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Poor state of roads major local concern while inflation urgent national issue


By Alexandria Dennise San Juan 

Road construction is the major local concern of 15.9 percent of Filipinos that the current administration needs to address, while 50 percent cited inflation as the urgent national issue that the Duterte administration should act on immediately, the Pulse Asia Research survey said.

(www.pulseasia.ph|MANILA BULLETIN)

(www.pulseasia.ph|MANILA BULLETIN)

The Ulat ng Bayan survey conducted among 1,200 Filipinos on September 24-30 weighed various urgent local and national concerns, and the performance ratings of the Duterte administration.

On the results released on Friday, it showed that road infrastructure, flooding, and illegal drugs are among the top concerns of Filipinos at the local level.

Poor state of roads or road infrastructure is the major local issue which the Duterte administration should immediately address at 15.9 percent followed by flooding (11.2 percent) and illegal drugs (10.2 percent)

Other local issues mentioned are waste management (7.5 percent); unemployment or lack of livelihood opportunities (6.5 percent); absence of water services or irrigation facilities (5.1 percent); youth-related concerns such as loitering and riots (3.7 percent); and drinking sessions or the presence of “tambay” on streets (2.3 percent).

Concerns received 2% and below are lack of healthcare services and incidences of robbery or theft (1.9 percent); lack or absence of street lights and lack of public transportation (1.7 percent); lack or absence of housing projects (1.3 percent); presence of corrupt barangay officials, illegal gambling, and concerns related to electricity (1.1 percent).

However, respondents in Metro Manila cited illegal drugs as their most urgent local concern at 18.3 percent.

In the Visayas and Mindanao, road infrastructure is the leading local issue among the residents (28.5 percent and 23.5 percent, respectively).

Meanwhile on the urgent national concern, one out of every two Filipinos (50 percent) said the need to control the rise in prices requires immediate action on the part of the administration.

A second group of urgent national concerns includes increasing the pay of workers (42 percent) and fighting criminality (36 percent), while creating more jobs (32 percent), fighting corruption in government, and reducing poverty (28 percent) comprise a third set of national concerns identified as urgent by Filipinos.

The fourth group of issues mentioned includes peace promotion (21 percent) and enforcement of the rule of law (16 percent).

Meanwhile, Filipinos are least concerned about environmental degradation, reducing taxes, controlling rapid population growth, protecting the welfare of overseas Filipino workers, preparing to successfully deal with terrorism, defending national territorial integrity, and amending the 1987 Philippine Constitution, which ranges from 2 percent to 14percent.

Fifty-one percent of the respondents in Visayas and Mindanao, and 52 percent in the rest of Luzon express concern about the need to control the spiraling cost of goods. In Metro Manila, same percentages of residents tagged workers’ pay (45 percent), inflation (38 percent), jobs (36 percent), and criminality (34 percent) as urgent national concerns.

On the other hand, despite the decline on President Duterte’s trust ratings on a recent survey, his administration receives majority approval ratings for its handling of selected issues.

Most Filipinos continue to express appreciation for the work done by the national administration on the following areas: responding to the needs of those affected by calamities (78 percent); fighting criminality (78 percent); protecting the welfare of OFWs (76 percent); fighting corruption (70 percent); protecting the environment (68 percent); enforcing the rule of law (67 percent); promoting peace (67 percent); defending national territorial integrity (65 percent); creating more jobs (63 percent); and increasing workers’ pay (58 percent).

The two issues on which the Duterte administration fails to achieve a majority approval score are poverty reduction (49 percent) and inflation (45 percent), the latter being the top urgent national concern of Filipinos.

Levels of disapproval for the administration’s handling of these selected issues range from 3 percent on disaster response to 21 percent on inflation while levels of indecision on the matter vary from 16 percent on criminality to 36 percent on poverty reduction.

The only significant change in the administration’s performance ratings for the period of June to September is the decline in the level of appreciation for its efforts to enforce the law equally on all citizens with -7 percent points

The decrease in the level of approval for the administration’s work in the areas of fighting criminality and corruption (both at -6 percentage points) and the rise in the level of ambivalence as regards its anti-corruption and pro-peace initiatives (both at +6 percentage points) fall short of being considered significant in light of the survey’s overall error margin of +/- 3 percentage points.

Pulse Asia Research emphasized that they “undertake Ulat ng Bayan surveys on its own without any party singularly commissioning the research effort.”

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  • ItosiErmino

    you can’t please everyone, every time on every issue.

  • Ros Feliciano

    But why make such irresponsible comment about infrastructure when this government is now engaged in the so called “build build build program costing trillion of Philippine currency”? Does this publicity mean to encourage the people to hate DU30’s presidency when after all such infrastructure problem has been inherited by DU30, and in fact he is doing the best he can to contain such an infrastructure problem? Poor roads are the mismanagement of many
    presidents in the past and now DU30’s administration is solving it, which cannot be done just that easy. The opposition personalities have nothing to talk about against this incumbent administration and so they want to tell the people that slow progress of the country is due to poor infrastructure and DU30 is to be blamed; non-sense! Regarding inflation, this is felt all over the world. In the country where I am employed, everything has gone up. The stamp we
    used to pay for admission to hospital was two (2) of the local currency (the local currency by the way is nearly four (4) times higher than that of the US currency ($). Now it is no longer two (2) but ten (10); gasoline has increase nearly twenty (20) percent; house rental has increased fifty (50%) percent; food has increased as well by fifty percent; and now more are coming that we are supposed to pay tax for using road infrastructure and many more. These are something telling us, “Go Home we don’t need you in our country. But what can we do, we need to survive instead of going home where there is high percentage of unemployment. Some of those who are in the media are exaggerating events that are not caused by this administration of DU30. There is no harmony between the some of the media people and this incumbent administration as they are taken for a ride into telling us people that the DU30’s administration is all to be blamed. They could not pin down the government in terms of EJK because in fact these are done by incognitos that may include the local communist’s deeds, the motor cycle riding in tandem, and political motivated where upon the administration is put to blame so they can take over the government by force. By the way for all they have to know that they will never ever succeed no matter how hard they will do to convince more the Europeans, the North Americans and other countries in the world. DU30 is determined to fight all odds to defend the integrity of our country and people. This is for sure.