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After a year, an opposition bewildered and discredited


by John Tria

Manila — As the countdown to the first year of the Duterte administration commences, not a few have begun doing either one of two things: Supporters counting the gains obtained, and detractors nitpicking whatever mistakes they could define.

Without a doubt, Duterte’s supporters will keep promoting the following changes and developments: Drug lords retreating, crime abating, Growth continuing, Tourists coming, FDIs increasing. As far as they are concerns, all these changes cast away the fear that this country will become another Venezuela.

As the stock market exceeded the 8,000 volume, and our foreign exchange rates remain stable, the doomsday speculators have had to lick their wounded pride.

Sadly, the opposition is unable to make its hay on whatever misfortunes it pretends to find in Duterte. Their diatribes are rehashed tidbits of crassly put together stories strong on impression and dripping with vitriol but bereft of fact – all sounding like a badly written essay by an intern only they seem to appreciate and understand.

Even the alleged 8,000 drug kills they say Duterte committed is based on a set of assumptions. These are puffed up numbers gone just to prove a point only they seem to get. Sad.

Worse, its champions are among the country’s most discredited loudmouth politicians with possible criminal records hidden under their suits and scarves.

The damage they try to inflict is apparent even against the 10 point socio-economic program, questioning its every turn without understanding its points, and only because It departs from the policies of its predecessor makes it is a slap to them.

Some quarters among them even insinuate that the entire Maute affair in Marawi was not only a non-rebellion despite clear evidence, but that it was hatched by Malacanang as a conspiracy to declare Martial Law. Sounds like another conspiracy – filled joke.

Every time they try to second guess, poke fun, pour vitriol and otherwise try to discredit government for its fight against this elements, they place themselves on the side of these devils. Disgusting.

The results of their activities and hatred have clearly backfired: an impeachment attempt rejected amid the public humiliation of its proponent in Congress, The dwindling mass actions they mounted on the EDSA anniversary, and the near dressing down of petitioners against martial law at the Supreme Court all point to a scattered bunch.

The result: The president remains hugely popular in trust and approval ratings. Their fixation and near personal hatred of the president is pathological, leading them to be consumed by their anger to fumble and fall on their faces.

As a whole, the opposition and their elite cohorts have succeeded in putting themselves in the worst moral compromise of all – unwitting allies of drug lords, criminal syndicates and ISIS.

With global realities leaning towards protected economies, exportable rebellions and terrorism, the government has begun to play it smart by developing local capacity and using public spending to pump prime an economy seeking a stronger push to cut poverty. This in turn, will create new markets, and a demand for local produce. As this rolls further, more jobs and opportunities are created.

Given all these challenges, the behavior of the opposition leaves so much to be desired. We remain hopeful for educated and decentopposition.We need not wonder why they have become so unpopular.

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  • Estong Agung

    We can add that the opposition, the yellow, the magdalo, the CHR and their cohorts journalist are just a can of worms.

  • Ramon Nacito

    Nobody can put a Good man down! and Mayor Rody is that Man!

  • Thanks, John Tria, for proving how much of a bigot and a duterte-paid hack you truly are.

    Look at how he reduced all opposition into one thing: supporter of devils, and then called for a decent, educated discussion. If that’s not hypocrisy and double-talk, then I don’t know what is.

    Take a look at what he said:

    Every time they try to second guess, poke fun, pour vitriol and otherwise try to discredit government for its fight against this elements, they place themselves on the side of these devils. Disgusting.

    Is that the argument of someone decent and educated? Not only is it logically fallacious, it is even an uncouth remark to those of our layman and pastors who simply are against the statements made by Duterte that calls for “killing” as a solution to crime.

    John Tria should best educate himself, instead of having his brain saturated by Duterte propaganda that encourages conspiracy theories and vitriol and hatred against yellows and other duterte critics.

    • cxkp

      Let your tears fall. It’s not wrong to cry when your are frustrated because you’ve been wrong from the beginning. Cry pa more as they say.

      • Well, Duterte really is crying when he’s begging for forgiveness from Marawi residents for destroying their lives.

    • yeahone

      You can for all the freedom u have try to lecture the learned, but facts speaks for themselves

      • Thanks, facts does speak for themselves. Now that the PSEI fell back to 7800 pts. John Tria must have been eating his words. The fact is, PSE has been suspending trading of PSEI shares whenever there’s massive selling, just to keep it afloat. To make it as an indicator of any economic improvement when it’s been swinging back and forth just shows how desperate John Tria is to prove his point that he’s grasping at straws.

    • Dan M Kazama

      Wow look at your profile pic. Now who’s the fanactic and paid hack?

  • tarikan

    I think the correct spelling of this writer’s name is M-a-r-t-i-n A-n-d-a-n-a-r.