shows (https://www. update. ph/2017/08/ph-to-acquire-4-israeli-unmanned-aerial-vehicles/19847; http://maxdefense. blogspot. com/2017/08/ philippine-air-force-to-procure-elbits.html) past operational tragedies like the Mamasapano Massacre and the costly operations (in life and materiel) in Basilan and Sulu can now be avoided by our war planners.,,

    • Emilio

      the strengthening of our military has been long overdue. it is only through this government and our president that we are seeing the right attention deserved by our troops. we should continue supporting our military and our president in his dedication to make sure that our military is able and prepared

    • Parasa Bayan

      preparing our military for all the threats in our country is one of the best initiatives of our president and his administration. we should support our president in his dedication to fully upgrade our military. he knows what is best for our military and is doing everything in his control to make sure that the military will be ready to protect us,,..

    • Rey David

      there is no room for corruption in this administration and as a result our president is now upgrading the capabilities of our military. if there is no corruption then we have enough money and resources to upgrade our capabilities. let us support our president in his dedication to our military and his goal of upgrading their capabilities

    • Lucas Temoteo

      we have seen during the marawi incident that our military needs to be upgraded to cope up with the threats to our country. let us support our president for his dedication in making our military more capable in dealing with all the threats to our country. this president clearly is working for the benefit of our military.,,

  • Simon antonio

    this clearly shows the support of our current president and government to our troops. our president has supported our troops all the way and he is not only saying things but also showing actions in his words. we should now take care of our troops as they are our defense for all the enemies of the state including terrorists

    • Emilio

      our soldiers are taking their lives on the line whenever they go to the field. it is only proper that we give them the right equipment to support their work. it is only in this administration that we are seeing the full support of our government to our troops. we should applaud this government and president duterte in his honest dedication to our military.,,

    • Parasa Bayan

      this is very good news to our troops and our military. israel is very capable in selling us military equipment and they have been known to have good military capabilities. we should applaud our president in his real concern and real dedication to improve our military capabilities

    • Rey David

      protecting our military should be the primary concern of our government and this is indeed what our president is doing. he is like a good father who is protecting our capabilities in the military so we can react more quickly and properly in case of any threat. we should support our president in his goal of strengthening our military,//

    • Lucas Temoteo

      a capable military will make our country earn the respect of our neighbors. the upgrade of our military is an important first step for us to gain the respect of our neighbor countries. our president knows this and he is not only saying or making promises to the military but also making actions in making sure that they get the right equipment