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Destabilizers seek power outside the ballot box


By Getsy Tiglao

Getsy Tiglao

Getsy Tiglao

As President Rodrigo Duterte battles political forces hell-bent on ousting him, it bears asking – why is this happening again to our country?

Duterte is the duly elected president of the Philippines and the most popular ever with an overwhelming 86 percent approval rating. So again we have to ask, who are the individuals comprising this tiny but deadly group that want to force him out of Malacañang?

President Duterte himself suspects that Chief Justice Lourdes Sereno and Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales are part of the cabal that want him ousted. He has asked both to resign but they have refused to do so.

“The President believes that (the two officials) have allowed themselves to be used by certain political forces to discredit him and his administration in order to spark public outrage and eventually oust him from the presidency,” said presidential spokesman Ernesto Abella.

“In other words, he finds them suspect and it’s his prerogative to ask them to resign,” Abella added.

In any other country in the world – where shame and wrongdoing are automatic career-enders – the public officials would have resigned immediately especially since it is the president himself who is asking them to do so.

But not here in the Philippines, where convicted mutineers such as Antonio Trillanes IV can become a top-rank senator, and where jailed narco-politicians like Senator Leila de Lima continue to disrupt the body politic through surreptitiously released media statements.

We are way too free, too accommodating, for our own good.

Those who are unfamiliar with our recent history would think what is happening right now is scandalously unusual. It isn’t.

Our post-colonial history is peppered with various instances in which a well-financed, well-connected group seeking power uses various strategems, such as political intrigues and media manipulation, in order to convince people that certain officials are corrupt and deserve to be booted out. Hoodwinking Filipinos has become a fine political art.

The nationalist Elpidio Quirino, sixth president of the Philippines, had to suffer through slanderous accusations that he had a golden chamber pot and four-poster bed. Both were proven to be lies that were peddled by media who allowed themselves to be used by the oligarchs and the American agents, who wanted the pro-US Ramon Magsaysay to be the president.

Former President Joseph Estrada, despite his many faults, was a legitimately elected official. But somehow he lost his position in a confusing haze that some people today still celebrate as EDSA 2. His vice president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo assumed his post but she, too, ran afoul of the same elite forces that want power for power’s sake.

While Arroyo barely survived the strong moves to remove her from power, her appointees in strategic positions were quickly eliminated. First one was former ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez, who was replaced by now Ombudsman Carpio Morales, the appointee of former president Benigno Aquino III.

Carpio Morales was thus in the key position to help oust the next valuable target, former chief justice Renato Corona. The Ombudsman used the deception trick of adding all the entries in a time deposit account of Corona, including the same money that was rolled over and reinvested, in order to make it appear that the chief justice had $12 million in his dollar accounts.

It is the same ploy, same media machinations, that the Ombudsman is using to convince the public that Duterte has billions of pesos in his bank accounts.

Deputy Ombudsman Arthur Carandang had earlier claimed that he had documents from the Anti-Money Laundering Council which he said confirms Trillanes’ allegations that Duterte has hidden wealth. But then the AMLC denied giving anything to Carandang, and this dimwit backtracked and said his documents came from media!

For this alone, the lying and other unethical behavior, Duterte should fire Carandang immediately.

It is clear now that our country is being held hostage by the same destructive forces that have bedeviled us for decades, and which intensified after February,  1986. It seems that the disruptors quiet down only when it is a Liberal Party man that is sitting in the palace.

So when the LP’s candidate, Mar Roxas, failed to win the presidential election of May, 2016, and instead Duterte from Mindanao sailed into Malacañang and began undertaking reforms, this same group started to work behind the scenes to reclaim power.

They couldn’t hope to control Duterte, a seasoned local politician from Mindanao who from the onset was wary of the Manila-based elite. He had a unique perspective on nationhood and wasn’t beholden to the usual oligarchic interests.

In one of his moves that took the noisy minority by surprise, he allowed the burial of former President Ferdinand Marcos thus putting a closure to this episode of our history. He also effectively eliminated, for now at least, a political weapon that was overused by anti-government groups and other power blocs.

Then there is the tough anti-illegal drugs campaign that Duterte initiated in order to stop the Philippines from becoming a narco-state, to reduce criminality which mainly has been linked to drug use, and to prevent the use of children as pawns in the drug trade.

In other countries this move would have been applauded but here where narco-politicians are plentiful and powerful, it is the President and the police force that are being portrayed as the villains.

Can President Duterte stand up against these hostile elements, the professional power-grabbers, and finish his term? We hope so, for the sake of our beloved country.

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    It’s time to show the present PCSO management the door. Corpuz and Balutan have failed miserably in maximizing the great potential of this frontline agency. PCSO was created as a government owned and controlled corporation to enable it to better perform its mandate of raising much-needed funds for the President’s social amelioration projects which could impact the lives of poor Filipinos.

    Despite its lofty, noble mandate, PCSO has never fully realized its tremendous potential of providing this crucial charity assistance and medical help for our poor. It has instead been crippled and stymied by corruption perpetrated by its successive management team,

    • Liwanag Para sa Bayan

      the people are tired of corruption in government. our president is tired and mad at corruption in government. let us pressure the top officials of pcso to resign and let the president clean our government. the pcso is an important agency that will support the funds needed by the government for their projects and for the people.

    • Berdugo Katapang

      corruption has been existing in the pcso in the longest time and still up to now. their top officials should be replaced as they failed to clean the agency and still deliver less what is expected. we should support our president in making sure that corruption will stop ,

    • Kwak Kwak Kwak

      pcso is an important agency of the government to provide funding for the various projects and initiatives of the government. if they cannot deliver what is expected then their officials should be replaced immediately. our government has a lot of good projects for the good of the people which should be supported by the funds from pcso,

    • Lucas Temoteo

      our president clearly asks for support for his anti corruption campaign. it seems that pcso officials are ignoring this and are mismanaging the operations of the pcso. they should be investigated immediately and in the meantime be replaced by people who will manage the pcso and get rid of corruption,.//

    • Rey David

      corruption must stop and our president is working hard to do this for the entire government. pcso is considered as corrupt as they are not providing funds for the government even if the people support their products like lottery, etc. the top officials of pcso must be pressured to step down and not allow our president to be embarrassed,,

  • sam nicolas

    It is encouraging to note that the AFP will finally acquire a highly capable state-of-the-art unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that will have a “game-changing” impact on the war against terror, especially for military operations similar to the ongoing battle for Marawi.

    These UAVs will allow our troops exceptional “battlefield awareness” with excellent “area dominance and persistent ISTAR (intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance)”. Importantly, with the UAV’s long endurance of 36-hours non-stop flight, these “eyes in the sky” will allow us to monitor and detect these terrorists and enemies of our people 24/7, day or night, allowing us to choose the time, place and mode of attacking them.

    We must all thank Tatay Digong for his honest-to-goodness, no-nonsense program to really modernize our AFP. Talagang mahal niya ang mga sundalo – ang mga bayani — natin./

  • myca delos santos

    this clearly shows the support of our current president and government to our troops. our president has supported our troops all the way and he is not only saying things but also showing actions in his words. we should now take care of our troops as they are our defense for all the enemies of the state including terrorists/

  • michael timbreza

    our soldiers are taking their lives on the line whenever they go to the field. it is only proper that we give them the right equipment to support their work. it is only in this administration that we are seeing the full support of our government to our troops. we should applaud this government and president duterte in his honest dedication to our military,

  • trisha hipolito

    the strengthening of our military has been long overdue. it is only through this government and our president that we are seeing the right attention deserved by our troops. we should continue supporting our military and our president in his dedication to make sure that our military is able and prepared,

  • melaisison

    this is very good news to our troops and our military. israel is very capable in selling us military equipment and they have been known to have good military capabilities. we should applaud our president in his real concern and real dedication to improve our military capabilities,

  • maka pili

    protecting our military should be the primary concern of our government and this is indeed what our president is doing. he is like a good father who is protecting our capabilities in the military so we can react more quickly and properly in case of any threat. we should support our president in his goal of strengthening our military

  • Parasa Bayan

    there is no room for corruption in this administration and as a result our president is now upgrading the capabilities of our military. if there is no corruption then we have enough money and resources to upgrade our capabilities. let us support our president in his dedication to our military and his goal of upgrading their capabilities,