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Disarm, disable


Jullie Yap Daza

Jullie Yap Daza

By Jullie Yap Daza


Disarm, disable, do not kill. After these many months, it has to be a mystery why no one among gun enthusiasts, they who own and fire guns for fun – a man’s hobby, so called – has asked in a nice, professional way, why Oplan Tokhang cannot teach cops how to disarm and disable without killing. We have seen too many bodies sprawled in the same pose on some blood-drenched street in some dim ‘n dark neighborhood, and heard the same refrain, “He pulled a gun and fired first.”

Maybe I have watched too many cop shows, but are our policemen such sharp shooters that whenever they fire their guns, the bullets go straight to the chest or head of the target? Have they never practiced aiming at a leg or arm, a shoulder, a finger? Never having had a chance to shoot, I would say, naively, that it requires greater skill to hit those smaller parts. Four years in the police academy and how many into the job, are cops as quick upstairs as they are quick on the draw?

Shoot-to-kill orders are a last resort to terminate a suspect who is notoriously armed and dangerous – that seems to be the rule. It’s also generally assumed that policemen are not licensed to kill, though they are trained – and expected – to be discriminating shooters, more so than their idiotic, drug-crazed, or sleep-deprived prey.

Read the lips of the Commander in Chief: “Murder and homicide or whatever, unlawful killing is not allowed. Your duty requires you to overcome the resistance of the person you are arresting. If he resists, with violence, placing in jeopardy the lives of my policemen and of course the military, you are free to kill the idiot.”

After more than 3,000 “drug-related deaths,” one would suppose that the cops have had enough target practice. Now that the President has made it clear that there will be no more murders and homicides in the drug war, only self-defense to overcome violent resistance, at least one city, Caloocan, has signalled an “all quiet” on the buy-bust-bury front since the burial of Kian de los Santos. Law-abiding, drugs-hating citizens of the republic can only hope that PNP retrain its members in the art of inflicting not mortal but less-serious wounds, and give coffin makers a break.

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  • told youso55

    Too many Psyco-cops, why not try Uber Cops?

    Anyone can see that the PNP desperately needs a public relation overhaul after the spate of bloody and deadly collateral damage from its war on crime. To paraphrase an old saying “there is never a good cop around when you need one,” and we also used to say the same thing about taxi cabs, until the Uber ap changed that.

    So I wondered, can Uber do for our police institution what it did for taxis. I was inspired with a brainstorm idea, why not convert police patrol cars into dual purpose Uber taxis. Think of the image
    enhancement advantages, it would instantly give the riding public a new commuter friendly image of our police.

    Since I habitually talk to taxi drivers to pass the time during the ride I am sure many passengers will be encouraged to do the same with Uber-cop drivers. Passengers will be more open to talk about the neighborhood crime situation to an Uber-cop than reporting at
    the police station. The riding public may also provide invaluable feed-back info and crime lead tips as a civic duty. Worried
    about your safety because of scary addicts and tambays lurking in the dark, or fear that your pretty daughter might be molested or victimized by crime coming home late, what could make you feel safer than arriving in a police patrol car.

    This Uber-cop scheme would restore the community interaction that diminishes when police put on the uniform and usually become societal pariahs. Bored cops become suspicious of the entire
    community they are watching over, combined with tedium it leads to a sense of isolation. This feeds hostility or even paranoia that can trigger over-reaction, aggression, excessive force, resulting in a trigger happy incident out of eagerness to apprehend a suspect perpetrator.

    Uber-cops or Cop-cabs, can also relieve the taxpayer burden, because it costs huge gov’t spending to provide all the logistics
    of daily police patrol operations. That includes police incentive pay, gasoline allowance and the gov’t issued vehicle itself. Right now there are tens of thousands of colorum Uber TNVs that the debt ridden owner-operators are in a quandary what to with. Gov’t can buy out these colorum Uber for use in inconspicuous undercover police operations. All this pays for itself, since the Uber earnings partly goes to the police patrolman as incentive pay, overtime pay,
    gas, miscellaneous vehicle and other costs. This scheme will save a lot of the taxpayer’s money while the additional income earned by Uber-cops will also reduce the temptation to accept payola.

    Police first enter public service with the idealistic expectation of becoming heroes, but afterwards reality sets in and many become disillusioned. The war on crime is not easy it is first a war of public opinion, a war to win the hearts, minds, trust and support of the people. I believe it can be won by Uber-cops, an idea so crazy it just might work.

  • tarikan

    No worries. There is time for reckoning for the Mano Berdugo. Four years and ten months are not that long. Hitler’s adjutants were pursued up to the ends of the world..no time limits.