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Duterte meets with Tillerson, Bishop


By Argyll Cyrus Geducos 

President Duterte will meet with drug war critics United States Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop in Malacañang Monday afternoon.


President Rodrigo Roa Duterte


The President met with Tillerson after it was reported that the latter visited Manila to raise all relevant issues regarding the long-standing alliance between the two countries including concerns about human rights.

Presidential spokesperson Ernesto Abella, during the Mindanao Hour press briefing Monday morning, said Duterte is open to discuss the matter with the US top diplomat if it is raised.

“We also welcome the opportunity to address concerns such as human rights, if and when raised. We have always included this issue in our discussion and engagements with foreign governments, particularly western democracies,” Abella said.

According to the Palace official, Duterte is also expected to discuss other matters of interest with Tillerson.

“We expect the President to discuss with Secretary Tillerson a wide range of relevant issues including the security situation in Marawi, the global threat of terrorism, increasing Philippine-US economic and people-to-people engagement and the Balangiga bells,” he said.

The US has provided technical assistance to the government troops fighting the war in Marawi City since May 23.

Duterte had also appealed for the return of the Balangiga bells to which the US Embassy in Manila vowed to find a resolution on the recovery of the said remnants of war.

Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) spokesperson Robiespierre Bolivar had said the Philippines is open about its human rights record.

“So definitely if Secretary Tillerson wishes to raise that, the Philippines has always been open and committed to protecting human rights,” Bolivar had said last Thursday.

However, a DFA statement released last week said the government is ready to address such concerns and correct any misinformation that may have surfaced from reports of the media.

“We welcome the opportunity to address their concerns and correct the perceptions they may have gleaned from exaggerated media reports,” the DFA statement said.

Duterte has called out the US, particularly former President Barack Obama, for criticizing his drug war which resulted in cases of alleged human rights violations and extrajudicial killings.

Meanwhile, this would be the second meeting of Australia’s top diplomat Julie Bishop with Duterte, the first being last March in Duterte’s hometown.

According to Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) Secretary Martin Andanar, Bishop’s visit is proof of the Philippines’ improving alliance with the land down under.

Andanar also recognized Australia’s assistance to the Philippines over the years especially in times of crisis, particularly the ongoing war in Marawi City, Lanao del Sur.

“The Australian government has always been helpful during times of trouble in our country, including the Marawi crisis,” he said in a text message Sunday night.

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  • hot mama

    why suddenly the balangiga became the priority of the palace? historic value? antique collection? or maybe it will wake up the psycho once it was banged on his empty head

    • MiauwMing

      Wow… criticizing on a news without knowing the background. If you read the previous news you would know it already why US prioritized this.

      • hot mama

        so what’s the benefit? will it stop the killings? will it improve the economy?

    • Gener Pahila

      didn’t you know that this balangiga bell was very symbolic and meaningful in our country just because it is belong to us not in american people. Among the president of our country nobody and nobody that ever claim about this historical bell that our fellow Filipino try to fought and defend except President Duterte. Among our past president only depend and rely their needs in the western countries that’s why they are always thinking that Filipino is a slave and cannot stand in their own feet no freedom no choice. Now here is another President want to back our freedom and fight for our liberty and want to stand alone with no help and slave of other countries. He is willing to be our country a drug free for the sake of the new future generation for your children free from corruption in order the Filipino could get their benefits. NOW WHO IS MUCH BETTER NOW?

      • Ros Feliciano


      • Pinoy_725

        Ano daw? Nahilo ako dun, ah.

        • Ros Feliciano

          Nahilo?!! Is it simply because his blog is not written in Taglish? If so, then go back to school.

          • Pinoy_725

            NO, its because of his grammar.

            I think it’s YOU who should go back to school.

          • Ros Feliciano

            If indeed I should go back to school, then at my age why the business organization where I am employed does not like to approve my resignation I had submitted in November 2014. When we speak Tagalog we must speak it fluently and vice versa in other language. I am not saying that what our President is doing is contrary to the perception of what is good for the country. Do I? President Duterte for the majority of us OFWs is sent to us by the God omnipotent. We must take this opportunity to support his war against corruption.

          • Pinoy_725

            You have totally diverted out of the main issue.

            Your status in the business organization you are in is totally out of the question. Also, it’s not because a company is not approving your resignation means you are indispensable. Why not file an IRREVOCABLE RESIGNATION if you truly want to leave your employ? And then let me know. I am in the same boat as you is as far as being in an organization, in a publicly-listed company, and maybe even a bit north.

            The point I made is SOLELY BASED on your comment. And I suggest you go back and read it again or here it is:

            “Is it simply because his blog is not written in Taglish? If so, then go back to school.” Your comment about your president is not also the issue.

            Try to read and understand the comments again, I’m sure it will help you.

          • Ros Feliciano

            I wish that I am totally diverting my remark out of the main issue as you suggested, which is in short out of context. The premise of our discussion is about DU30 meeting Mr. Tillerson and Mrs. Bishop. So what is that issue they were trying to resolve that interest the Filipinos and the world over? This is the issue that we are much concerned, but most of the bloggers herein (I am not saying that your are included) speak the language of the street in a sense that they don’t know what they are talking about, and so

          • Pinoy_725

            NO, THAT IS TOTALLY WRONG. WHY DON’T YOU GO TO THE VERY FIRST COMMENT. Unless you are dumb. You’re even saying about your rejected resignation? Let me tell you one thing: I don’t know where you are, which business organization you work AND I DON’T KNOW HOW IMPORTANT YOU ARE IN THE BUSINESS but IF YOU REALLY WANT TO RESIGN, FILE A IRREVOCABLE RESIGNATION. They can’t do anything on that. I can help you on that aspect. RESIGNATION is never requested, it is being filed. Don’t BS people.

            The very premise of this exchanges of comments was based on your reply to the comment earlier made.

            Review again or I don’t have to waste my time to a guy like you. Totally waste of energy.

      • Joseph Tabcao

        Nose Bleed! hahaha!

      • hot mama

        nice composition of a non-sense statement, sucker!

      • Richard Ochotorena

        Bravo, at least you are making your point.

      • FredP

        Wag mo na patulan si hot mama. Na block ko na yan dahil panay destabilisasyon lang ang alam.

      • tus

        @gener pahila….no bell makes a country great or less corrupt. is this going to be the filipino legacy under duterte asking for a bell? how about creating jobs that will pay decent wages so filipinos can aspire to a better life? how about arresting crooked politicians and stripping them of their ill gotten gains? how about building affordable housing so people can escape the destitute conditions of squatters camps? how about empowering women so they can remain in the workforce beyond age 35? there is so much that needs attention in the philippines to make life better for so many but small minds can only envision small things. challenge yourself to think about greater things that are more important than some bell that is not going to make anybody’s life better.

  • Dan Morgan

    Oh yea! the Balangiga bells way more important than the thousands of KL of PH. owned land stolen by the Chinese who Duterte sucks there a$$es !! How messed up is that ?