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Sereno bares speedier justice system


By Kier Edison Belleza

Cebu City – “Change is happening in the judiciary. There is now greater access to justice.”

Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno made the pronouncement on Friday in front of mall-goers, law students, and representatives from the business community during the Judicial Reform Roadshow (JRS) held at Ayala Center Cebu.

This was the second time that a Chief Justice conducted the JRS in a shopping mall. She said there was a need to conduct it that way she seriously considers local sensibilities.

“If we just keep on talking to ourselves in Manila, maybe we are not listening enough. So, we want to listen to you now. Those in the South, in Cebu, in Central Visayas, those in Mindanao,” she said.

Sereno said the thrust of the judiciary is to bring reforms nationwide, making tools of justice more accessible to people real-time.

“We have recognized that justice doesn’t happen overnight. We have a crisis of faith in the justice system,” continued Sereno.

Claims made easier

To do this, the Supreme Court has pushed for the creation of “template forms,” under the small claims procedure (SCP), wherein those who claim of no more than P200,000 will only need to fill out the forms prior to filing a case to those who owe them money.

It can be done without consulting a lawyer, saving a litigant from spending too much in the pursuance of small claims.

Sereno explained that those who have accountabilities will only pay an amount of around P500 after filling out the forms and the case will be heard.

The judge, she said, is then given a day to hear the case and that the whole process should not last more than six months as some of the judges will be able to turn around and come up with a decision within 24 hours.

The SCP will fast-track the processing of claims and makes it more accessible to litigants

“You will see how we will stop makakapal na mukha ng mga balasubas,” the Chief Justice said in a jest.

Speedy trial

Another move that the SC had been pushing and will be put in place on September 1 are the Continuous Trial Guidelines (CTG), of which SC has piloted it two years ago.

By the establishment of the CTG, motions for postponement will no longer be allowed as it requires hearings to be scheduled one day apart – very much different from the usual six months apart for every hearing.

Non-adherence to the trial guidelines would translate to “stiff” penalties.

Sereno also said that with the Speedy Trial Act, the five-year average period before a case gets decided on will be shortened to 12 months and the promulgation date shall be set not more than 90 days from case submission.

“No more excuse slips are allowed,” she stressed.

The Chief Justice said they are now discussing the mandatory legal aid service for new lawyers. “In the end, we hope to have more and more people assisting those who do not have enough money to pay for a commercial-rate lawyer. Yung mga maliliit po ang sweldo baka mas marami na po tayong ibibigay sa kanila na abogado na libre.”

In line with the primary objective of strengthening the availability of legal aid services, especially the poor and underprivileged, the SC received a proposal from the Philippine Association of Law Schools to streamline the accreditation process of clinical legal aid programs in law schools nationwide.

635 decongestion officers

On the other hand, a total of 635 court decongestion officers have been deployed countrywide to ensure that judges are fully assisted with crowd dockets as most of the country’s judges are attending to as many as 3,000 cases.

This is under the SC’s Hustisyeah! Program wherein they have been conducting a one-time case decongestion program concentrated on 175 heavily congested courts countrywide. It involves an inventory of court dockets, the formulation of case decongestion plans and its implementation.

The record reflects a 30 percent reduction of caseload for Quezon City, where it was piloted.

She added that from 2013 up to present, 62 percent of targeted cases that were put under the program had already been disposed.

“Ang bibilis na po because we have really been pushing our people out to go to the courts to help those that are overly in need,” Sereno said.

She challenged representatives from the business community to inquire from their lawyers if all of the cited projects have been realized.

Judiciary going hi-tech

The judiciary is also eyeing the development of at least 21 mobile applications to support the front-end and back-end process for the entire adjudicatory system.

She also presented the e-Courts, which is an automated case management system developed for trial courts to increase court efficiency and transparency. The e-Courts will be deployment to 10 cities with some of the biggest caseloads in the country.

As of August, 2017, e-Courts have been deployed to 274 courts while 24 courts are undergoing training ahead of deployment.

She added that 159 are already conducting hearings, with orders immediately issued after the session. Before, it takes at least a month for the order to reach litigants as they go through the the postal system.

An Integrated Judiciary Complex that will house regional trial courts, Sandiganbayan, and the Court of Appeals will rise in Cebu as soon as the SC allocates the more than P1 billion needed for the construction.

Mandaue City Hall of Justice will also be expanded with SC’s budget allocation of P368 million.

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  • reynaldo lavarez

    The Justice Dept. Finally come to its senses, true equal justice for everybody and speedy trials, (Is this true? Unbelievable!), change from two justice system, one for the poor and one for the rich. If Sereno is serious about this and will really be implemented, good for us, this remain a big question mark, always. If not this could this be a cover up for her big anomaly for being lavish spender in the govt. It is about time to go to work and do something good, Justice Sereno.

  • tarikan

    “The e-Courts will be deployment to 10 cities with some of the biggest caseloads in the country.”
    Mr. Kier Edison Belleza, huling news report mo na ito! Sigurado magse-seminar ka.

  • FireEngine

    I will believe it when I see it.

  • James Pelegrio

    Ang dapat tingnan ay ang delaying tactics like TRO. Kawawa ang mga ordinaryo Pilipino. Talo sila sa inis kapag may pera ang kalaban nila.

  • Pola pulgado

    Matagal na po ang Kaso namin …GR CASE no. 178083 pal vs. fasap. For more than 18 yrs. now we are still waiting for the final finalist decision after winning 3x at sc ! Justice delayed is justice denied !

  • Diana Publico

    Define “speedy” please…. GR 178083 needs the “finalest” decision… the babies we carried on our laps at the start of this legal battle are now adults, some even joined us at P. Faura… are we to wait for our grandkids to join us??? Again, CJ Sereno, define “speedy” to us…

  • Arnel Due

    GR 178083 (FASAP VS. PAL) is on its 19th year and still sitting under SC’s bench. We won 3x yet there’s still no final ruling from your oftice. Hello????

  • Lynn Esguerra

    GR 178083 Pal vs Fasap has reached the SC and was decided upon in favor of fasap for 3 times. But until now, 19 yrs after, has not seen finality. We call on the CJ to make our case an example of the reforms she is talking about. Please make “SPEEDIER” work for us.

  • Jing Imperial

    Wow, this is really good news! May pag-asa na rin matapos ang kaso namin GR 178083. Ang tagal na po namin naghihintay. Siguro naman po ang 19yrs ay sobra sobra na! We want JUSTICE pls.

  • Wesley vergara

    Chief Justice Sereno isama mo sa Hustisyeah program mo ang GR 178083 FASAP vs PAL. 19 years na ang kaso pero di pa natatapos. Ito ang kailangan ng speedy resolution. Hanggang kelan nyo pa patatagalin ang kaso na Ito?

  • Barbara Sales-Pacubas

    This gives us high hopes that soonest our case GR178083 which has long been running for 19 years would finally reach its closure as decision has been made by SC 3x with Finality and yet justice has not been served to us. CJ Sereno, we shall hold on to your word…

  • Xtine Fulgencio

    GR178083 PAL VS FASAP
    Kelan po ba naging mali ang tama? Kailan po ba niyo bibigyan ng panahon ang mag d dalawang dekada na kaso namin? Hindi po habang buhay eh andito kayo sa mundo. Doing the right thing may cause you suffering but in the eyes of God, you are serving Him well.
    Bahala na po ang Diyos sa mga pag iisip niyo kung asan ba tlga ang Justice sa ating bansa.
    At the end of the day, Ikaw at ang Diyos ang nakakaalam.
    May God help you.

  • Lei Dungo

    We have won 3 times already, it only means that justice is on our side. I personally believe that there is still hope in our judiciary system. We will triumph in the end.

  • Arthur Adeva

    #MariaLourdesSereno Re GR No.178083. This case has been dragged for so long and we want our dignity back. Uphold the final decision. Justice to the 1998 Illegally Retrenched Flight Attendants of FASAP..

  • May Therese G. Almoro

    GR 178083 FASAP vs PAL.

    Case still ongoing from 1998!
    Won 3x for Execution of what is due to the Retrenched cabin crew of PAL only to be disappointed by seemingly delaying tactics of SC in giving justice to the 1,200 crew affected by the illegal retrenchment of PAL.

    Buntis po ako noong taon na tinanggal sa PAL. Ngayon 3rd year college na ang anak ko! Wala pa rin hustisya! Chief Justice Sereno , please help in the “speedy” action of our case.
    Yung iba sa amin may apo na .. Hindi na rin makabalik sa PAL .. pls emphasize with us and you can imagine how it feels to be deprived of justice due to us. Maraming salamat po!

  • Presyl A. Bello

    Honorable Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno, if this what you’re pushing to have speedier justice system in our country, make it happen NOW! Commence it with our case GR 178083 (FASAP VS. PAL) which is on its 19th year already and still waiting for the finalest decision. We won 3x but still justice haven’t served to us. Bring back our pride, dignity and confidence that we’ve lost long time ago. JUSTICE for everyone of us, which has been so long denied!!!

  • Joan Danao

    Please look at our case GR No.178083. This has dragged on for 19 YEARS! Uphold the final decision! Where is the justice for the 1998 Illegally Retrenched Flight Attendants of FASAP?

    KIER BELLEZA OF MB, why not interview our group so you get to know the REALITY OF THE SLOW JUSTICE SYSTEM in this country…

  • Kat Jackson

    Our case PAL VS FASAP won 3 times over the course of 19 years. Yes, 19 YEARS! And we are still sadly waiting for justice to be served. ACTIONS speak louder than words. Make us all BELIEVE in the Philippine Justice system again Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno. Live the Golden Rule : Put yourself in our place.

  • Gail Manio

    God bless you CJ Sereno, and the justice system of our country, hopefully now justice will truly be served, no more delayed justice, specially for GR178083, FASAP VS PAL,it’s been 19 years, may you be THE answer to our prayers.

  • Bambi Manguray

    Please expedite GR No. 178083 FASAP vs. PAL. This is a 19-year old case! We won 3x but no settlement has been done until now. How can PAL get away with evading SC decision? Isn’t Supreme Court decision the most SUPREME of all? Please look into our case.1,200 of us are still here desperately waiting. We count on you and we will be closely following up on this. More power to the NEW JUSTICE SYSTEM. #MariaLourdesSereno

  • Arnel Due

    SC has been recheduling a rescheduled agenda date for GR178083 (PAL VS. FASAP) over and over and over until thy kingdom come.

    NOW, do we hear you right that you are in the process of expediting your process flow when you yourselves are the ones violating it?

    Remember, this very case won 3x in your very own backyard and by meer technicality the decision was recalled and is now in SC’s limbo.

  • Rizalde Luib

    Case 178083
    Sereno wants speedy justice
    na-mild stroke na ang kasama naming si Junel sa kakahintay at kakaasa na tuldokan nyo na ang kaso naming mahigit 20 years na
    and now your telling the public you want “speedy justice?”
    nagda-drama ka ba?
    come on Maria Lourdes Sereno

  • Trina Iñigo

    The Supreme Court is supposed to secure the operation of the legal system and promote justice on the basis of equal opportunity. What happened to our equal opportunity? We won our case 3 times with finality and to this day, we are on 19 years and still counting. The reason one goes to court is to get justice. Not to get the run around. We were denied this WIN for far too long. How much longer will this go on? Justice for GR Case 178083!!!

  • Anthony Balibrea

    GR 178083 ( PAL vs FASAP ) With all due respect honorable chief justice Sereno the justice system in the Philippines is only for the rich and powerful ika nga sa atin PAG MAY PERA MAY JUSTICE PAG WALA JUST TIIS MUNA… There are corrupt politicians and justices ( hoodlums in robes ) that make a mockery of this system this case 19 yrs pending and 6 yrs pending in en banc SC under justice BERSAMIN as ponente where is the true meaning ” JUSTICE DELAYED JUSTICE DENIED” your our only hope chief justice …
    Respectfully Yours,

  • Maria Carmita Sanchez


    Re: G.R. 178083 FASAP vs PAL

    Having three decisions in our favor which are both affixed that “IT IS FINAL AND EXECUTORY… NO FURTHER PLEADINGS SHALL BE ENTERTAINED”, we are still waiting for the Supreme Court to resolve our case. We our now on our 19th Year of waiting. For how long must we wait?

    It is our hope that your judicial reforms may give us the FINALITY to our case.

  • Pola pulgado
  • MinnieCooper888

    RE: GR 178083 Fasao v.s. PAL Case

    Speedier Justice System??? Well to see is to believe!!! Our Case has been rotting away for almost 2 decades in judicial limbo under your noses! Tell me, what is there to review when we have won this case 3X and by a mere letter of Atty. Estelito Mendoza questioning this by stating that such DECISION of the 2nd Division needs to be recalled since it should have been the 3rd Division that gave this out is total bullshit!!!! Many of us have suffered and died while waiting for Justice all these 19 years! When shall the en banc finally decide on our case that has been decided in our favor 3x before???!!! More delaying tactics from the SC will certainly add to the “crisis of faith in the Justice System”…what else it new???!!! You better shape up or ship out!!! Practice what you preach! This is your last chance to prove to us that you are not puppets of corrupt oligarchs in this country!!! This is our challenge for you to redeem yourselves under this so-called “Speedy Trial Act”!!! It is true that Justice does not happen overnight but what do call our more than 19 year old case sleeping with the en banc???!!!

  • James Ketcher

    GR 178083 #MariaLourdesSereno
    It has been over a decade since my family and I held hands in my living room, jumping up and down in utter joy following the news the case had been won in favor of the retrenched crew. I will be 17 next month and the case is still in limbo. I am currently in the 12th grade; I was taught in school that final-means-final. It puzzles me as to how the Supreme Court cannot grasp that concept. Justice delayed is truly justice denied, i truly hope the Supreme Court will allow us to regain faith in the judicial system by rightfully delivering the justice deserved.

  • Mama G

    RE: FASAP vs PAL (GR#178083)
    Real talk lang:

    Some slogans and catchphrases coined for the past 19 years of waiting – – –
    Justice delayed is justice denied!
    Final, Finaler, Finalest!

    No to SC flip-flopping

    Ilang pasko na : All I want for Christmas is justice!

    Hoy gising! Tama na po your honor!

    Checkmate na!
    SC Just-tiis!!
    14 years na kami naghihintay!!


    Sereno bares speedier justice system

    “Change is happening in the judiciary. There is now greater access to justice.”

    Claims made easier
    “You will see how we will stop makakapal na mukha ng mga balasubas,” the Chief Justice said in a jest.

    Speedy trial
    “No more excuse slips are allowed,” she stressed.

    Where do we go from here our honorable Chief Justice? We have entered (2017) the 20th year of waiting. PAL is not above the law, right? I am looking forward to a speedy closure of GR#178083 this year.

  • Pola pulgado

    We would like to believe our justice system has a chance for recovery under CJ Sereno…your Honor, Chief Justice please hear us…

  • Mary Ann Legaspi Songco

    I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to Hon Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno for improving the Judiciary system in our country.

    To Hon. Justice Bersamin-
    Sir, your honor with all due respect, May we know the status of our case GR# 178083 Fasap vs. Pal
    Our case have won three times in the Supreme Court with finality- to reinsrate cabin crew, pay back wages including benefits.

    We have been waiting and suffering for 19 years.

    Praying for that speedy resolution in favor of the retrenched Cabin crew last July 1998

  • Bote Bautista

    CJ Sereno please let us believe that there is justice after all. 18 years. UPHOLD and re-affirm the past resolution in favor of FASAP regarding GR 178083 pending the SC.

    Help us.

  • Marilyn Luna

    Dear CJ Sereno,
    Narinig niyo po galing sa aking mga kasamahan, ang aming hiling, ang aming sigaw, ang aming sakit, ang aming hirap, ang aming pakiusap na sana matuldukan na ang kaso namin (GR 178083 – FASAP VS PAL) na labing siyam na taon ng nakalimutan at binalewala. Tatlong beses na kaming nanalo, at sinang ayunan din po ninyo ang desisyong ito ngunit hanggang ngayon hindi pa din matuldukan at tila wala ng katapusan ang kaso naming ito. Wala po akong masyadong kaalaman tungkol sa batas. Hindi rin po ako isang abogado para malaman lahat ng batas. Ako po ay minsan naging isang flight attendant ng Philippine Airlines. Bilang isang flight attendant, alam ko po ang tungkulin at trabaho ko. Kailangan kong gawin ang trabaho ko ng maayos para sa ikabubuti at ikasasaya ng aking mga pasahero na nagbayad ng malaking halaga upang sila ay makarating ng maayos sa lugar na nais nila kasama ang kanilang pamilya. Yan po ang HUSTISYANG ibinibigay ko sa mga pasaherong nagbayad ng malaking pamasahe, ibinigay ang kanilang tiwala sa akin na sila ay aalagaan ko hanggang makarating sila sa kanilang destinasyon.
    Bilang Chief Justice po ba at ang mga kasamahan niyo po sa Supreme Court, anong HUSTISYA po ba ang ginagawa ninyo para sa mga taong nagbabayad ng buwis taon taon, mga mamamayan na ang tanging nais galing sa inyo ay HUSTISYA? Diba po nakapangalan na mismo sa inyo ang salitang HUSTISYA? Sino po ba ang dapat naming lapitan para mabigyan kami ng HUSTISYA? Mali po ba na sa inyo namin pinagkatiwala ang aming HUSTISYA? Kung sa inyo ay wala ng HUSTISYA, saan pa ba dapat kami pupunta? Kanino po ba dapat namin ipagkakatiwala ang HUSTISYA na matagal na naming hinihintay? Naniniwala at nagtitiwala po kami CJ Sereno na nasa tamang Supreme Court namin pinagkatiwala ang HUSTISYA, kailangan lamang po talaga na gawin ng mga kinauukulan ang kanilang wastong trabaho at pagsisilbi sa mamamayang tulad namin na walang ibang pinagkakatiwalaan ng HUSTISYA kundi kayo. Maraming salamat po. #MariaLourdesSerenoDissentingOpinionGR178083FASAPvsPAL

  • Nina Diego

    GR 178083 #MariaLourdesSereno 19 years of waiting for our PAL FASAP case to be resolved. Up to when shall we wait? Justice Sereno we ask you to put our case for discussion… please help us make this closure so all of us may truly move forward.

  • Pola pulgado

    “Speedy Justice” eh ano na po nang yari sa case namin GR 178083 Fasap vs Pal, bakit ganun with finality na case eh 19yrs na di pa rin ilabas ang desisyon 3 beses na kami nanalo madam, sana ito ang gawing Speedy Justice. Salamat po. -Joel Armas

  • Pola pulgado
  • Liwayway Alperto Al Hamsi

    Re FASAP Case GR 178083: CJ Lourdes Sereno, your honor. We just want to bring to your attention this case of ours which has not been resolved for 19 years now, though it has been won three times, thanks to our Honorable Court and yet—-complete Justice has not given yet to the victims the retrenched crew of Philippine Airlines and we have been hoping YOU being there, our case will reach its “finality” and be awarded the SC’s favorable decision the fourth time, so help us GOD! Maraming salamat po.

  • Maybelle Tiu

    FASAP – PAL case GR178083 19 long years and still nothing. This for a case that we already won 3 times. Why are we still in limbo? Why are you still dragging the case? WE WON ALREADY! 3 TIMES!

  • Presyl A. Bello

    GR 178083 #CJMariaLourdesSereno
    Speedier justice system? Prove it now!!!
    Please act on our case (FASAP VS. PAL) to reach its finalest decision. 19 years in the SC, and until now, JUSTICE has been denied!!!

  • Pola pulgado
  • Patrick Bello

    GR 178083 #CJMariaLourdesSereno
    Your honor, i was 3 months old in my mom’s womb when this happened. I’m turning 19 this november 2017, and until now, my mom and her colleagues are still awaiting for the closure and the JUSTICE they so deserved. I’m appealing to your heart dear honor, to uphold the finalest decision. Thank you so much ☺️

  • Arthur Adeva
  • Caridad Velasco

    We are victims of the illegal retrenchment of our airline company in July of 1998. Philippine Airlines has been found guilty of illegally dismissing it’s 1,423 cabin crew 19 years ago. Our union, Flight Attendants and Stewards Association of the Philippines, Inc (FASAP), filed a case against the company and we won in the last bastion of democracy of our country, the Supreme Court. In July 2008, the Third Division made a landmark unanimous decision on our favor, ordering them to put us all back to work, giving back our backwages.

    Justice has prevailed as the Honorable Supreme Court finally saw through the sad and unfair, not to mention illegal situation that the flight attendants have been in and awarded them what they truly deserved ever since they were separated from their bread and butter.

    Yet, justice gained is now seriously being threatened anew. It appears that Philippine Airlines is undeterred in making sure that injustice reigns hoping that by prolonging and delaying the case, the faith of the flight attendants are corroded and ultimately allow PAL to skirt its obligations under the law. The Second Motion for Reconsideration is a prohibited pleading under established jurisprudence decided by the Honorable Court and under the system of orderly judicial process. As such, it is nothing but a mere scrap of paper not worthy of even a second of this Honorable Court’s precious time.

    We are airing our indignation to Philippine Airline’s mockery of the justice system of our country. It is a bitter pill to swallow, that after having three decisions on our favor which are both affixed that “IT IS FINAL AND EXECUTORY… NO FURTHER PLEADINGS SHALL BE ENTERTAINED”, we are still patiently waiting for it to be implemented. For how long shall we wait, how many motions for reconsideration will be granted to them?

    We seek justice… justice that will change our lives as well as the system that portrays a wrong notion to the Filipino people. We humbly ask for consideration so that our case will have its final conclusion so that we can go on with our lives after suffering for a long time. It is a long-delayed implementation, our case has been languishing in the courts of law for so long a time, and we want justice now.
    Our sincerest hope and fervent prayer that our plea will be heard, so we can move on with our lives..

  • Manny Eviota

    GR 178083 #CJMariaLourdesSereno

    When your Honor was appointed as replacement for Chief Justice Corona, we said this was our calling ANSWERED! With the previous administration we had our case won 3 times in the SUPREME COURT but was set back each time…How can this happen? Webster defined SUPREME as “highest in rank or authority”, “highest in degree or quality”, “greatest or highest possible”. But this was not the case for us, apparently, there is even higher than the highest, more supreme than supreme. Be it technical or what have you, when is FINAL – FINAL? When does it end and real JUSTICE begin?
    Of course, this is about the plight of the more than 1,400 PAL cabin crew waiting for Justice to become, but there are more at stake here that just us – Our justice system- “Justice is only for the rich”, “David versus Goliath, “Justice delayed is Justice denied”.
    From your interview in Cebu City you stated, “You will see how we will stop makakapal na mukha ng mga balasubas,” Your Honor – here are the “BALASUBAS” and the “MAKAKAPAL NA MUKHA,” for 19 years they have been doing it to us, to our justice system and to you as well. Your Honor this is what you have started, your crusade! START ALSO WITH US AND END THE INJUSTICE THAT HAS BEEN PLEAGUING OUR COURTS, OUR NAMES AND OUR LIVES! Respectfully, Thank you.

  • Lourna dela Cuesta-Ramirez

    GR 178083
    We are ignored for a long time, 19 years to be exact. Speedier justice, eh? I often wonder if there really is JUSTICE waiting for us somewhere. Will JUSTICE be given to us sometime soon?
    It seems our so called JUSTICE system has chosen to look the other way around. Do not forget that the facts (of what happened to us) do not cease to exist.
    It’s about time to SEE us, HEAR us, FEEL us. STOP IGNORING US!

  • Melissa Villanueva

    GR#178083. We won this case three times in the Supreme Court with finality but until now we are still waiting for it to be resolved. What happened? Is it a joke? It has been 19 years. Please look into this and prove that there is still hope in our justice system.

  • Maricris

    GR 178083 #MariaLourdesSereno
    I sure hope that with your “speedier” justice system, our 19 year old case will come to receive it’s finality this year.

  • Cherrypie Yu

    Re: GR 178083 FASAP vs PAL CASE
    TO: Maria Lourdes Sereno
    Your honor i would like to appeal that you look deeper on our case , until when are we going to WAIT , our case won 3times already but because of mere technicality a letter sent by lawyer atty estelito mendoza , it was put on hold ???????????? 19 long years of waiting in agony is not a joke … pls pls pls act according to your conscience and ask GOD for guidance so that you will be enlightened . Here’s hoping for a MIRACLE that someday justice will prevail ????????????

  • louie gerong

    GR 178083 #MariaLourdesSereno
    “To conclude, the rights and privileges that PAL unlawfully withheld from its employees have been in dispute for a decade and a half. Many of these employees have since then moved on, but the arbitrariness and illegality of PALs actions have yet to be rectified. This case has dragged on for so long and we are now more than duty-bound to finally put an end to the illegality that took place; otherwise, the illegally retrenched employees can rightfully claim that the Court has denied them justice.”

    Madame Chief Justice Sereno, these were your own words in your dissenting opinion dated March 13, 2012. You were an associate justice at the time; now you are the Chief Justice. Speedier justice? Please start with this case – we humbly plead. Thank you po.

  • Pola pulgado

    .How can you speed up our 19-year old case GR 178083 Fasap vs PAL that has won 3 times with finality at the Supreme Court? We would still want to believe that there is still honesty and integrity amongs the justices in court. Please show our countrymen that our judicial system is not merely moneytalk but real, honest and fair justice. IBALIK ANG HUSTISYA SA SUPREME COURT! – Pola, d ako makapasok sa disqus comment. Ok lang ba ipost mo nalang itong comment ko pls. Tama ba comment ko????? — Melissa P. Gutierrez

  • John Lyzander C. Zinampan

    GR 178083 # Maria Loudes Sereno . Thank God for this good news ! Its been almost 2 decades or 19 years to be exact and we are still in Limbo . Help us to restore our faith in our Justice system . Im pleading with all my heart specially to Justice Bersamin to give us the favorable desicion which we have won 3 times. What else is there to study in our case that you can not make the final final desicion . The law is very simplle and that we are illegally retrenched by PAL. . May the Holy Spirit Guide you Justice Sereno and Justice Bersamin and the rest of the SC justices to give us the favorable final desicion ! God bless !

  • Pola pulgado
  • Diana Publico

    19 years… quite a long wait. We’ve won 3 times, yet justice has been denied us over and over and over again…. why so???

  • Mariza Buhay Ketcher

    Re FASAP Case GR 178083: CJ
    Thank you CJ Sereno for your dissenting option. It has been a waiting game of more than 19 years. Despite having won three times with finality, we are still waiting for justice to be served. We hope that the Supreme Court in their good conscience and moral dignity rightfully settle this once and for all, and give us what is rightfullly ours.

  • Lia Antonio

    GR 178083 To the writer of this article, Mr. Kier Edison Belleza: To us, who has a 19 year old winning, pending case in the Supreme Court, this doesn’t make any impact at all. This is just a press release. That’s all it is. We are pretty sure no change will happen much. We dare you to look and study at our case. We dare you to interview CJ Sereno about our case. I’m sure you have read all my colleagues comments below. That should give you an idea of what our case is about. Kung ano ang pinaglalaban ng grupo namin. The problem of this country is not the President but the justices, judges, & fiscals who have been corrupted, who allowed themselves to be corrupted and have become calloused by the injustices happening around. Injustices in the labor force and all agencies happen because of these corrupt individuals. So where do we go from here? Is there hope for this country? for our children? 19 years is no joke. And to whoever does the line up of the cases to be discussed by the en banc, Sino nga ba gumagawa? Nalalagyan din ba kaya natatanggal ang case naming sa line up ng cases to be discussed sa en banc??? We cannot help but think this way. We have been victims of these people. Toying with our lives for the past 19 years!!! We want JUSTICE!!! #MariaLourdesSereno

  • Rosanna Barre

    GR 178083 PAL VS. Fasap
    Tell me more about GREATER ACCESS TO JUSTICE, CHANGE and all..
    Ma’am, we do believe justice doesn’t happen overnight BUT our case that won three times already deserves its FINALITY and CLOSURE right NOW.
    We have gone too far..Waiting & waiting Still believing tht YOU ARE THE LAW..after these painful ???? 19 yrs…
    No more JUDICIAL LIMBO & YES to SPEEDIER JUSTICE tht US the 1423 Retrenched cabin crew deserve NOW, your Honor.

  • RE:Gr 178083 FASAP vs PAL CASE

    If your goal is to speed up justice system

  • Jose Mari Catolico


    19 years na paghihintay ay sobra sobra na po..Tatlong beses na kaming nanalo pero wala paring hustisya..Ipakita nyo po sana na ang batas ay walang pinapanigan, mahirap man o mayaman..Umaasa na maibigay na po sa amin ang hustisya sa lalong mabilis na panahon.

  • Mark Ketcher

    I am Mark and I will be 14 yrs old soon.. I remember jumping up and down with my brothers on our sofa in my pajamas which dropped many times out of excitement while watching the news on tv. It was announced that the case of the PAL illegal retrenchment which affected my mum and more than a thousand others won with finality. This happened many, many years ago. I have grown much bigger and taller now and in fact don’t wear pajamas anymore but the case has still remained unresolved. I have been asking my Mum how a case that won 3 times with finality can still be “not final” after 19 years? Does this happen only here in the Philippines? Please explain this to me as my mom is just as confused as I am.

  • Maria Carmita Sanchez

    Posting for my friend Annabel S.Lesaca:

    “Justice Bersamin ikaw po Ang ponente ng aming kaso FASAP VS PAL yun pong nanalo na ng 3 beses sa SUPREME COURT ?.. .. alam po naming malaki Ang respeto mo ki Mendoza Ang abugado ng PAL …. pero di po ba kayo po ang tagapagtanggol ng mga naaapi? Sana po makamit na namin Ang hustisya wag nyo na pong upuan parang awa nyo na po isang silip Lang po sa case #_________ we all are nearing the twilight of our lives including you…. please make the right thing GIVE US OUR JUSTICE”

  • Maria Carmita Sanchez

    Posting for Gem Quisumbing:

    “Dear Chief Justice Sereno,
    We would like to make an appeal to you to help us is resolving our FASAP vs PAL case.

    Our justice has been delayed for a long time. All my collegues have move heaven and earth to make you aware thru our prayer rallies last feb 2017.

    Sadly, we did not see any action from Supreme court…
    We believe in your spiritual and moral leadership-
    You FIGHT What IS RIGHT in the eyes of God.

    Respectfully yours,
    Gem Lopez -Quisumbing
    PAL Class 87-01
    ID no. 252422

  • Gerry Buan

    GR 178083 PAL vs FASAP
    This case that FASAP won three times has been dragging on for 19 very long years! With all due respect, Hon Chief Justice Sereno, what is your honest opinion on a case going on for 19 years? When are we going to see the light at the end of the tunnel? This has been a real struggle for us and our families. If real change is present in our judiciary system then GR 178083 is the perfect case to be given a chance to

  • Glynis Garcia

    Re: GR 178083 PAL vs FASAP
    Dear CJ Sereno..PRAYING that your pronouncemnt “to bring reforms in our judiciary”, will put this 19-year long agonizing case of the 1423 ILLEGALLY RETRENCHED PAL CABIN CREWt to rest FINALLY. We have won 3 times with FINALITY yet it was snatched away due to our slack justice system. It is with hopes that the JUSTICE we have long been waiting for be served at the soonest. THUS it will gain back not only our but the entire nation’s lost of trust, faith and confidence in our system. Thank you and GOD bless.

  • Barry Bernardo


    NINETEEN YEARS! I do not know what comments, reactions from now and the years past will convince and make you act for you are no different from PAL in inflicting injustice to us, again, for NINETEEN YEARS and continuing.

    Nonetheless let me say this:

    Our JUST GOD has been watching. His timeline is different from ours and His is without delay. He will certainly put an end and render justice. God’s wrath you cannot avoid. The justice may not be in your or our lifetime but in the life after.

    It is not too late to turn around. A just turn around without delay.

  • Anna Marie Dabao

    I am appealing to your conscience. You have the power and the means to do the right thing. Please put an end to 19 years of waiting and suffering. Words are not enough, we need action.

  • Dominique Jhocson

    G.R. 178803
    Honorable Justice Sereno,

    I remember a thundering image of my mom and her colleagues in orange or red or white, outside the supreme court with their unwavering desire to receive the justice they deserve. That was back in 2012, and the case has been going on for 13 years then. I am so ashamed of our justice system. I used to be an oblivious child who knew nothing about politics but knew that there was something that just was not right when every year we would stand in front of those gated white pillars. I’m turning 18 very soon and I am not blinded by my youthful ignorance anymore and I wish you, your honor would feel the same drive to push for the rights of these victims.

    I always wish and pray for the improvement of our justice system, and slowly they are granted. Through you Honorable madam Sereno, we can make ends meet and fair closure will be attained.

  • Emily Policarpio

    July 15, 1998 was the date when PAL shattered the lives & dreams of the 1432 men, women & their families who worked for the company they dedicated their lives to. 19 years after, justice has still been very elusive to us. The last 19 years has been a roller coaster ride for us as we have won the case thrice but the people who were suppose to protect our rights were the same people who are just protecting Lucio Tan & their own interests. CJ Sereno, your dissenting opinion has left that ray of hope in me that you are the moral one who would stand for what is fair & rightful. We are not asking for the moon. All we want is justice & closure so we could go on with our lives. May you be that instrument for me to gain back my confidence in the Philippine justice system. May God give you the strength & guide you in your discernments.

  • Pola pulgado

    Posting for Ms. Billie Siocco : Justice Bersamin ikaw po Ang ponente ng aming kaso FASAP VS PAL yun pong nanalo na ng 3 beses sa SUPREME COURT .. .. alam po naming malaki Ang respeto mo kay atty. Mendoza Ang abogado ng PAL …. pero di po ba kayo po ang tagapagtanggol ng mga naaapi? Sana po makamit na namin Ang hustisya huwag nyo na pong upuan parang awa nyo na po….case # 178083

  • Jo Carrascal Bautista

    #GR 178083 FASAP vs PAL
    CJ Lourdes Sereno,
    We’ve been praying and patiently waiting…isn’t 19 years long enough???
    SHOW us the Speedy Trial.
    PROVE to us you’re willing to help those who are overly in need.
    GIVE JUSTICE to the 1998 Illegally Retrenched Flight Attendants of PAL.
    HELP us please…we’ve been pleading for so long

  • Grace Villanueva-Sanjongco

    GR 178083 #MariaLourdesSereno
    Halos 2 dekada na po kaming naghihintay ng hustisyang tatlong beses na po naming natamo. Speedy justice…. we’ve already been denied of that… all we’re asking is for due justice to be served and implemented. Justice we’ve won and rightfully deserve!!!

  • Topper Garcia

    GR 178083
    19 years na po kami nag-aantay. Sana po mabigyan na ng final decision ang aming kaso. Ilan narin po ang nalagas sa aming grupo at madami parin nakabaon sa kahirapan. Bigyan nyo napo kami ng Hustisya. Salamat po.

  • Pola pulgado

    Hi Pola! Here’s my article. Can’t seem to post it though. Help! Thank you.

    “Chief Justice Serrano, you seem to
    be living in truth & integrity. I pray that you will be the answer to our prayers. You will bring JUSTICE to our case. We’ve been waiting for 19 years. Too many lives have been broken & changed because of this injustice. A few colleagues have passed away without even seeing justice served. Please be THE ONE to help us. Please be the God-send who will assist our lives & make it a little better. We have gone into debt for our families’ survival. We suffered & have given up a lot in making ends meet. I personally have put off having surgery due to financial constraints. Please, I implore you to finally give us the justice we deserve. May God enlighten your decision. Thank you.”

  • Ma Pilar Butalid

    GR 178083 FASAP vs PAL Case

    Clearly in the past, the Supreme Court
    has flip-flopped and has dilly dallied all these past 19 years in this case GR 178083. It is the most opportune time now for the Supreme Court to redeem itself and decide this case and hand down justice to all the members of 1998 PAL retrenched cabin crew which we justly deserve!

    Ma Pilar Butalid

  • Arnel Due

    Nakakatawa pero mabilis na hustisya ang objective yet hindi na-aagenda ang GR 178083. Talagang something is deeply wrong with this institution. 19 years and counting yet SC is still blind on what real justice is.

    Mabuhay ang totoong hustisya!!!

  • Arnel Due

    Bersamin, being the ponente of Fasap vs. PAL Case should be held liabale for the slow promulgation of GR 178083!

    By mere technicality, he is prolonging the case so as not to serve what is rightfully deserved by the retrenched emoloyees. Remember that this case won 3x in SC’s own jurisdiction.

    Kaawaan sana kayo ng Panginoong Diyos.

  • Pola Pulgado
  • Pola Pulgado
  • Pola Pulgado
  • Pola Pulgado
  • Maria Carmita Sanchez

    Posting for Paquita Diaz:

    Dear Justice Sereno,

    Its been 19 long years and our case (GR 178083 PAL vs FASAP) has not been decided with finality until now. What has happened to our judicial system?

    We’ve known you as a person of integrity and high moral values. You are a true Christian. You are our hope. Please help us.

    Paquita Concepcion Lopez-Diaz
    PAL Batch 87-09

  • Maria Carmita Sanchez

    Posting for Gemma Hernandez:

    Dear Chief Justice Serreno and Ponente Bersamin: please do as your titles suggest. The both of you are seated in the government as servant leaders and that requires unbiased and fair treatment to all. I pray that you may see the truth and choose what is right. Please do not succumb to the corrupt and unjust ways of what we have come to know for 19 LONG YEARS. Thank you and God bless! (GEMMA HERNANDEZ 87-03)

  • Pola Pulgado
  • Pola Pulgado
  • Pola Pulgado
  • Rizalde Luib

    paano niyo maipakita sa buong pilipinas ang sinisigaw niyong “SPEEDY JUSTICE”?
    kung ang kaso nga namin na FASAP vs PAL ay umabot na bg 20 years at ayaw niyo nga isama sa agenda bawat may EN BANC?
    gumising naman kayo mga justices

  • Pola pulgado
  • Pola pulgado
  • Pola Pulgado
  • Pola Pulgado
  • Pola Pulgado
  • Sharmila Daswani Salanga

    Dear CJ Sereno,
    Re: GR 178083 FASAP vs PAL
    Almost 2 decades and we are still waiting for justice. We already won 3x. Why is the decision taking so long? Speedier justice?

  • Gail Manio

    #MariaLourdesSereno-GR 178083-FASAP vs PAL…
    Alam ko po kung gaano kahirap gawin ang tama sa posisyon kung saan marami ang nagbulagbulagan at nagbingibingihan, I thank you CJ Sereno, for the courage and the will to do what is right, and what is just. Sana po whatever hardships or temptations the devil send your way, you’d always choose to do what is right, sana you’d always chose to fight the GOOD FIGHT, this way you’re not only serving what is just and right, you’re serving your oath, and most important of all you are serving our God. We are all accountable for the choices we did and will do in this life, choose to do what is right CJ Sereno, and be right in the eyes of God, that’s all that matters. God bless you, your family and our country.

  • Get Gonzalez

    GR 178083

    Honorable CJ Sereno,
    We earnestly await your speedy action on our case (GR178083 FASAP VS PAL).
    We have waited
    19 long years.
    When can we see the light of day?
    Your honor,we appeal to you, PLEASE PLEASE, PLEASE act on our case NOW, to prove your sincerity for a speedier justice system.

  • Dennis Espique

    #GR 178083 – FASAP VS PAL
    CJ Sereno Thank you for this development for a speedy justice in the Judiciary. I pray also for speedy resolution of cases that are ruled with finality like our case, GR 178083 FASAP VS PAL which has lagged on for almost 20 years. I trust your leadership and hope that this will soon be resolved. God Bless you CJ Sereno and God Bless the Filipino People’s quest for justice!

  • Ko Chez

    GR 178083 #MariaLourdesSereno
    3x times won in your own court with finality
    19 years of delay
    6 yrs enbanc because of technicality influenced by the Devils Troll.

    Many of us has suffered such injustice physically , mentally and economically. We hope you still have the decency and integrity to uphold the law of the land and correct the sins of the same system you are protecting.

    You stated that “Change is Happening in the Judiciary” we all hope this not like a Mayweather-Mcgregor fight that all is for “SHOW” (Sarzuela to the max) .Uphold the final decision to the 1998 Illegally Retrenched Flight Attendants of FASAP.. and prove to us and the Filipino and the world there is still what you always say JUSTICE is still remaining in your deep conscience. Do the right thing.!!!

    Thank you and may God help you decide on what is right and just.
    Till then we remain.

    R98 -PUSO!..LABAN !

  • Peebles Antenorcruz Bretaña Br

    RG 178083 PAL vs FASAP
    I used to believe in our justice system until I’ve experienced being one of those illegally retrenched by PAL. We are appealing to you to please look into our case. It’s been 19 years that we have been waiting for justice & we have WON 3 TIMES & WITH FINALITY. What is it that’s holding you, Justices, to give what is right for us? Even our children got confused when you said WITH FINALITY and yet we are still fighting for our case. WITH FINALITY MEANS THAT IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE REVIEWED AGAIN BECAUSE A DECISION HAS ALREADY BEEN MADE & THAT THE DECISION WAS THAT WE WON THE CASE.

  • Ko Chez

    (GR 178083 – FASAP VS PAL)
    19 yrs delayed
    6 yrs delayed in enbanc due to the Devils troll

    Many of us have suffered physically, emotionally and economically and still continuously experience it. We hope the statement of speedier justice is not just for show..have the decency and integrity to Uphold the final decision to the 1998 Illegally Retrenched Flight Attendants of FASAP..and we ask you to show us, the Filipino people and the world that there is still .”Justice in the Philippines still exist”.

    May God guide you and your conscience in doing what is right and just.

    We remain R98.. Puso..Laban para sa hustisya!!!

  • Marides Silvestre

    Fasap Vs Pal
    Up to when ..
    Hangang KAILAN???
    We won three times and yet we cannot get the Judtice that truly belongs to us.
    SC it’s your judgment call..
    We are all accountable to GOD who will judge us in the end..

  • Marides Silvestre

    Psalms 46:5-6 My soul, wait in silence for God only,
    For my hope is from Him.

  • Pola pulgado

    Madam Chief Justice Sereno,
    We look forward to your will to make a positive change in the justice system of the supreme court. We wish to see what ” speedier” is like coming from you. We want to believe there is hope for the cases sitting at the SC and that you will give it priority. We want to see you as the hope of the poor…our lady justice without bias. Madam, please help us…cases that have long awaited to be in agenda…cases awaiting for resolution. Help us get us build our lives anew…we want justice now ! Thank you in advance madam !!!

  • Tiangco-Borlaza Stella

    GR 178083
    “Follow justice and justice alone, so that you may live and possess the land the LORD your God is giving you.”
    ‭‭Deuteronomy‬ ‭16:20‬ ‭

  • Jane Reys

    RE: GR 178803 FASAP VS PAL
    Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno, we had high hopes for you since you were appointed in 2012 that our case which we won 3X with FINALITY will have a CONCLUSION.
    If you said you are heartened by the countless stories of the people who were directly affected by injustices and a slow implementation of judgment, we earnestly ask you to look upon our case that’s been sitting in SC for 19 years.
    This is an opportune moment to prove your sincerity and integrity for your reform program called “REAL- TIME JUSTICE ” . Judiciary going hi-tech, with your introduction of E-Courts, automation of court procedures, marathon trials and deployment of mobile courts to decongest dockets???
    Please prove your credibility for “SPEEDIER JUSTICE ” on our case Your Honor. Thank you so much!

  • Grace Villanueva-Sanjongco

    GR 178083.. FASAP vs PAL
    The Supreme Court of the Philippines (Filipino: Kataas-taasang Hukuman ng Pilipinas; colloquially referred to by the Spanish: Corte Suprema), is the highest court in the Philippines. Our case has been tried in the highest court and we’ve won 3x. Yet we are still waiting for justice to finally be served… 19 years…I ask you with all respect please let your hearts and conscience guide you. Do what is right, give justice to those who has been oppressed.

  • calixto de leon III

    SC was an institution of INTEGRITY/TRANSPARENCY & TRUTH…with times changing, this very same institution FLOWED with the tide of CHANGE. It literally flowed with the changes into SINKING into the DARK depths of the ABYSS. 19 LONG YEARS & COUNTING for a case to get its CLOSURE summarize how TAINTED SC has become. With this MOVE of implementing a “SPEEDIER JUSTICE SYSTEM ” on pending caseDECISION is a welcome respite for GR178083 FASAP vs. PAL. madam CJ LOURDES SERENO, this is the BEST OPPORTUNITY for you & the institution under your watch to REGAIN/RECOVER the TRUST of the public once again. Your honor, act on our PLEA FOR JUSTICE now & may GOD BLESS YOU!

  • Tet Lugtu

    I am part of the PAL Retrenched Cabin Crew (GR # 178083). Based on the case, we won 3x with FINALITY and EXECUTION. However, as of this writing, we are still waiting and asking SC why a sudden change of decision when infact it was your unit made the FINAL RESOLUTION.

    With your proposed program, we hope and pray that our case will be RESOLVED … soon!!!


  • Maria Carmita Sanchez

    Posting for Dang Hipolito:

    “To the Honorable CJ Sereno, 
If the thrust is for speedy resolutions of cases, and since our case (GR 178083) has dragged on for 2 decades, the least that can be done for our case is to release the decision. Please give us the justice we truly, rightfully & realistically deserve. I’m sure you are fully aware of the people’s distrust & frustration with our judicial system and on most gov’t agencies, please be the one to make that FINAL difference. At the end of the day, we are all answerable to God, aside from your outstanding qualifications, it is by the Lord’s grace & wisdom that you & your colleagues were put to those positions of power. Please do RIGHT by HIM. Thank you”


  • Lynn Esguerra

    GR178083 PAL VS FASAP #SupremeCourt, #Justicesystem
    I appeal to the SC Justices to look into our case and decide on its merits once again. It has already won 3 times in your Court, even before the impeachment of former SC CJ Corona in December 2011. It has been over 5 yrs since then (a total of 19 yrs since it has been filed), and our case is still in its “limbo state”, May we be a beneficiary, too, of the reforms that you want to implement, specifically the SPEEDIER justice system. Make it work for all, old and new cases alike. May the REAL FINAL DECISION FOR EXECUTION BE IN OUR LIFETIME.

  • Lynn Esguerra

    GR178083 PAL VS FASAP
    I appeal to the #SupremeCourt and its Justices to look into our case (19 yrs since it has been filed) and decide on its merits- won 3 times, even before the impeachment of former SC CJ Corona in Dec 2011. Unfortunately and to the dismay of ithe case’s winning proponents, nothing has been done since then. We have always been told that it is in the agenda every enbanc session, but, no actions nor decisions. It has always been overlooked and not deemed a priority. Please make the reforms for a speedy trial work for everyone, old and new cases alike.

  • Monet Rayala Tongol

    GR 178083 #MariaLourdesSereno
    Napakatagal na po naming naghihintay ng hustisiya Honorable Chief Justice Sereno. We are hoping and praying that you will prioritize our case and give us justice, which we have been deprived of for 19 long years. Minahal po namin ang aming mga trabaho at naging matapat kami sa aming tungkulin sa Philippine Airlines, so we deserve to be treated like human beings. Salamat po..

  • Pola pulgado

    Gud am Ms. Pola. Tried posting my comment but it was not successful. Pls help. Thank you.


    I am part of the PAL Retrenched Cabin Crew (GR # 178083). Based on the case, we won 3x with FINALITY and EXECUTION. However, as of this writing, we are still waiting and asking SC why a sudden change of decision when infact it was your unit made the FINAL RESOLUTION.

    With your proposed program, we hope and pray that our case will be RESOLVED … soon !!!


  • Maria Carmita Sanchez

    Posting for Katherine Lluch-Crisol:

    To CJ Cereno and Ponente Bersamin,

    PAL vs FASAP : GR # 178083

    Thrice Won in the highest court of the Republic of the Philippines

    Stretching to 19 awfully, painfully long years without any resolution at all — YET!

    From the bottom of our hearts, we plead, we beg, we implore, we appeal, we seek, we beseech you to once and for all see to the finality of this case. 

    We fully trust that with the Speedy Trial Act, this will come to a close, and the much beleaguered members will receive its just reward.

  • Kathy Crisol

    To CJ Cereno and Ponente Bersamin,

    PAL vs FASAP : GR # 178083
    Thrice Won in the highest court of the Republic of the Philippines
    Stretching to 19 awfully, painfully long years without any resolution at all — YET!

    From the bottom of our hearts, we plead, we beg, we implore, we appeal, we seek, we beseech you to once and for all see to the finality of this case.

    We fully trust that with the Speedy Trial Act, this will come to a close, and the much beleaguered members will receive its just reward.

  • Eve Morales Braza

    CJ SERENO, your Speedy Trial Act must be God’s answer to our 19 year old case, GR 178083 PAL VS. FASAP sitting in your court under the sala of Ponente Bersamin. Finally, our case have the chance to be placed in your agenda and heard sooner than we prayed for. With this Act, through you, justice will be expedited and served for a case won 3 times with finality irregardless of what division decides on it as justice must be consistent in all divisions. May our Supreme God guide you as you walk your talk!

  • Maria Sayson

    19 years and waiting… GR178083 FASAP vs PAL. Philippine justice system can do better. #MariaLourdesSereno

  • Maria Carmita Sanchez

    Posting for Heidi Palileo:

    Chief Justice Sereno, 19 years and still waiting for the very final decision of our case, Fasap vs PAL. We won 3 times and should have been final and executory, what else are we waiting for? Seek the Lord’s help and with a clean conscience, to guide you to come up with the right decision.

    Heidi palileo
    Pal Basic Class 87-03

  • Diana Publico

    19 years of uncertainty… there were 3 instances of jubiliation for GR 178083… just to be taken away with mere letters… be true to the definition of “FINALITY” …

  • Pola pulgado


    Madam Sereno,

    Maraming taon na pong nagdurusa and mga dating
    Cabin crew ng FASAP na napagkaitan ng katarungan dahil sa SULAT
    ng abogado ng PAL na si Atty. Estelito Mendoza na naging daan sa pagkabinbin sa mataasi na korte ng halos labing siyam na taon na ngayon ng dapat sana ay kanila ng panalo.

    Naniniwala po akong kayo ay pantas. Dinggin po ninyo ang sigaw ng katarungan. Tulungan po ninyong mawakasan ang kanilang kaapihan. Madam, marami pong umaasa sa inyo got buti hi na at maka
    Diyos na kalooban.

    Kasihan nawa kayo ng Panginoon.

    Gng. Beatriz Flores

  • aggie artadi

    GR 178083 #MariaLourdesSereno

    Speedier justice system? By all means, do it! 19 years is too long to wait for anything! When will justice for the Retrenched Cabin Crew ’98 be served? The time is NOW! Go Justice Sereno!

  • rheena vizmanos

    GR 178083 #JusticeSereno
    We have been deprived of an absolute peace of mind regarding this CASE which has been tossed from one court to another. Having in mind that we emerged victorious 3 times and yet here we are still waiting for JUSTICE that we have been longing for. 19 years to be exact. We sincerely appeal to your good office and governance that our case may be resolved. We just want closure for this and allow ourselves to move on with our lives.

  • Pola pulgado
  • Jane Reyes

    GR # 178083. FASAP vs PAL
    CJ Maria Lourdes Sereno, let our case be a part of your reform program for “SPEEDIER JUSTICE ”
    We won this case for 3X already! Please be true to your word.
    Uphold the FINAL decision on our case. We’ve been waiting for 19 years and still counting…. Duhhhh!!!

  • Maria Carmita Sanchez

    Posting for Ruby Claire Santos- Pabalan:


    “Chief Justice Sereno

    We seek your help to make this happen. Nineteen years na po kami naghihintay … sana po mabigyan na kami ng katarungan.

Salamat po. God bless your heart!”
    G.R. 178083 FASAP vs PAL

  • Maria Carmita Sanchez

    Posting for Ma. Alicia G. Ocampo:


    G.R. 178083 FASAP vs PAL

    “Waiting hurts. Forgetting hurts. 19 years of waiting and anxiety. Families broken, children displaced. Some have passed on, while some critically ill. We seek your help with our FASAP vs PAL case. Its not fair to be left hanging after winning 3 times at the Supreme Court. JUSTICE for our children CJ SERENO please!!!

  • Maria Carmita Sanchez

    Posting for Candy Pastor:


    G.R. 178083 FASAP vs PAL

    “19 years and still no final decision from the Supreme Court!

    When the Supreme Court came out with a decision 3x in favour of the illegally retrenched Flight Attendants after many many years of waiting then recalled it only a few days after, it is mind boggling! How can one not think and believe that true justice will never come out from this supposedly “honourable” court when things like this is allowed to happen. It is mind boggling that 19 years is not enough for the SC Justices to study our case and render a final decision! It is mind boggling that the SC has allowed this case to run this long…2 decades! It is mind boggling that a decision that is “final” and executory and that no further pleadings will be entertained was still recalled by the SC! What is obvious and clear and not mind boggling is this…Supreme Court, you have failed us as you failed to do your duty. Why? Simple… because justice delayed is justice denied. Redeem yourselves while you all still can. Act now! Grant us the justice that we have painfully longed for and rightfully deserve.”

  • Maria Carmita Sanchez

    Posting for Francisco L. Ramos:


    G.R. 178083 FASAP vs PAL

    “CJ Sereno,
we have been patiently waiting for your decision on our case (fasap vs pal).it has been 19 years and here we are,still patiently waiting…ilang taon at ilang beses na din po kaming nag rally sa harap ng supreme court….hindi nyo po siguro kami napansin o narinig during those rallies we had, because they were all peaceful rallies. Ganun po kahaba ang pasensya na ibinigay namin pati na din po ang aming mga pamilya. We all hope and pray THAT THIS WAITING WILL HAVE A HAPPY ENDING!
 With our Lord on our side,we know that He will continue to guide you and finally help us by putting an end to all our sacrifices. Mabuhay po kayo CJ Sereno!



  • Maria Carmita Sanchez

    Posting for Maria Concepcion De Jesus
    Basic Class 94-02


    “GR 178083 FASAP vs PAL
Chief Justice Sereno, our case against PAL has won 3 times in the highest court of the Philippines, the last one WITH FINALITY and EXECUTORY. How come, we, the illegally retrenched cabin crew are STILL WAITING for justice to be served. Its been 19 long years already. When is final, FINAL? 
We appeal to you and to all the justices of the Supreme Court of the Philippines to once and for all do the right thing and put an end to our long wait so that you can prove to the Filipino people that there is still JUSTICE in our country.”

  • Gail Manio

    Posting for my Mom, Gloria Villanueva
    #MariaLourdesSereno – GR 178083

    Nung nangyari po ang retrenchment, July 1998, dalawa pong anak ko ang nabago ang buhay sa isang iglap, kaya po ng nanalo sila sa kaso buong pamilya ang nagdiwang, 3 beses po nanalo pero 3 beses nabalewala, paulit ulit na pinamumukha na nabibili ang hustisya, ako po ngayon 70 yrs old at ang Daddy nila 75, ay bumubiyahe galing Cabuyao papuntang Faura bilang suporta, tuwing nagrarally sila para katukin ang puso at kunsensya ng mga Justices, sana nga po makita namin na naibigay ang hustisya sa kanila, sa pamilya namin. Patnubayan nawa kayo ng Panginoon na gawin ang tama at nararapat.

  • Maricar Castillo-Dinglasan

    Justice Serrano our case is long overdue.. We won several times but we didn’t get the justice we’ve been longing for.. I thought when it was said that it was final decision.. it is supposed to be final.. but what happened??? Justice! Justice! Are you for real?

  • Maria Carmita Sanchez

    Posting for Barbara Pacubas:


    G.R. 178083 FASAPvs PAL

    “Dear Chief Justice Sereno,

Greetings with peace! We come before you to plead our case but what good it is if it will fall again on deaf ears, actually for 19 years??? We pray that one of your legacies in the SC is the positive outcome of our case which is rightfully ours. Huwag po ninyong pabayaan na nakawin at ipagkait sa amin ang hustisyang iyon. 

It took me years to write my personal thoughts regarding our retrenchment case dahil hanggang ngayon po ay may kurot pa din ito sa aking puso. May mga nangamatay at marami na po ang nagkasakit sa paghihintay pero marami pa din po sa amin ang lumalaban at umaasa para sa kasong ito. 

Until when will the Supreme Court give us back what is rightfully ours? With the help of our Almighty God, we know and we claim that you will help us deliver the justice that we had years ago —a favorable decision against Pal at wala na pong bawian ????????????

Maraming Salamat po!”

  • Roxane C. Weinhold

    Justice for illegally retrenced PAL cabin crew, it has been 19 long years, we won the case 3 times! Anong nangyari bes?!

  • Caroline Baylon Tecson

    This is a copy of my letter to your honorable office dated May 6, 2014 which was received and replied to.

    Chief Justice Maria Lourdes A. Sereno

    Supreme Court of the Philippines

    Padre Faura St. Ermita, Manila 1000


    Dear Madam,

    Isa po ako sa mga flight attendants na nawalan ng hanapbuhay nuong 1998 ( FASAP vs. PAL). Nakakalungkot man pong isipin na labinganim na taon na po ang nakakalipas at hannggang ngayon, naghihintay pa rin kami ng hustisya bagaman tatlong beses na pong naideklara ng Korte Suprema “with FINALITY.”

    Marahil po maswerte lang ako na nakahanap na ng ibang kabuhayan. Ang iba sa amin ay mayroon ng mga karamdaman at ang iba ay namayapa na na naghihintay pa rin ng hustisya. Sadya bang mahirap talagang labanan ang mayaman at makapangyarihan sa ating bansa? Saan po ba dudulog ang taong bayan kung hustisya ang kanyang pinapanalangin?

    At ang aking panalangin, sana po , sa tulong ng Korte Suprema na Inyong pinamumunuan, bigyan liwanag na po ninyo ang aming kaso na nabinbin ng labinganim na taon. Sa inyo po kami umaasa na mabibigyan ng tuldok ang aming pagaalinlangan sa hustisya ng ating bayan. Naniniwala po ako sa inyong sinulat…….

    In her Dissenting opinion, Supreme Court Justice Lourdes Sereno wrote, …”If this court is to adhere to its character as a court of last resort, it must stop giving never-ending refuge to parties who obstinately seek to resist execution of our final decisions on the sole ground of their counsel’s creativity in re-labelling a prohibited second motion for reconsideration, or the changing composition of the three divisions of this court. Otherwise, the court might as well lay to rest in the sepulcher the founding judicial principles of immutability of judgments and res judicata.”

    Maraming salamat po at pagpalain kayo ng Maykapal!


    Caroline B. Tecson

    PAL IBM#291072

  • joybacita

    Dear CJ Sereno,

    I am one of the victims of the illegal retrenchment of our airline company in July of 1998. FASAP – PAL case GR178083 already won 3 times. But we are still nowhere. We are pleading for your to act quickly on the resolution of our case. Uphold the final decision. We won it. We deserve the closure on this.

    May God guide your conscience and in your discernment.

  • Pola pulgado

    Posting Carmencita Yrasuegui Basic class 74-09. CJ Maria Lourdes Sereno Gr:178083 Fasap vs Pal Dear CJ Sereno: I’ve joined Pal in 1974 at the age of 20 and I’m a Senior citizen already. Many years have passed, 19 yrs for our case is too long. We have already won our case 3 times. Sana po tapusin na itong kaso namin! Marami na pong sakripisyong ngyari sa amin. We all Hope and Pray to our God Almighty that Justice will be served already! Salamat po at Mabuhay po kayo!

  • Pola pulgado

    Honorable Chief Justice Sereno and Justices of the supreme court, 
We support your good endevour to step up deliverance of the justice system in the country. Please make our FASAP case an example. Nineteen long years of waiting in agony for a case already won with finality have caused imeasureable pains and damages to our families. Please hear our cause and dismiss the technicalities the other party has been throwing at us to delay justice due us. Thank you and this will be an act the annals of the justice system will remember you and the Justices in our country’s history.

  • Pola pulgado


    Talaga pong kaabang abang ang mangyayari sa Kaso ng mga Tagal fasap Laban sa pal. Dito po natin makikita Kung anong klase angkorte suprema dito sa PIlipinas. Tatlong besos nanalo…labing siyam na taong pagiintay ng resolusyong ganap…ONLY IN THE PHILIPPINES ! Madam Sereno , wala Sana po ni nyo ang mabahong systematically sa ating korte suprema…..MABUHAY PO SI MADAM CHIEF JUSTICE !…ang pagasa ng R-98 !!!!!!!

  • Pola pulgado




  • Pola pulgado

    Im Marga 29 yrs old. All I remmember is that I stopped going to school after my high school due to financial reason but my older sister continued her studies. Both my parents used to work wd Pal, but unfortunately , losttheir jobs. For 4 yrs or more I stopped going to school , and envied my classmates. Luckily , my sister was able to finish her studies and helped me to finish a 2 yr course. I thank God that I have a job now. Life for us after my both parents lost their jobs wasnt easy . For 19 yrs already the case of my mom, iv been asking this ” kelan po ba matatapos ang kaso nyo? ” We’ve been praying all these years. I know that justice will be granted to us soon, so help us God! Always praying and keeping the faith! Thank u po!

  • Pola pulgado


    I’m Marga 29 yrs old. All I remmember is that I stopped going to school after my high school due to financial reason but my older sister continued her studies. Both my parents used to work wd Pal, but unfortunately , lostt heir jobs. For 4 yrs or more I stopped going to school , and envied my classmates. Luckily , my sister was able to finish her studies and helped me to finish a 2 yr course. I thank God that I have a job now. Life for us after both my parents lost their jobs wasnt easy . For 19 yrs already…in the case of my mom, I’ve been asking her this ” kelan po ba matatapos ang kaso nyo? ” We’ve been praying all these years. I know that justice will be granted to us soon, so help us God! Always praying and keeping the faith! Thank u po!

  • Marilyn Luna

    Posting for ERIC TRINIDAD

    CJ Sereno 19 years is a very long time to wait and endure .I know you yourself wouldn’t allow such an injustice to linger if you were one of us who are still waiting and still believing in the system mam.Hindi lahat mam ng tao ay nabibigyan ngpagkakataon na gumawa ng TAMA para sa BAYan

  • Maria Carmita Sanchez

    Posting for Bong Bernardo:


    To CJ MA. LOURDES SERENO… pls speed up our case G.R.178083 PAL vs FASAP..19 looooong years n ung kaso namin.. tatlong beses n kami nanalo pero hanggang ngayon d parin namin makamit ang hustisya.. masyado ng matagal..

    Mukang inaantay nyo magretire si justice bersamin para un papalit sa kanya will review the case again para lalong tumagal ang kaso..thats our justice system!!

  • Maria Carmita Sanchez

    Posting for Priscilla V. DeGuzman:


    “G.R. 178083 FASAP vs PAL

Solving our case, putting and end after 19 years will definitely help regain the trust of the Filipinos who lost hope to our crippling justice system. 
19 years should be enough or should I say more than enough to end our case. There’s no other way but to grant what is due to us. We are demanding for the finality of this case and asking for what is rightfully ours.

”Change is happening in the judiciary. There is now a greater access to justice”. – Chief Justice Sereno. 

Sa pag asang binigay ninyo sa mga tao ngayon sana ito ay hindi lamang hanggang sa panaginip. 
Salamat at patnubayan po kayo ng Diyos!

  • Maria Carmita Sanchez

    Posting for Maria Aurora Leido Lim:


    G.R. 178083 FASAP vs PAL

    “Honorable Chief Justice Sereno and other Justices of the Supreme Court, we put our faith in you and implore you all to see to it that justice is properly upheld in the country and that you prove your detractors wrong by distinguishing yourselves as active agents of the law – and not supporters of crime and corruption. Our case which we have won with finality more than once, has been left unattended or slowly handled purposefully or with unforgivable ineptitude for almost two decades now. Please strive to see to it that this case is brought a swift and proper resolution to restore some faith in the minds that govern how justice is dispensed and the hands that should uphold it.


    Maria Aurora Leido Lim
    Batch 84-05

  • Maria Carmita Sanchez

    Posting for Julie Sy-Yap


    GR 178083

    “19 years in the supreme court .. and still waiting???
We the illegally retrenched cabin crew won three times in the supreme court and is final
and executory!
We appeal to you CJ Ma. Lourdes Sereno and all the justices of the Supreme Court to once and for all act upon our case with finality.”

  • Pola pulgado


    Madam Chief Justice Sereno,

    Kami po ay nanawagan sa inyo na Kung maaari ay tulungan ninyo ang kaso ng FASAP na makamit ang matagal nang inaasam na hustisya.
    Kung Hindi po ngayon ay kailan pa po maibibigay ang matagal nang pinagpapaliban – liban na pag -aagenda sa Kaso. Madam, di pa po
    ba sapat ang labing – siyam (19) na tayong pagiintay naming makamit ang katapusan ng tatlong (3) panalo ?

    Madam, dinggin po ninyo ang aming panawagan.
    Madam, tulungan po ninyo kami.

  • Pola pulgado


    Kagalang-galang na CHIEF JUSTICE MA. LOURDES SERENO,

    Kayo po ang tanging pag-asa namin para makamit ang hustisya para sa kaso ng aming mga magulang laban sa PAL . Laking tuwa at pasasalamat namin na kayo po ay nailuklok bilang punong mahistrado
    pagkat nabuhay ang aming paniniwala na maisasaayos pa ang ating korte suprema sa mga gawi nito.

    Madam, buo po ang akong tiwala na kayo ay naiiba sa lahat ng namuno..

  • Pola pulgado


    Madam Sereno,
    Sana po ay tuparin ninyo ang inyo ng mga pangako.

  • Pola pulgado
  • Ramon O

    On serious cases that ended in ACQUITTALS — what is the maximum time spent in JAIL by the accused, before he is declared “not guilty” and released from jail? How many spend less than 1 year in jail? 2 years? 3 years? 5 years? 10 years? Our members of Congress may be surprised to learn these statistics regarding people who spend a lot of time in jail before being released..

  • Anthony Balibrea
  • Pola pulgado


    Ilang panahon na lang po ang aking ititira sa mundo. Sana ay iwan ko ang aking apo na may kaunting ginhawa sa lahat ng sinapit ng kanyang mag-anak mula nang siya ay magka-kaso laban sa PAL. Nakakalungkot makita ang mga mahal mo na maging api- apihan sa loob ng sariling bansa habang ang mangaaping dayuhan ay kinampihan pa ng kapwa natin pilipino.

    Ginang Sereno, dinggin po ninyo ang panaghoy ng hustisya….

    Lubos na gumagalang at umaasa sa inyong tulong,

  • Pola pulgado


    Madam Chief Justice Sereno,

    Make a difference !…Give us justice !

  • Pola pulgado


    Nasaaan ang katarungan para sa mga illegal na tinanggal ng PAL ?
    Labing siyam na taong pagiintay at tatlong panalo…kailan matatapos ?
    May balak pa kayang mabigyan ng katarungan ang Kasong nilulumot na sa korte suprema ?

  • Pola pulgado

    Posting for Steven Mercader
    San Beda

    Kasong Inilaban at makatatlong panalong binawi. . . Madam ! Ito. Ang kaabang-abang na serye sa istorya ng korte suprema !

  • Gail Manio

    #MariaLourdesSereno – GR178083
    posting for Lanail Manio

    My mom was pregnant with me when she was illegally let go by PAL, I am turning 19 this December, and until now she’s telling me justice will be served in God’s perfect timing. It saddens me to see how our justice system work, but all you justices are put in the highest court, that must mean there’s something very special about you, hopefully one is that you have the highest desire for justice to be served and since you are in a position to make it happen, I sincerely hope you use your position to make it happen. So many victims, nothing more is asked of you but to do what you swore to do…UPHOLD JUSTICE. God bless you all.

  • Pola pulgado


    Dear Justices, GR178083 is not a new case for you to exert so much effort on. In fact this was one of the very cases which was highlighted during the Corona Impeachment wherein SC was charged of flip-flopping. This case won 3 times, again 3 times!

For a mere technicality, SC suddently went into coma and can no longer move an inch towards issuing its finality! The question now is, WHO’S STOPPING ITS BEING FINAL???

PLEASE, do not lose the trust of Filipinos as ANARCHY is just steps away if you do not play your role with conscience.

  • Pola pulgado

    Posting for Irene Perez :

    Wala po akong gasinong alam sa batas dahil mababa lang po ang pinag-aralan ko. Ang alam ko po pag walang pera ay hindi aayon sayo ang batas. Di ko lang po alam Kung may pagbabago pa. Good luck po sa mam Sereno. Sana po ay mapanindigan nyo ang pangako nyo.

  • JJ Jimenez

    GR 178083 FASAP vs PAL CASE

    Justice delayed is justice denied!

    Our case won 3 times already but because of a mere technicality – a letter sent by lawyer Atty Estelito Mendoza , it was put on hold

    if what you’re pushing is to have speedier justice system in our country, make it happen NOW!

    Uphold the final decision!

  • FAFlyer

    All well and good !! We have yet to see the justice due us – GR 178083 – FASAP VS PAL. Until then, add this on top of the broken promises and injustice our court system has done to us for 19 YEARS!!!
    – Mary Ann Laverty

  • Maria Carmita Sanchez

    Posting for Arlene La Torre:

    #marialourdessereno #SUPREME COURT …..

    Justice Bersamin I am angry, I am angry because I respect the law of the land I am angry because I dreamt of becoming a lawyer when I was young I am angry because my ideals was crushed by people in the judiciary who corrupted a respectable institution ….. is it all in the name of money that we threw away our values that was instilled by our parents? Please prove me wrong … give the FASAP members who were illegally retrenched by PAL and disrespected by Estelito ….their dignity back …. May the Lord touch your hearts”

  • Wesley vergara

    GR 178083 FASAP vs PAL #PresDUTERTE
    Our dear President please help in seeking justice. Make this case an example that justice will prevail. It has been almost 19 years and up to now our case is still not resolved. How long do we still have to wait for justice to be served?

  • Jo Carrascal Bautista

    GR 178083 FASAP vs PAL
    19 years & counting…we have sent letters, called SC, held rallies…WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT US TO DO???
    We’re not asking for something that’s not ours, WE JUST WANT WHAT’S DUE US!!!

  • Pola pulgado


    Dear madam Chief Justice ,

    Please put our case in agenda. It’s been 19 years of waiting.
    While Mr. Lucio Tan and his allies are having the the grandest time of their lives, we can only beg you to please help us end our desperation.
    We look to you , Madam, to bring our case to finality with a most favorable decision we believe we deserve.

    I know that your INTEGRITY holds to account PUBLIC INTEREST and UPHOLDING THE RULE OF LAW….Thank you Madam.

  • Jose Alejo Tubuhan

    GR178083, FASAP versus PAL, After 19 years and still counting. What’s going to our justice system in the Philippines? Are you sure Maria Lourdes Sereno? Speedier justice? I challenge you! Do it now!???? My God I hate corruptions!????????????

  • Jane Reyes

    GR #178083 FASAP vs PAL * Maria Lourdes Sereno

    Where on earth can you find a justice system where a case has been won 3X in a row in favor of FASAP with FINALITY & EXECUTORY from the highest court of the country and yet it was never implemented just because of the mere letter of inquiry from Estelito Mendoza, lawyer of PAL, questioning the decision that was made from 2nd division and 3rd division. Aren’t you ONE and the same SUPREME COURT?
    My fellow cabin crew was telling me few years back, that Chief Justice Corona and his wife was travelling on a complimentary First Class accommodation with Philippine Airlines. So, What’s that supposed to mean? We don’t need to over emphasized the obvious. But —
    CORRUPTION is the only reason for all these years of dragging our case. How many lives have been displaced and suffered the effects of injustices? How many more generations must we wait to have a CLOSURE on our case?
    It’s never too late to redeem the good and credible image of SUPREME COURT, PLease be the LIGHT to the CHANGE THAT’S HAPPENING IN OUR COUNTRY.

  • Hannah Reyes

    GR 178083 FASAP vs. PAL #MariaLourdesSereno

    What does justice mean to you? Is it to give the people power to let their voices be heard in the court or is justice given to the highest bidder. Denying justice to those wronged by wealthy and powerful companies is the opposite of what justice is. A student in her 11th grade should not know more about what just action and corruption than a judge. It should not take 19-years worth of lawyers, court appearances, and outrage from those affected by this case to finally serve swift and just action. I am disappointed in what you define as “SPEEDIER JUSTICE”. My mother has celebrated every court victory and has also been let down by every time the ruling has been recalled. Why does a court case that has been won 3 times WITH FINALITY have to be shut down for 19 years? What is the logic behind putting off a 19 year case? If you truly want “SPEEDIER JUSTICE” you would know this case would be a priority.

    Uphold the final decision and provide the victims of this injustice with closure.

  • Jose Alejo Tubuhan

    GR 178083, FASAP versus PAL #MariaLourdesSereno

    Your speedier justice might be like turtle. Or let’s say See you later alligator, after a while crocodile?! After 19 years and still counting and yet this case have won already three times with finality but still floating in Nalta Jute soup (lumulutang sa sabaw ng saluyot) or still in limbo. Only in the Philippines, our justice system is like a rotten tomato and justice could be bought. I challenge you Maria Lourdes Sereno. Please give justice to FASAP! Give closure and settlement!

  • Get Gonzalez

    Dear CJ Sereno,

    Your honor, I would just like to request you to PLEASE look into our case again.19 years na po.
    Upto now wala pa rin nangyayari,
    pero WE WON 3 TIMES na po with FINALITY!

    Dear Lord, it has been 19 years and still no justice has been given to us.
    Please give us the retrenched group the strength and faith that everything will be ok.
    I know in YOUR TIME!
    Please enlighten the justices to do what is just and right.
    Make them instruments of your love. I pray that justice will be served soon under CJ Sereno’s leadership. May you Lord give your wisdom & enlightenment to them. Thank you Lord…

  • Maria Carmita Sanchez

    Posting 2nd comment of Dang Hipotito:


    G.R. 178083

    2 decades & 3 favored-EXECUTORY decisions ago, it’s beyond comprehension why we’re still in limbo??? Why do cases drag on/held up for years, even decades, by mere technicality? Is there no “humanitarian” timeline? What will it take to finally RELEASE and EXECUTE your decision re our case? Is this one of those “only in the Phil.” scenarios? We sure hope and pray not, because this involves lives that were and still are gravely affected and “justices” who swore to protect the rights and liberty of it’s countrymen. Whatever happen to accountability, decency in gov’t service???
To Madam CJ Sereno and colleagues, please rectify the CLEAR injustice done to us. Please fulfill your moral and sworn mandate, to somehow restore faith and confidence in the Supreme Court. 
May God bless us all.”

  • Maria Carmita Sanchez

    Posting for Michelle Saavedra:

    #Maria LourdesSerreno

    G.R. 178083 FASAP vs PAL

    “Justice Sereno Until now we are waiting for the justice that has been long overdue for all retrenched cabin crew of PAL . We are asking and still believing that justice will be served to all of us.”

  • Pola pulgado


    Please madam Chief Justice, hear our plea for justice.
    It has been 19 years of waiting….
    What else are you waiting for to be
    able to grant the agenda of our case?


    I started procesing estafa case in January 2016, the prosecutor filed the case in court in May 2016, since then I have not yet attended any hearing after more than 1 year it has been filed. This is the real condition of our justice system.

  • Pola pulgado


    Story of the 3 JUSTICES
 Three 3 Justices died and they are on the foot of the Gate of Heaven, the First Justice was called and when she arrived at the gate she was met by Jesus our Lord with Mama Mary and St. Peter. In a kind and loving voice Jesus spoke “my child Im happy that you chose what is right. You gave justice to my Brothers and Sisters who were illegally dismissed by their Greedy Employer.” The 1st Justice replied, “My Lord, I know that a lot of families will suffer and children will be deprived of opportunities just because of One Greedy Person.” Jesus answered “you the right path. Enter My Kingdom for you will be with me for all eternity”… All the angels were singing as the First Justice is entering Heaven. Meanwhile, the 2nd Justice is at the gate and he was asked, “what did you do to help My brothers and sisters?”, he replied “Lord I chose to be quiet even though I know that all of the people that was retrenched deserve to be justly cpmpensated, but I was afraid to lose my position since the lawyer of the qreedy owner is so powerful and influential so I chose to abstain…and Jesus answered “My child I know that it is because of fear that you chose to be silent, but because of your silence their families were deprived of their right. Go then and cleanse yourself in Purgatory, I will wait for you my child”. Now the 3rd Justice is at the gate and the Justice asked St. Peter, “why is it that our Lord Jesus Christ talked to my companions, and when its my turn you are the only one present?”…St. Peter answered our Lord loves you so much that He is inside crying because He lost your soul, you chose to be dictated by the infuential lawyer in exchange of material favors and power. While a thousand people and their families were unjustly denied of their right. Im so sorry but you cannot enter the Kingdom of God for you will be sent to Hell were there be wailing and gnashing of teeth for all eternity” but dont worry The Lawyer and The Greedy will be waiting for you….. Everybody…Its your choice

  • Arthur Adeva
  • Arthur Adeva

    BREAKING: Read “Story of the 3 JUSTICES”

  • Maria Carmita Sanchez

    Posting for Jesusa Punsalang:

    G.R. No. 178084 FASAP vs PAL

    “Greetings Hon.Lourdes Sereno! So many years pass, I dont know how after all those years we were able to go through life & survive the pain that until now we are nursing.. I being one of the 1998 retrenched cabin crew of PAL cant imagine to these days still very fresh in my memories the career I onced so loved & my best to the Company..didnt imagine that one day I will be dumped like a rug for reasons I/we were not liable, didnt even bother to care how they can comfort Us/ the height of my career days..every night for countless days buckets of tears flowed, felt so betrayed.. But life should go on, and yes I am full of optimism that one day Justice will be served! Our case still pending, I am pleading for your consideration to give Us the final justice we deserve.. Us the Retrenched Cabin Crew of PAL 1998 A peaceful closure that we will both enjoy PAL & US”

  • Pola pulgado

    Dear Madam Chief Justice,

    I believe in your integrity and dedication….
    Now I have a chance to say to you how much I continue to hope
    that , through you, my fellow retrenched has found someone to trust…
    someone who will uphold what is trully just, thereby, realizing the real value of what I and my fellow retrenched are fighting for…the very nature of our cause….Madam, heed our call . Help us get the justice we have long been deprived of….MORE POWER TO YOU MADAM !

  • Pola pulgado


  • Pola pulgado

    POSTING FOR R- 98 :

  • Gail Manio

    posting for Ms Bernadette Chan

    Sana naman po ay mabigyan na ng atensyon at hustisya ang matagal na po naming pinaglalaban na kaso, ang GR178083 FASAP VS PAL.
    It’s almost 20 years na po. Praying for justice.

    Bernadette Chan

  • ealbay

    its about time for those FASAP to have a meeting to the president representative to air their grievances. Look when the President called on PAL about their obligation immediately PAL made an audience to the PDU30.

  • 2rey3

    Sweet words and beautiful to hear but are these claims felt on the ground?

    Our petition for recount of around thirteen(13) precincts in our town in connection with the last elections is still languishing unresolved 1 and a half years later and the oppositors are laughing as they sense it will have the same fate as any election protest, remain unresolved until the next election.
    Justice delayed is justice denied for individual rights but in election protest the collective will of the people is what is at stake and so it must attract more concern from the blind woman representing justice.

    Reportedly there are only 8 local election protests filed last elections NATIONWIDE but so far only one has been resolved.

    Sige nga tignan natin. let us see if this claim of the SC that justice now is more accessible and speedier for those who seek justice will be true on the fast resolution of all election protests filed last elections including ours!!!