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Working with an LGU


By Jesus P. Estanislao

It would be an ideal situation for an enterprise with a governance and transformation program to find itself cooperating and working closely with a Local Government Unit (LGU) that is also going through the various phases of a governance program. Then, it would be easy for the enterprise to “connect” with the transformation road map of the LGU. And forging alliances with other enterprises in order to pursue at least a few of the strategic priorities included in the road map of the LGU would be a relatively easy undertaking.

Where an enterprise is given an opportunity, it should seek to persuade the local chief executive to consider enrolling in a good governance program. This program has to be one that aims at getting the LGU to deliver transformative performance, following a system that demands the formulation of a strategy map and the installation of mechanisms to ensure that performance is actually delivered, in pursuit of that strategy map, every quarter and every semester. The enterprise may even work towards facilitating and strongly endorsing — with its support — the LGU’s enrolment in such a governance program.

The enterprise would then volunteer to serve in the MSGC of the governance-enrolled LGU:

  • The enterprise should be pro-active in making sure that a deeply committed MSGC is set up, and that its members are given the governance orientation for them to function properly as an oversight, advice, and support body for the LGU. In this regard, it should aim to forge strong, effective alliances in service of the LGU.
  • The enterprise should also go out of its way so that the MSGC is made up of members, with diverse backgrounds and interests, but who should be united in doing everything they can — in solidarity with each other and with other groups and associations within the local community — to promote the proper and more effective execution of the strategy map of the LGU.
  • The enterprise may then choose to focus its attention on one strategic priority in the LGU strategy map where it can make the most positive and decisive difference. It may have to throw some expertise, professional help, and a few other resources (including financial) to help ensure that the pursuit of that given strategic priority is as effective as possible; moreover, such a pursuit must eventually deliver transformative outcomes that can be seen and felt by many of the constituencies in the local community.

It is natural for some members of the original MSGC to lose interest after some time. This is where the enterprise must prove that it is different. It commits to the “refreshing” of the LGU strategy map on a regular basis; it checks on the effectiveness of the Office of Strategy Management (OSM), and it is always on the look-out for ways and means by which the OSM of the LGU can become more effective. It may also open the networks to which the enterprise has access so that such a network can contribute some of its positive forces and resources to benefit the LGU strategy map.

Indeed, the enterprise should look at the delivery of transformative performance by a governance-enrolled LGU as giving it sustained impetus for its own governance program. Contributing to the success of the governance program of the LGU can provide a strong motivation for an enterprise to keep going, and to keep moving in regard to its own transformation program.

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