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Preparing for Metro holiday traffic



Enforcement, engineering, and education. These are said to be the three E’s in traffic management, a problem that has long bedeviled Metro Manila.

Engineering refers to the construction of infrastructures like roads, bridges, overpasses, railways, and subways to accommodate the increased volume of traffic. These projects require a great deal of time to accomplish. We have built many overpasses and railways in Metro Manila but one major project – the connecting link between the North and South Luzon Expressways – remains unfinished, bogged down in disputes over right of way.

Education refers to getting the motoring public to do its part, to faithfully comply with traffic rules, and most of all to behave with utmost road courtesy, with due consideration to the rights of others on the road, both motorists and pedestrians. It has been observed that in places like Clark, motorists conscientiously stop for red lights and stick to their lanes, but swerving, blocking intersections, and beating traffic lights are rather common in Metro Manila.

This is what makes enforcement critical in the Metro area and so as the Christmas holiday season nears, the Inter-Agency Council for Traffic (I-ACT) has come up with a new group it has called Task Force Alamid to concentrate on roads leading to and out of airports, seaports, and other transportation centers in the city.

A hundred personnel have been assigned to the task force from the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA), the Highway Patrol Group (HPG), the Land Transportation Office (LTO), the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB), and the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

They will concentrate their efforts on traffic around airports and seaports in anticipation of the arrival of millions of balikbayans and tourists as well as the departure of Metro Manila residents for their home provinces in the annual holiday migration that has become part of Filipino tradition and culture.

It is good that this project is beginning early. It will receive its first test later this month when various foreign delegations arrive for the ASEAN Summit on October 23-24 and the ASEAN Summit and Related Meetings on November 10-14.

At the same time, other moves can be taken by our traffic authorities , such as ending the operation of colorum buses and other vehicles, banning parking on streets needed to absorb traffic along main routes such as EDSA, and increasing the capacities of the Metro Rail Transit and Light Rail Transit.

The combined effect of all these moves should be felt by the time the Christmas holiday season is in full swing. We will further build on this holiday success in the succeeding months of the new year, while we wait for the ultimate engineering relief to be provided by the new roads and railways of Metro Manila.

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  • myca delos santos

    davao became famous and popular as it is now because of our president. if it were not for our president davao would not be highly regarded as a peace, safe and prosperous city. this is what our president is trying to do to our country. he wants the davao model that is proven to be applied throughout the country/

    • sam nicolas

      davao is a classic example of where the philippines will be in a few years after our president is able to implement all the changes that he wants to introduce to us. we just have to support him all the way as he is very serious in making sure that we have peace and order on our streets and the entire country

    • michael timbreza

      some groups are really just trying to find fault in our current president and his administration. we have already felt the changes he made when our president came to office. his administration is still very new and yet he was able to bring change which other candidates or groups will not be able to bring

    • trisha hipolito

      we have a president who really cares for his country. he has proven it in davao while he was mayor. he has shown that his approach of making the streets peaceful is important in bringing change and growth to the place. let us continue to support him as he will make the entire country proud of what he did in the future. /..

    • melaisison

      almost all politicians now who is questioning our president have in the past asked for his help and they have approached him. they should be exposed on who they really are as they are only after fame and publicity and no real credibility in questioning our president and his policies. they are just making noise so the people will get their attention as the president and his government is doing a good job..//

  • myca delos santos

    the opposition or sometimes called the yellow army still cant believe that our president won the elections and is still popular among the people. they will always try to destabilize our government as they know that our president is sincere in his efforts to fight crime, and make the country prosper/

    • sam nicolas

      we should not let the yellow army intimidate our president for he has been given a clear mandate to bring change and to make sure that our country become drug free peaceful and prosper. we should not let other destabilizers affect our president who is trying and doing his best in bringing his promises to the people

    • michael timbreza

      we should support our president and his administration as he is very serious in making sure that we become like davao where the business environment is friendly and people have discipline. this will only benefit the people and our country as a whole. we supported our president during the election and now we should support him all the way and not let groups and people with bad intentions affect his performance

    • trisha hipolito

      we have a president who is very serious in his work and because of his love for our country is willing to bring change. let us continue to support him and give him a chance to implement what he needs to do for our country. let us be patient for complete change as we have been led by politicians in the past who only care about politics and not our country.

    • melaisison

      our president has been a great follower and now that its his time to lead we should follow him. some groups like the yellow army still cant believe that our president is the one in charge so they think of ways to destabilize him and to make him not a good example. our president is a good example of how a leader can make change for the better