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Duterte meets with Kian’s parents


By Argyll Cyrus Geducos

President Duterte assured the parents of 17-year-old Kian Loyd delos Santos that justice would prevail after police allegedly deliberately killed the teenager this month.

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte met with Lorenza and Saldy delos Santos, parents of the 17-year-old Kian who was killed in an anti-illegal drug operation. The parents of the slain teenager paid a courtesy call on the President at the Malago Clubhouse in Malacañang on August 28, 2017 so they could personally thank the President for assuring that justice will be served. During their meeting, the President reassured that there will be no interference in the case citing that only due process will prevail and that the handling of the case will be fair. Joining the meeting are Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II, Public Attorney's Office Chief Persida Acosta and Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption Founding Chairman Dante Jimenez. PHOTOS BY ACE MORANDANTE/PRESIDENTIAL PHOTO

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte met with Lorenza and Saldy delos Santos, parents of the 17-year-old Kian who was killed in an anti-illegal drug operation. The parents of the slain teenager paid a courtesy call on the President at the Malago Clubhouse in Malacañang on August 28, 2017 so they could personally him for assuring that justice will be served. (PHOTOS BY ACE MORANDANTE/PRESIDENTIAL PHOTO)

Duterte made the assurance after Duterte had a closed-door meeting with Saldy and Lorenza delos Santos at around 1 p.m. upon the request of the parents of the slain Grade 11 student.

Also present during the said meeting were Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II, Public Attorneys Office (PAO) chief Persida Acosta, and Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC) chair Dante Jimenez.

According to Acosta, Duterte assured the couple that justice would prevail as investigation on Kian’s death is now ongoing.

Aguirre, on the other hand, said the almost two-hour meeting went smoothly and all the concerns of the parents, like their security, was addressed by the President.

Kian’s parents also asked the President for financial assistance so they could start their own business because Lorenza only earns P18,000 by working as a domestic helper in Saudi Arabia.

Aguirre said Duterte meanwhile explained that he chose not to attend the wake of the slain student as it would seem like he is already admitting that it was the fault of the police even if investigation is still ongoing.

Kian, who was laid to rest on Saturday, was allegedly manhandled and killed by members of the Caloocan City Police during the conduct of Oplan Galugad on August 16.

The Senate and the National Bureau of Investigation are now investigating the case after a police report claimed that Kian resisted arrest and fired at the lawmen first. However, a CCTV footage showed he was being dragged by police to where he was eventually found dead. Witnesses also gave statements supporting the CCTV footage.

For the first few days after Kian’s death, Duterte refused to comment on the issue publicly but said he ordered Philippine National Police (PNP) director general Ronald dela Rosa to detain the three policemen involved for murder.

While he agrees that there should be an investigation on the matter, Duterte did not visit the wake of the slain teenager unlike other politicians like Vice President Leni Robredo, Senators Risa Hontiveros and

Bam Aquino, and former Vice President Jejomar Binay.

According to Duterte, his visit would have been misinterpreted as an admission that it was the fault of the police already even if the investigation is still ongoing.

“My visit would be pregnant with so many suppositions. It would put so much pressure on the police and be interpreted as saying sorry,” Duterte said.

“I would be the last to condemn the police without investigation,” he added.

Since then, Duterte in his speeches said he would not protect those police who abuse their authority and take advantage of the drug war.

He also has been reminding the police to follow the rules of engagement they learned during their school years.

“Let us be clear on this, I said I will protect those who are doing their duty. I never promised to protect those who are supposedly engaged in doing their duty but committing a crime in the process; abuses cannot be done,” Duterte had said.

Malacañang also said that Kian’s death is a serious matter, contrary to Aguirre’s opinion that the incident was just “blown out of proportion.”

The Palace also earlier said Kian’s death should serve as a reminder to the PNP to follow established policies and operational procedures.

“Kian’s case is a wakeup call for the need to reform government institutions, even law enforcement agencies — a challenge that the President voiced from the beginning of his campaign for the presidency,” Presidential spokesperson Ernesto Abella had said.

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  • johnny wang

    Oh my god…!!!!!!They went to meet Hitler himself and the ringleader of the killer squads.. What is the country coming to now

    • Catalyst of Change

      Because they realized those who came to the wake are “fakes”. At least with Digong, they felt the sincerity.

      Look at the face of the mother, she is very happy and the same with her husband. They felt happy because at last true justice will be met with this man as against Hontivirus, Trillanes, Leni, etc. who will just use them for their own political agenda.

      • concerned citizen

        Agree 100%.

      • BatangKayumanggi

        And Digong meeting the parents is not serving his own personal political agenda?! Yeah right! He obviously did it because he’s starting to feel the backlash that could eventually be uncontrable due to his stup1dity.

        • Catalyst of Change

          Nope, because as he said the PNP might mis interpret his support to the parents as pagtatraydor sa kanila

          • BatangKayumanggi

            Of course, the fanatics will believe on anything Digong would say and will be the truth and nothing but the truth so help me god! (rolls eyes!)

          • BatangKayumanggi

            Yeah, yeah, yeah! Tell it to the marines they might believe you!

      • Richard Carpenteros


    • Sting Sting

      HITLER your face

    • Wang ka kasi bwisit kang intsik ka, malamang nasabat mga epektus nyo sa BoC hehehehe kaya ayaw mo kay PDuts

    • They voted for Duterte. Of course, they would set aside the fact that their kid got killed by Duterte’s war on drugs to meet the man. I won’t be surprised if Duterte will have those blundering policemen killed.

      • Atupina nasimul

        Envy much???

    • Godwin’s law much?

    • concerned citizen

      No, they did not meet PNoy but Duterte, the true Filipino patriot and lover of our country.

      • BatangKayumanggi

        Such a Filipino patriot and lover of our country? lol! Patriot who doesn’t fight for our rights with China and lover of our country who kills our citizens. Yeah, I can really feel the patriotism and love.. lol!

        • concerned citizen

          You are entitled to your own opinion. Only time will tell who of us is right.

          • BatangKayumanggi

            And obviously it’s about time that you realize that I am right. He is no patriot. It is an insult for our heroes who fought and died for our country if you put Duterte next to their names as patriot and lover of a country because he is not!

          • concerned citizen

            Do you know of any other Filipino president who is risking his life in attacking the drug lords, smugglers, terrorists, corrupt officials and the Western imperialists? All the above are well armed and I am sure they are just waiting for the right opportunity to assassinate our president. The previous president did not even dare attack the drug lords and pretended that illegal drug issue was not even a problem. Not once did he mention the illegal drug problem in any of his SONA.

    • Atupina nasimul

      Hitler is ALIVE??? Quick, someone call Times Magazine!!!

      • Viro

        Per word ka or per sentence? Need help in typing so you can go more of your quota? Let me know, I can generate sentence based on the topic. Deal?

    • BatangKayumanggi

      Why would you be surprised? These are the same crazy people who blindly voted for him – clueless and blind that the murderer of their son is just in front of them!

    • Viro

      Johnny “Yellow” Wang…. this country will go to the dogs when people like you roam the streets and the net. Check the recently release trust rating.of the President. I am not DUTERTARD but hey at least the guy is cleaning the mess. Be a blessing and not a burden.

      • BatangKayumanggi

        Cleaning the mess that he is obvioulsy creating. He should clean the mess in his own house. Killling small time fish while the biggest fish is on his own house. Don’t us!

        • Ken

          isa ka ring mangmang, pinanaig ang pagiging yellowtarded!

          • BatangKayumanggi

            Yeah right! Anyone who is against the murderous killing of Duterte will be considered mangmang by a dutertard! The rest of the world sees it except, of course, by the blind followers of Duterte!

            His son, Paolo, obvioulsy a close friend of Chinese druglords and has been involved since 2007 has been partying and traveling with the biggest suppliers of drugs in the Philippines. Mga bulag!

            Your name serves you right – Ken, a male barbie doll known for not having balls!

          • Viro

            Prove boy kayumanggi na involve ang anak. Again I am not a Dutertard, I am speaking as a father who has a son that was wrongly accused and when it went to the court, none have provided proof. Meanwhile, my son has just the small video from the restaurant and that was enough for him to prove his innocence in court.

          • BatangKayumanggi

            Yes you are a certified Dutertard! It’s written all over your face. You are a father speaking for a son wrongly accused? Wow! You who never asked for 13T dead people’s right to defend themselves in court? Nor you asked for policemen to provide a single proof? Naniwala ka na lang kung anong sabi nila which is alway “Nanlaban!” So please, stop your hypocrisy! You are a Dutertard through and through!

          • Viro

            Sana ikaw yong nakalaban ng anak ko. Tatlo pa naman, nag selos sa babae, sumugod at sinuntok ang tatlo sa anak ko, dale pa ang waiter.

            buti may medyo malaki ang anak ko. Tumba tatlo, bugbug sarado…alam mo ano ginagawa ng tatlong boy kanin? Nag sumbong sa magulang at ang mga magulang dahil may pera at abugado, nag kaso.

            Anyare, bumaliktad ang kaso. Sila pa ang nag bayad sa sirang restaurant, black listed pa sa NBI. Ngayon mahirapan umalis ng bansa. Nag ka pera pa anak ko dahil sabi ng abogado nila, wag na daw mag habla at bayaran na lang kung magkano. Eh, may abugado din kami. sila na mag usap kung mag kano

          • BatangKayumanggi

            Not to be rude but I’m not interested with your love story…

          • Ken

            ang murderous e ung tulad ng ginagawa ng mga among yellowtardeds na wala ng ginawa kundi ang manira porket wala na sila sa power, murderous dahill milyong milyong mahihirap at lalo pang pinahirap ng kampon niyong de yellowtards druglords, halimbawa na yang diyosa niyong si deha li ma w. The world is blinded because of your black propaganda (pero anong pake nila, i dont care what they say, they are as mangmang as you who dont know the truth) sila nalang ang nauuto ninyo. At mang mang ka talaga dahil puro tsimis ang hilig mo, sabi lang ng p e st eng mong mga amo at tsimis ng media naniwala ka agad!

          • BatangKayumanggi

            13T na po nabawas sa mahihirap. Thanks to your idol Duterte! Pag mahirap na napagsuspetsahan dahil sa faceboook eh di patay agad. Pag anak na smuggler ng shabu eh di kelangan ng due process at solid proof. Utak nyo talaga…ay wala nga pala kayong utak! Sorry!

          • Ken

            aba, tignan mo nga ang idol mong si abnoy, tahimik lang noon ung mga yellowtards niyang kakampi at media dahil piestang piesta sila noon, walang pake kung may shabu at sarap ng buhay sa korapsyon. at kayong mga nauuto pa rin nila wala nang pagasa sa buhay, ha ha, hirap na bang maghanap ng shabu ngayon ha?

          • Viro

            Batang-dilaw, hindi ka kayumanggi. Anyare na binawe ni Taguba ang pagdawit kay Paolo at Carpio? Dali takbo kay Nanay Triling at Ate Ale. May kendi sila para huminawon kayong lahat. at ang KENDI? Kendi ng kasinungalingan

          • BatangKayumanggi

            So bored with that dilaw accusation. Kahit sinong against sa EJK, either dilaw or bayaran. Can’t stop rolling my eyes…

            Taguba is a dead man. Asa pa na ituloy non. Nakalapida na sya. Yong klase ni Duterte, walang bukambibig kundi papatay. Yong ordinaryong tao nga na hindi naman threat sa kanya or sa pamilya nya eh pinapatay nya eh yong tao pa na ipapahamak pangalan, pamilya at negosyo nilang smuggling of everything – furniture, ukay-ukay, luxury cars, and most of all shabu. Sows ko po! Paniwalang paniwala ang mga di nag-iisip.

            Ipagpatuloy nyo yan mga fanatics… before his term ends, lubog na lubog na lubog na sa utang, sa krimen, sa corruption ang Pilipinas. Palakpakan!!!

          • Viro

            Tul taga Davao ka ba? Ba’t alam na alam mo? Basa pa more ng tabloid. Noong nandoon ako sa Davao, mga kaibigan ko halos lahat sinasabing pag ang kaso ay hindi druga, hindi galit ang mga tao.

            Kung hindi ka taga Davao, pasyal pasyal naman doon. Makikita mo ang disiplina at kalinisan. Na assign ako doon sa may Toril district. Yong mga magnanakaw nga, takot dahil meron silang “Davao ko Bantayan ko”

            Hindi rin ako Dutertards, pero nakita ko rin na may pag-asa ang Pilipinas kung may disiplina. Problema sa mga taong gaya mo, lahat na lang puro mali. SA mga nagkaraang administrasyon, bakit bumagyo ang problema ng druga. Ngayon ibato ninyo sa kasalukuyang administrasyon?

          • BatangKayumanggi

            Ken, my barbie doll… how are you doing? I wish I have time to play with you but you are not worth my time so… bye!

          • Ken

            ha ha, anyare, litong lito naman ako, wish na wish mo to play with me pero not worthy, ano ba talaga ateng yeloowtae, make up your mind, ganyan ba talaga kayong mga trililings! he he

        • Viro

          I am a father of 2 professional children. I did my best to bring good education for my kids. If you are not a father, at least you are a son. Just because your hero Trililing and
          Ale-ano says that Paolo is part of the group, go ahead and listen. I am
          not a Dutertard but I am a firm believer of the word: “Let the sin of
          the father be not blamed on the son nor the sin of the son be blamed on
          the father. Fair is fair.”

          Are you saying that our Senate and Congress are so imbecile and totally wrong? Why not challenge them? Prove them you are right and much better than them.

          • BatangKayumanggi

            Fair is fair.. if you are a President’s son. But if you belong to poor community, you are dead without fair trial.

            You are so naive with politicians. Most of these Senators and Congressmen/women jumped into his side of fence after Duterte won the election. I will not be surprised that they will abandoned him once his term is done and will jump again to another fence where they think grass is greener. Doesn’t matter how many Filipino lives be killed for as long as they benefit from any sitting president and serve their own personal interest. Gone were the days we have respectable people in the Senate and Congress. Tanada, Diokno, et al must be twisting on their graves.

          • Viro

            Don’t forget Salongga and Defensor ha? God bless their souls. In honestly I was one of the youth leaders who was really behind Mar Roxas when I was in Baguio.Like you said, political ambition blind many of the politician. I am not naive as you may thought of but I am so desperate to see changes in the land of my birth and culture of my parents and ancestors. God willing our grand children will see the bright side of Philippine culture. We are so rich in our culture even though we are a diverse nation. I used to remember the pandesal and the fresh milk being delivered on our door step and no one will ever take it. People feel asleep on the corner and none of their belongings were taken. That is my hope that it will befall upon my grand children

    • Ken

      hala, bitter ka pa more!

  • furion, i am ANTI-CORRUPTION

    wow no proDU30 are silent!!!!

    when they condemn the LP for politicalizing the murder of KIAN…

    im honestly hate the LP or yellow to the core but I HATE CORRUPTION..

    so proDU30 please dont be too biased… pls fight against corruption.. maybe our country can develop

  • Atupina nasimul

    I have to admire this dude, no matter how much the haters bash and no matter how many of the negative publicity this guy gets, his people still loves and trust him. That’s got to make a lot of people fuming and blood boiling with anger and envy.

    • BatangKayumanggi

      That’s the kind of love Germans showed to Hitler…

      • Viro

        You were not even born after Edsa. How come you become a historian of the Germans? Let me guess, where is Hamburg located? Don’t look at the map. Ill give you a hint, its close to an Scandinavian country and what country is that? It starts with letter D….oh sabihin mo naman na Davao, hay naku patawarin mo sila Padre

        • BatangKayumanggi

          Thast’s why we have history books so that you don’t have to live on that era but learned from it. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Jeez!