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Bautista officially steps down after Palace accepts resignation


By Leslie Ann Aquino

Commission on Elections (Comelec) Chairman Andres Bautista officially stepped down from his post Monday following Malacañang’s acceptance of his resignation.

In a press conference, the poll chief cited the letter he received from Malacañang stating that his resignation is being accepted “effective immediately.”

“This afternoon, I already received the response from the Office of the President signed by Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea, saying my resignation has been accepted effective immediately,” said Bautista.



“The President has spoken so we should respect it,” he added.

Bautista tendered his resignation to President Duterte last October 11due to “personal reasons.” His resignation was supposed to take effect on December 31, 2017, to give the President time to choose his successor and for smooth and orderly transition.

Asked how he felt after receiving the acceptance letter, the poll chief said he had mixed emotions.

“I think it’s a mixture of feelings. I will miss the Comelec people. People would always ask me do I have any regret?… if ever I have any regret, it would because of the people. Most of the people here are good and honest people,” said Bautista.

He said he also felt “relieved” since being a Comelec chairman is a big responsibility.

Regarding his plans, Bautista said it is to fetch his kids from school.

He expresses hope that whoever would replace him would be given enough time to learn the work at the Comelec.

Bautista also advised his would-be successor to have patience and to rely on their senior officials in the field.

He said the acting Comelec chairman will be discussed in the en banc today. But Bautista said he will no longer attend the en banc.

Asked if he thinks his impeachment is already “moot and academic,” he said he is leaving the matter to Congress.

“I think the President already said it: If you resign, there should be no more (impeachment). But let us just let the House decide on the matter,” said Bautista.

But he assured that he is ready to face any charges that may be filed against him.

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  • sunny

    ulol mo u missed the people hahahaha sinung lokohin mo lelang mong panot of coursed you will missed the mulah yung taginting ng pilak na isusuhol sayu kurap mismo asawa mo sinusuka ka kasi benebenta mo trabaju moo sa highest bidder kaya ikaw ang may kasalanan bakit naglipana ang linta at putakti ahas sa senado congress una na ang fake na vice ikaw nagloklok nyundi kana nahiya sa sarili mong budhi mananagut ka sa langit mr latigo sa mga kaswapangan mo


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    It is encouraging to note that the AFP will finally acquire a highly capable state-of-the-art unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that will have a “game-changing” impact on the war against terror, especially for military operations similar to the ongoing battle for Marawi.

    Israel, the world pioneer in UAVs (yes, even before the American started using them), is now selling us their latest and most capable UAV, which is priceless for our many military operations and missions. The latest news on the acquisition of this system shows (https://www. update. ph/2017/08/ph-to-acquire-4-israeli-unmanned-aerial-vehicles/19847; http://maxdefense. blogspot. com/2017/08/ philippine-air-force-to-procure-elbits.html) past operational tragedies like the Mamasapano Massacre and the costly operations (in life and materiel) in Basilan and Sulu can now be avoided by our war planners.

    • Simon antonio

      giving the right equipment to the military is good first step by our president. he is clearly showing that he is willing to put the interest of the military first and as a priority. this is a good sign that our president is really taking care of our military capabilities. our military is only as good as the equipment they use/..

    • Emilio

      we should support our president in his initiative to upgrade our military. this is a very good first step in this upgrade and for sure there are more to come. we have seen our president clearly provide the necessary tools to our military and police. this shows his dedication in protecting our country against all threats/..

    • Parasa Bayan

      a capable military will make our country earn the respect of our neighbors. the upgrade of our military is an important first step for us to gain the respect of our neighbor countries. our president knows this and he is not only saying or making promises to the military but also making actions in making sure that they get the right equipment

    • maka pili

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    • Emilio

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    • Parasa Bayan

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  • Rey David

    senator trillanes only won because of pure luck. he does not have the right attitude and credibility to win an election. he is only making noise every time without any real sense in how to help the country grow and the people to be comfortable. he is only after his political ambition at all times

    • Lucas Temoteo

      this so called senator does not know how to be a senator. all he does is make noise and press release. he does not know the true work of senator and instead only want political considerations given to him. he speaks out against the government but he himself does not know how to run anything. .,..

    • Kwak Kwak Kwak

      this senator will always cry and make noise whenever he does not get what he wants. he is proven to be a rebel with no clear cause and no clear direction. he has not really seen he cared for the country but only for himself. he will do everything to make himself in the public for his political purpose.,,

    • Berdugo Katapang

      the country will not benefit from this senator. he is only making noise as he knows from the last election that he will not win anymore and get elected. he has been making baseless allegations on the president and is making noise so that the people will notice him. he doesnt deserve our attention. ,,,


      noise making is the only talent of this senator. he is known to make noise and to create trouble then he will abandon everything at the end. we cannot trust a man with this reputation. he is never a good leader and will never be in the future of philippine politics..,.

  • Rey David

    senator trillanes is always grandstanding and will do everything to make him in the news. he is only making noise so the people will always remember him. he has not proven anything and yet he has the guts to speak out against the administration. he has not proven his capability to serve and his capability to be a leader

    • Lucas Temoteo

      a senator should be thinking of making laws for the good of the country. this senator is only focused on destroying the credibility of our president. this only shows that he is only full of politics and not for the good of the country. he does not have any other agenda to help the country and the people.//

    • Kwak Kwak Kwak

      this former rebel soldier cannot be trusted. he turned his back on his superiors when he conducted his siege last time. he cannot lead a group of soldiers what more of the entire country. he does not know anything on how to handle and solve the problems of our country. he is just making noise.

    • Berdugo Katapang

      this senator is only after his political career and not for the good of the country. he will only make noise to make the public aware that he is still active. he has no clear agenda and is only after the benefit of himself. he should not be given attention. he is a man who only knows his political agenda no more


      this senator is proven to be a coward and who has no clear principles. he changes his agenda an is only after his self interest. he is a former soldier who does not have the right discipline to follow his superiors. we cannot expect good things from this senator only noise.