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Assumption: We’ve saved as soul and body


By Fr. Bel R. San Luis, SVD

By Fr. Bel R. San Luis, SVD


A preacher was getting quite worked up. “And on the Day of Judgment, my friends,” he shouted, “there will be weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth!”

A very old lady in the front shouted out, “I’m all right then — I haven’t got any teeth!”

As the crowd roared, the preacher pointed a stern finger at the old lady and said,  “Madam, that has been taken care of. Teeth will be provided!”

* * *

Last Tuesday, August 15, we celebrated the feast of the  Assumption of  Mother Mary. When we talk about the Assumption, we cannot help but think of the afterlife and the Last Judgment.

* * *

The Assumption means that after completing her life  on earth,  Mary  was taken up (assumed) body and soul  into the glory of  heaven, where she shares in the glory of her Son’s Resurrection.

* * *

Since it’s not only our soul that goes to heaven but also our body, we should not abuse it by taking harmful substances and dangerous drugs.

Reminds me of a priest meeting his friend who is a heavy smoker. “Hey, Joey, didn’t I tell you smoking is bad for your health? Besides, your body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit. You should not desecrate it.”

The friend paused for a moment then replied: “But, Father, the Temple also needs incense, isn’t it?”  That’s true, but that’s toxic incense.

* * *

What other lesson can we learn from the Assumption of  Mother Mary?

Some people claim that “life is meaningless;” others live by the philosophy “Eat and be merry for tomorrow you die.”  But God gives  us  a clear, ringing answer to the  contrary.

* * *

From Mother Mary’s Assumption, our final destiny is not in this world but in  heaven  and that,  like  Mary, we will achieve this heavenly home  if  we  are faithful and steadfast in fulfilling our mission following God’s will on earth.

* * *

FULL SALVATION. Mary’s Assumption is telling us, too, that we are redeemed as complete  beings,  meaning,  not only our  souls,  but  also  our bodies. This is full salvation.

There  has been too much preaching about “saving our  souls.” But Christ  did not  come to save souls only; he came to save the whole  person  composed of body and soul.

* * *

Now if our body  will be glorified, would you do harm or take your own life through suicide or that of other people by murder as in summary killings, beheading, and mutilation?

* * *

Additionally, the feast of Assumption is exhorting us to care for the bodily and material needs not only of our families but also of the destitute and less fortunate who’re getting more numerous.

* * *

This is why religious groups and NGOs undertake social upliftment projects like the low-cost pabahay of  SVD missionary Fr. Leo Schmitt  in Antipolo and Cogeo.

Other humanitarian projects are the “Kuya” drop-in center in Cubao, Quezon  City, the Laura Vicuña House for streetchildren in Metro Manila, the charitable work of Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity, and a lot more.

* * *

Ask yourself: What good works am I doing to uplift the corporal needs of underprivileged people around me? Since salvation applies to my body too, do I take good care of it and not defile it by immoral acts?

Let it be our paramount aspiration to join Mama Mary in heaven someday… body and soul.

* * *

ST. JUDE. Today, join us in our novena to St. Jude, Saint of the Impossible, at the Divine Word Shrine, Christ the King Seminary, on E. Rodriguez Boulevard, Quezon City, after the 6 p.m. Mass.

A healing prayer and anointing of holy oil will follow.

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