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This rage called ‘bullying’


By Elinando B. Cinco

Woe to those on whom the term “bully” is branded for their “bullying” is today perceived by many as a form of malaise that borders on sadism.

Or, at the very least, some observers say the “bully” possesses an odious character that is beyond redemption.

Many parents say “bully” first came to gain notoriety in school campuses, specifically in elementary and high school levels.

As a descriptive term dreaded in school campuses, “bully” is labeled on one who is cruel to his classmates, especially to those who cannot put up a fight with him and are, therefore, perceived by him as weaklings.

The “bully” is generally bigger and taller than the average pupil, thus, physically superior. It can be a girl or a boy.

In high school, he is one student whose parents or guardians are in prominent professions and popularly known, politically powerful, esteemed businessmen, ostensibly rich.

A “bully” enjoys an advantage in dominance and influence. His classmates or peers readily submit in supplication.

Outside the campus, a “bully” in adult society does not differ from his counterpart in school. He is aware of his built-in machismo too. So if he is in government service, his affiliation with a dominant political party is big boost.

Thus, the “bully” in power will not hesitate to cross the barriers of civility or decency to let society know of his influence and power.

In the realm of geo-politics, the tagline will easily go to the Beijing government hands down. It continues to reclaim bodies of water and land and build multi-purpose facilities there.

All these it does unopposed in spite of the Philippine victory in the arbitral court for the laws of the sea, UN-created body, in The Hague. It ruled that many disputed areas are within the territory of the Philippines.

The Duterte administration has this penchant of calling the following as big-time “bullies” against the Philippines – the United States, the European Union, the United Nations Human Rights Commission, and the International Criminal Court.

Going back to my column last August 7 entitled, “Congressional Probes – the newest crowd-drawing spectacle in town,” it had many netizens and bloggers alike labelling Sen. Dick Gordon “an unstoppable bully.”

Why? They said he monopolizes the proceedings of the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee of which he is chairman in its various investigations. He virtually does not give a chance for other senators to talk.

For example, he does not accept testimonies from his invited witnesses without their so-called documentary evidence at hand. He calls them hearsay.

Gallery spectators and those viewing the probes live on TV, blurt tongue-in-cheek: “Does Gordon want the bribe-taker to issue a receipt to the whistle-blower of his receiving bribe money from the latter?”

A “bully” of a different kind, that’s what Gordon is!

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    so next time in court hearings when the judge or jury says that the prosecutors evidence is inadmissible, or hearsay, then they can be called “bullies”. okay noted.


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    “In high school (or in college), he is one student whose parents or guardians are in prominent professions and popularly known, politically powerful, esteemed businessmen, ostensibly rich.”
    Like one Bedan who brought a gun inside the campus and shot one law student. This bully was a member of Lex Taliones of which Sec. Vit-al Aguirre (including Robles & Argosino of the BI/Jack Lam fiasco) is a prominent member. Outside of school this bully continues to bully anybody who disagree with him especially his war on drugs “Kill kill kill” program.


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