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PH, EU have ‘compromise language’ on grants – Angara


By Genalyn D. Kabiling

The European Union (EU) is reportedly planning to give another development aid worth 70 million euros to the Philippines despite the recent tirade by President Duterte.

Former Senator Edgardo Angara, currently President Duterte’s special envoy to the EU, said this would be on top of the 250 million euros recently extended by the  EU for peace and development efforts in Mindanao.

Former Senator Edgardo Angara

Former Senator Edgardo Angara

“I think they will give us an additional 70 million euros,” Angara told reporters at the sidelines of a regional forum in Pasay City. “I think for Mindanao pa rin,” he added.

Following the President’s complaint against foreign aid that comes with conditions, Angara said the Philippines and EU have already reached a “compromise language” on the issue of grants and other development aid.

“We agreed on a formula that the project to be funded by their grant will be our choice through NEDA (National Economic and Development Authority). If they want to revoke or cancel it, it will only be upon mutual consultation. That’s acceptable to us,” he said.

“Because the President was right, why would you give aid that has conditionality,” he added.

Prior to the new arrangement, Angara said the EU had the authority to cancel the aid if “we are violating labor rights, environmental rights and human rights.”

“Now before they do that, we will consult with each other. That’s democratic,” he said.

Angara claimed that reports that the government was rejecting EU aid were already “stale news” following the new arrangement negotiated by the two parties.

“Let’s not revive the warfare. That’s over. That’s stale news,” he said.

The President recently said he was not inclined to accept foreign development aid that comes with conditions that could harm the country’s sovereignty.

In his tirade against the European Union for allegedly meddling with local affairs, the President said the country may be poor but could survive without foreign assistance.

“Kaya ganun na lang ang tingin ko diyan sa EU. Kaya ko ‘yan sila minumura kasi they do not know how to respect sovereignty [That’s why I look the EU that way. That’s why I am cursing them because they do not know how to respect sovereignty],” he said.

“Kailangan natin aid pero kung ganun lang naman, tuturan ka kung paano gawin tapos ‘yung they begin to sukit-sukit — ‘yung try to examine the papers, ‘yung pedantry [We need aid but if that’s the way it’s given, they will teach you how to spend it, they try to examine the papers, the pedantry],” he added.

He said the country cannot be “forever depending on aid.” “That’s very stupid of some public officials to talk of aid as if it is a matter of survival of our country if we do not accept it,” he added.

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  • Hpez

    Kung nililinaw naman may sense. Isang sentence lang ang kailangan: “The President recently said he was not inclined to accept foreign
    development aid that comes with conditions that could harm the country’s

    • dicoytomas

      yes tama ka qng iisipin npaka simply lang nman ng meaning ee.


    ok lang sana kung aids from eu ang mawawala…eh pano ang european investments sana…at pano pati trade natin maapektuhan at hindi na papasukin sa knila ang mg produkto ng pinas..may pa build build build program pa kayo eh kulang naman ang pera sa pilipinas dahil walang pumapasok na investments..tapos sa taong bayan nyo kukunin pang gastos nyo sa mga build build build infrastructure na yan..umiiyak na nga sa kasalukuyang tax lulumpuhin nyo pa lalo…

    • dicoytomas

      yung aid lang nman ang posibleng mawala pag may condition ang pag bigay nila ng pero. ibang usapin nman ang business.

  • Romeo Lavilla Jr.

    Mr. President, you do not even Respect OUR Sovereignty. Scarborough Shoal pa lang ….

    • dicoytomas

      last admin pa nakuha yan.

    • robin

      Ask PNoy and Trillanes.. How did chinese get hold of that shoal?

    • Moi

      Why not ask the previous administration about those thing Mr. Lavilla Jr.? I think you are barking on the wrong tree or just biased and hypocrite.

  • Rey David

    senator trillanes only won because of pure luck. he does not have the right attitude and credibility to win an election. he is only making noise every time without any real sense in how to help the country grow and the people to be comfortable. he is only after his political ambition at all times

    • Lucas Temoteo

      this so called senator does not know how to be a senator. all he does is make noise and press release. he does not know the true work of senator and instead only want political considerations given to him. he speaks out against the government but he himself does not know how to run anything. /.

    • Kwak Kwak Kwak

      this senator is only after his political career and not for the good of the country. he will only make noise to make the public aware that he is still active. he has no clear agenda and is only after the benefit of himself. he should not be given attention. he is a man who only knows his political agenda no more/.

    • Berdugo Katapang

      the country will not benefit from this senator. he is only making noise as he knows from the last election that he will not win anymore and get elected. he has been making baseless allegations on the president and is making noise so that the people will notice him. he doesnt deserve our attention.


      noise making is the only talent of this senator. he is known to make noise and to create trouble then he will abandon everything at the end. we cannot trust a man with this reputation. he is never a good leader and will never be in the future of philippine politics..

      • Melenggay Laranery

        B0bo ang taong bayan. Hindi yan mananalo kung may utak ang mga karamihang Pinoys!!!

    • leomar101

      Kung hindi mapatalsik yan sa senado ang animal na yan ngayon after his questionable bisit and talk with US-CIA to dethrone duterte then the people wioll take it into their hands na mapaalis ya sa senado ngayon. sumosobra na yan. Biruin mo opisyal ang biyahe niya na ibig sabihin gastos ng taxpayers ang mamasahe hotel at iba pa. Pero ang pakay ay masama at ibagsak ang lehitimong gobyerno. Saan ka nanak kita niya na ang nagpakain sa kanya ay tina traidor niya. suportado si Duterte ng mga mamayan. Kaya dapat kumilos na ang bayan upang balatan na yang traidor na yan.

  • Rey David

    a senator should be thinking of making laws for the good of the country. this senator is only focused on destroying the credibility of our president. this only shows that he is only full of politics and not for the good of the country. he does not have any other agenda to help the country and the people

    • Lucas Temoteo

      senator trillanes is always grandstanding and will do everything to make him in the news. he is only making noise so the people will always remember him. he has not proven anything and yet he has the guts to speak out against the administration. he has not proven his capability to serve and his capability to be a leader,

    • Kwak Kwak Kwak

      this senator will always cry and make noise whenever he does not get what he wants. he is proven to be a rebel with no clear cause and no clear direction. he has not really seen he cared for the country but only for himself. he will do everything to make himself in the public for his political purpose.//

    • Berdugo Katapang

      this senator is proven to be a coward and who has no clear principles. he changes his agenda an is only after his self interest. he is a former soldier who does not have the right discipline to follow his superiors. we cannot expect good things from this senator only noise.,

  • Ros Feliciano

    When we people engaged in a conversation we should know what is being discussed. We should know for Example what is meant or what is the difference between the terms AID and GRANT. Every one of us has come across the terms Aid and Grant. But maybe we hardly think that these two terms are different and most of the time some of us use the two terms in the same context, which should not be because these two terms cannot be one and the same. Here are the differences:
    1. Aid is basically the transfer of resources or funds from one country to another aimed at benefiting the country that receives it. But Aid is often wasted on conditions that we as the recipient must use the OVERPRICED goods and services from the donor countries. Most aid does not actually go to us that we need most because aid amounts are dwarfed by rich countries’ protectionism that they deny their markets to our products and if they open their market, there are many conditions imposed on us.
    2. Aid is also given for the purpose of strengthening our military, rewarding our government for some action e.g. war against extremists in Marawi, developing cultural aspects, building our economic situation and many other things. However, there are conditions that we have to follow the donors as they are imposing on us, and if we are in deep problems like our need of military arms to fight extremists then we must obey unless other countries will understand our situations and there will be no conditions at all to be followed.
    1. Grants are funds given out by one party to another mainly for non-profit entities such as
    educational, cultural and health purposed. This can also be given to individuals if they are in some desperate situation or if they want to start some kind of business. In terms of government organization, grants are given to for particular projects. But in the case of Aid, there is no need of such projects as it is given after taking into consideration the urgency of the situation.
    2. Grants are given only after the concerned fund-giver has approved a particular project that has been submitted under discussion.
    3. Large projects or massive grand strategies often fail to help us as money can often be embezzled away by our many past corrupt administrations under our many past presidents.
    This kind of thing is not tolerated under President Rodrigo Duterte as we can observe he dismissed several of his government officials even his own friends.