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  • Family of Kian delos Santos blasts Caloocan police for shifting blame on them

Family of Kian delos Santos blasts Caloocan police for shifting blame on them


By Jel Santos

The family of slain 17-year-old Kian delos Santos blasted the Caloocan police for trying to put the blame on them, and taint their family name.

A violence against crime adn corruption comforts Kian Loyd's parents Lorenzana and Saldy Delos Santos during Kian's wake at their home in Caloocan, Saturday. Kian Delos Santos was killed during a Tokhang Operation last Wednesday. MBPHOTO.CAMILLE ANTE

Members of violence against crime and corruption (VACC) comfort Kian Loyd’s mother Lorenzana during Kian’s wake at their home in Caloocan, Saturday. Kian was killed during an ‘Oplan Galugad’ operation last Wednesday. (MBPHOTO/CAMILLE ANTE)


Kian , was killed by cops during an anti-illegal drugs operation in Barangay 160, Caloocan Wednesday. The police claimed Kian, a Grade 11 student, was a drug runner and was killed after he allegedly resisted arrest. But Barangay 160 officials said Kian was not on their drug watch list.

Police Chief Insp. Amor Cerillo, relieved head cop of PCP-7, on Saturday said during an emergency meeting of Caloocan City Peace and Order Council that the father of Kian, sadly was a former drug personality.

“We learned from the executive officer of Barangay 60 that he was a former drug personality. But this is still unverified,” Cerillo told the council.

On the other hand, the barangay official refused to give a statement. He neither verified nor denied what Cerillo said. He seemed terrified.

Lorenza Delos Santos, 43, mother of Kian, said the accusation of Caloocan police was a lie, saying that they are living honest lives that’s why they are striving very hard.

The mother of Kian is a maid in Saudi Arabia. She said she kneeled in front of her employers in order to attend the wake of her son.

“Dapat panindigan na lang nila ang kamalian nila. Pilit nilang dinudumihan ang pangalan ng pamilya namin para mapagtakpan baho nila (They should take responsibility for what they did. They’re trying so hard to taint the name of our family to cover up their wrong doing),” she told the Manila Bulletin when asked for her reaction.

“The people around could attest that we hate illegal drugs. We are even scared of drug addicts in our area that’s why my children have a curfew,” she added while crying.

She also said they don’t know any alias “Neneng”, who policemen claimed was a relative of her husband.

“Kasinungalingan po iyan. Wala kaming kilalang Neneng. Sa tinagal-tagal ko rito, wala kaming kilalang may ganyang pangalan,” she said.

Scared of addicts 

The mother of Kian said her son was scared of “drug addicts” that’s why he wants to become a cop.

Shane, a neighbor of Kian, said the slain 17-year-old student usually takes certain routes, because there are streets in their area that are being used as drug dens.

“He said that he wants to become a policeman. One day, he wants to nab them all. He’s doesn’t like drug addicts,” the neighbor and friend of Kian said. “Takot po ‘yan dumaan kung saan may addict.”

Kian and his siblings, Lorenza said, are scared of the “drug addicts in their area.”

“I am working very hard for them that’s why they are all in school,” she said.

Public condemnation 

The public, on social media, condemned the brutal death of Kian. Many netizens expressed dismay and anger over what happened to the Grade 11 student.

“I support the war on drugs, but if police will abuse their power — hindi na tama,” a netizen said on his Facebook post.

During the first night of Kian’s wake, Caloocan Mayor Oscar Malapitan came. He said he would shoulder all expenses for the Grade 11 student’s funeral.

Sen. Risa Hontiveros on Sunday also went to the wake of Kian. She promised to help the family attain justice, and offered them protection.


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  • Avery-23

    And yet there was a video that somehow got the whole thing. what are the odds? Perhaps it was staged to make Duterte look bad?

    • Dumdum

      Great thinking! Maybe they should use you as their next prop, yeah?

      • Avery-23

        I will not be used by the anglo-zionazis!

    • It beats Duterte’s sex video of De Lima and the drug matrix he fabricated that looks like a kindergartner’s school project. Not to mention Aguirre’s fabricated “ambush” to make it look like De Lima’s out to get him. haha

    • SkyLoft Rosario

      Do you actually believe the presence of a CCTV camera (which recorded the events) was an ingenious set-up in order to make Duterte look bad?

      Please tell me you are just being sarcastic. Nobody could possibly be that out of touch with reality.

      • Avery-23

        It was a hand-held camera!

        • SkyLoft Rosario

          Now I know you’re just trolling.

          Nobody could be that stupid.

  • Richard Ng

    Wow, I am amazed how thick skinned all Filipino must be. You are represented by such disgusting police, and you are still all okay with it. Your police murdered a 17 year old, lie to the world that the teenager was a drug running and shot at them, and then they have the audacity to shame the family.

    Wow, just wow, and no Filipino ask any police leadership to take responsibility, no Filipino step up and say this is wrong and this is enough. Maybe Filipino are just this barbaric with zero sense of moral?

    • reformist

      you know nothing… keep reading so you’ll be educated who Filipinos are.

      • Dumdum

        reformist, he certainly knows more than you do, including that thing called empathy and morality. It would be nice if the police would also mistake you for a druggie, just so you can feel the same fear Kian did as he was being led to his execution and you might finally have some empathy yourself.

        • reformist

          You’re the one who is so pathethic by not understanding his comment. He is generalizing all Filipinos. You have no idea how we are fighting in the street, social media, newspaper, etc… about this silly inhumane and brutal drug war and this administration who won the majority based on lies!!! ABB must be revive!!!

    • most of the filipinos you meant are duterte paid trolls that misinform the public and divert the issue by blaming something else or comparing it with what “yellows” do.

      the fact is, an overwhelming majority of Filipinos are thoroughly deeply disgusted with Duterte and his cronies, they are fooled into believing that what everyone else wants is to continue Duterte’s reign of terror, but they had no idea that the voice of majority is nothing more than Duterte’s propaganda sung by his troll army.

      if gun ownership laws were relaxed, I’m sure that most of the policemen in duterte’s administration would have been twice dead. Not to mention, the whole duterte family could have already been tortured and massacred.

    • It was the worst murder for this kid ….those Police wholes should have the gas.chamber…and I want to see them dead and the families will rest in peace….1 death for three police deaths

  • John Puruntong

    only one solution to all these problems:
    DON’T SELL OR USE ILLEGAL DRUGS. It will make our society a better place to live in and alleviate the conditions of the marginal people.

    • Glen Celis

      Wow! Nobody thought of that before. Addicts and pushers need only to stop what they were doing and EVERYTHING is going to be ok! Never mind their “needs” like daily food, roofs over their heads, medicines, etc. Without education or skill a lot of poor people have turned to drugs as an easy way to get by for a day. Are we justified to kill them?

      • John Puruntong

        Wow! I never thought there will be one dumb person that will make my comment as the only absolute and general rule in making EVERYTHING ok.
        I suggest you read again and discern for yourself the good effects how the stoppage on selling and using drugs will benefit the nation. ldiot !

    • Dumdum

      Explain how this relates to Kian, who for all intents and purposes never was proven to have been dealing or using drugs. You can’t, and you just want to make false accusations like the police do.

      • John Puruntong

        We can’t align. I am saying a general statement, you are talking specifics.
        My only response – LOL

  • Marmee

    Thanks, Dutz!

  • 1. Sue the city police – Put them under investigation, there must be Internal Affairs.
    2. Any COP that was part of this killing, MURDER should be electrocuted ! and the families should watch them be electrocuted.
    3. After this, 11 year old ? Begging for his life ? I trust no cop, cops are suppose to protect and serve the community ? F that ! you kill the community with no resentment.
    4. If I was in your shoes and I had the pistol in my hand pointed at your SON Mr. Cop … he begged for his life .. You tell me how you feel. Switch sides and tell me you are okay with that ? Or will you hide him in the Province. Grabe !!! From this day I spit on the Police Of Caloocan and anyone else Hierarchy of this Killing Ops … 100% negative on the SOP.
    5. I hope this goes to court ! I’d like to know who these COPS are .. they will be on my Spit List !

    • Did you forget about Marvin Marcos who masterminded the murder of Espinosa, convicted of Murder, and was freed on Duterte’s orders?

  • reformist

    it’s time to revive the ABB!

  • Arnee

    Oh really? Who would even believe the police? Do you remember witnesses on high profile cases? They were police agents used by police to make it appear the crime is solved. Now, they want to use the same dirty tactic to trick the Filipinos. Unverified drug runner/personality? Why kill if you are not even sure?

  • Arnee

    If you are killed by police, you will be called an unverified drug personality. So sad, most especially if you are Dutertard. LOL!

  • jay

    Yan na ang result ng pagbibigay lakas loob ang pag order ng president duterte na kill him. Dahil gusto mapromote ang mga kapulisan ayan na. Pwede nmn ipatupad ang war on drugs na may due process at rule of law. Yan ang nakakatakot ngayon mapagkamalan ka lang at madamay. Damang dama ko ang ofw na nanay ni kian dhil isa din akong ofw.

    • Dumdum

      Wala kasing mapapakita sa SONA si Duts kung walang war on drugs. Parang lang yan yung equivalent ng pagbintang ni Aquino kay Arroyo tuwing SONA. Yun nga lang, may buhay talagang nakataya dito, hindi lang pamimintang.

  • TulisangDagat

    he was there at wrong place and wrong time….

  • thelma

    ito yun ikinatatakot namin. my brother was also accused as drug runner,
    user and etc. but we are 100% sure na he is not. even the medical na
    ginawa sa kanya sa police station it said negative but until now
    naka-detain sya.