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PH highest in impunity? Palace says no


By Genalyn Kabiling 

Malacañang took exception to a global report about the country having the worst impunity in crimes, saying the matter should be put in the proper context.

Presidential spokesman Ernesto Abella said that the government has actually been decisively addressing the problems of crimes and terrorism but that it recognized the need to strengthen the criminal justice system to penalize the perpetrators.

Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella (ALBERT ALCAIN/ Presidential Photo / MANILA BULLETIN FILE PHOTO)

Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella

“The true depth, breadth and magnitude of crime and terrorism, funded by illegal drugs, have only been recently uncovered; resistance from those adversely affected by the current government’s campaign against illegal drugs has been strong, and internal cleansing by organized crime has all had violent results,” he said.

“We must therefore strengthen the pillars of the criminal justice system, which include the community, law enforcement, prosecution, the courts and corrections,” he added.

In the 2017 Global Impunity Index, the Philippines ranked the highest in impunity amid the increase in violence arising from crimes and terror activities linked to the Islamic State.

The report, conducted by the University of the Americas Puebla, showed the country topping the impunity index among 69 countries with 75.6 points.

Other countries with high rates of impunity were India, Cameroon, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia, Nicaragua, and Russia.

“The Index made mention of ‘the increase of violence related with organized crime and increased terrorist activities from local gangs linked to the Islamic State,’” Abella said.

“Previous governments faced these same problems but it is only under this Administration that crime and terrorism are being decisively addressed,” he added.

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  • tarikan

    Ang hirap ng trabaho ni USec. Abella. Ba’t hindi pa ginawang Sec. bakit USec laang eh mahirap yata magsinungaling para sa amo. Kung ako sa iyo, Mr. Abella balik na lang ako pagka pastor. Pero baka pati congregation mo hindi na maniwala sa iyo.

  • John Melvin Cadayona Abonitall

    The method and methodology wasn’t even included in the report. That makes it shady and immune to scrutiny. How was the study made? How did they arrive to such a conclusion? What steps were made? Was the study based on surveys? If yes, then how many were the respondents? What authority or credibility do these respondents hold for their testimonies? Or maybe it’s based on police reports? Or global perception? What? We are left in the dark. How can one study deduce that the Philippines is the worst in the world if the study merely covers 69 countries? Why are news sites not including the actual study?

  • Mario Santos

    Why do we (filipinos and government officials) listen to foreign countries comments? What did these countries do when China took our island, they just kept their eyes and mouth closed. Should we listen to them when we are fixing our own problems.
    We have internal problems, illegal drugs, crimes, corruption, etc., Fix the problems.

  • Melsims Grey

    Pastor, believe na ko sa imo creative imaggination!

  • furion, i am ANTI-CORRUPTION

    organized crime here is the Philippine Government..

    even current admin’s cronies are fighting among themselves for greed and power..

    the house already removed plunder and rape on the DP bill and they almost neutralized CHR

    and the current admin still demonized CHR

    police murders and get promoted.. druggie cops, corrupt cops, extorting cops and even murdering cops only get retraining (teaching how not to get caught) and reshuffled..

    and current admin circulates and promoted fake, lies and hate all over med1a

  • Ramco Marktrosov

    13,000 katao na ang namamatay sa loob lamang Ng isang taon ayaw pang aminin ! Taenanyo !

  • Jaygee Wasataron

    War on drugs is not an easy task. If you go by the rules, it is no longer war. Impunity might be the by product of that war. It only happens most victims don’t have the money to take it to the courts, the reason why criminals enjoy impunity. The consolation the common supporter of the drug war is the fact that the result is permanent as there is no dead that comes back to live.

  • Felipe Soriano

    Malacanang against the world! If you can’t listen to the world, just listen to your conscience, the Pilipino people are begging you!

  • Gisingbayanko

    The truth really hurts especially, when it penetrates the heart.

    Impunity is now a normal way of life in this land brazenly started by a leader and blindly supported, implemented by his cohorts who pervert and behave that they are above the law; while deceitfully promising to strengthen the justice system to the taumbayan. What a bunch of hypocrites!