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Spiritual blindness


By Fr. Bel San Luis, SVD

Fr. Bel R. San Luis, SVD

Fr. Bel R. San Luis, SVD

One time I was asked by a balikbayan lady to bless her husband because it was his birthday.

“Where is he?” I asked. “There, Father,” she replied pointing at an urn being held by a helper.

“How old was he?” I asked. He was only 49; he died of lung cancer.”

* * *

“Was he a smoker?” I said. “Oh very much,” she replied. “He would consume three packs of cigarettes a day. I always warned him of the serious effect but he didn’t listen.

“My husband died but he experienced excruciating pains because he also contracted emphysema (swelling of the lungs) prior to his death.”

* * *

The Lord remarked about the Jews during his time, “They have eyes but cannot see, they have ears but cannot hear.”

There are people today, too, who do not want to see their faults and weaknesses. They are spiritually blind and deaf.

* * *

Interestingly, we heed the warnings of concerned people only when we are in trouble or it’s too late.

I am reminded of a priest whose weakness was drinking. He developed peptic ulcer; it became so bad that the ulcerous portion of his stomach was removed. Unfortunately that didn’t deter him from drinking.

He developed bleeding ulcer again. He was operated on, surviving with only one-fourth of his stomach.

* * *

His doctor sternly warned him, “Father, do you want to live longer? if you continue to drink, I’m sorry to say but that will be your end!” (Funny but this time it’s a doctor “sermonizing” a priest!).

The “sermon” proved effective. The priest made a firm resolve never to touch alcohol again.

He fulfilled his promise alright and today, he is still alive and healthy at 85 years.

* * *

There are other areas when we’re spiritually blind and deaf. It could be a bad trait like choleric temper, pride, greed, selfishness. We would all do well to be open-minded. Pray to God for the grace of humility–to be humble to listen to well-meaning advices and constructive criticisms. Above all, pray for will power to change and correct what needs to be changed or corrected in us.

* * *

Somebody once said, “Our minds should be like a parachute. They work only when they’re open.”

* * *

Story. A bus driver was bringing around tourists to Manila’s historic landmarks. Pointing at an old fort, the driver said over the microphone, “Hundreds of Japanese died on that spot.” After a while, he showed an old bridge and said, “The Japanese Imperial soldiers were wiped out there.”

* * *

The driver kept on narrating how the Japanese lost. A guy stood up and said, “Is there any place where the Japanese also won?” The driver replied: “Sir, as long as I am the driver, the Japanese never won!”

Moral: Bias is one cause of spiritual blindness.

* * *

Indigent Sick. I am appealing on behalf of some indigent sick we are helping like Dante Cabansag and Fr. Ruben Mamuad, SVD who are undergoing hemodialysis thrice weekly, a stage 4 cancer patient, and others afflicted with asthma and TB.

* * *

God Bless — the following charitable people who responded to my appeal: Dindin Latorre, Willy-Lina Ong, an anonymous Chinese-Filipino Donor, Gerry “Mr. Freeze” Santos.

* * *

Others who wish to help may e-mail me at: belsvd@gmail.com.

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  • TickVoie

    sir, hindi po kaya ang pagsamba/pagdarasal po sa mga imahen ay isa din pong patunay o halimbawa ng pagkabulag na ispiritwal po?

    Kasi po nabasa ko po ang mga talatang ito sa Bibliya po
    (Deuteronomio 4:16, 4:23, 4:25, 5:8, 7:5, 7:25, 9:12, 12:3, 16:21, 27:15) lalong lao na po ito:

    Deuteronomio 5:8 “‘Huwag kang gagawa ng diyus-diyosang imahen ng anumang nilalang na nasa langit, nasa lupa, o nasa tubig upang sambahin. (9) Huwag mo silang yuyukuran ni sasambahin sapagkat akong si Yahweh na iyong Diyos ay mapanibughuing Diyos. Ang kasalanan ng mga magulang ay sinisingil ko sa kanilang mga anak hanggang sa ikatlo at ikaapat na salinlahi.