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Duterte to boost defense cooperation in visit to Russia


By Genalyn Kabiling

The Philippines is seeking to boost defense and security cooperation with Russia during President Duterte’s visit to Moscow this week.

The President is scheduled to depart from Davao City on Monday afternoon for an official visit to Moscow upon the invitation of Russian President Vladimir Putin. This will be the President’s first visit to Russia that aims to “mark a new chapter in Philippine – Russia relations,” according to the Department of Foreign Affairs.

FOREIGN POLICY SHIFT – Philippine President Rodrigo R. Duterte meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin for the first time. (AP | Manila Bulletin)

President Rodrigo R. Duterte meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin
(AP / Manila Bulletin File Photo)

Prior to his flight, Duterte has shown enthusiasm about his Russian visit to shop for defense assets, particularly precision-guided weapons, to help combat the threat of Islamic extremists.

“I’m going to Russia. Same purpose. If they can spare us the precision guided (weapons),” Duterte told a gathering of coast guard personnel in Davao City last Friday.

“We have so many smart bombs but not as the accurate as one. It’s guided by the laser or by the satellites or the dumb bombs which will just hit anything,” he said.

Duterte said the government has been avoiding the use of such dumb bombs “because it could cause so much collateral damage.”

In Moscow, Duterte is set to hold separate meetings with Putin and Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, with Russian businessmen, and with the Filipino community.

Among the agreements to be signed are a defense cooperation deal and a military technical cooperation pact. The security deals involve information sharing and training as well as pave the way for the country’s possible acquisition of defense assets from Russia.

Apart from the defense deals, the Philippines and Russia are expected to forge agreements related to legal assistance, trade and investment, peaceful use of nuclear energy and culture.

The President also aims to enhance the country’s trade and investment relations with Russia during his visit.

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  • Avery-23

    We also need a free-trade agreement with Russia (our products do not really compete with each other, but competes with our suppliers, which would be good for both PH and RU). And we also need a visa-waiver so we can see what each other’s country has to offer for trade or for business.

  • Sabungero

    Exemplary achievement from DuDirty bringing in Russia and China over PH protectionism after denouncing US and western countries foreign relationship he claimed as facist and controlling freak during his earlier public rhetoric as president upholding his personal obsession on communist ideology and personal agenda convincing Filipinos how gullible he is as PH president.

    • leomar101

      Yes that is an achievement to let loose US and EU for they have fooled the PH for so long. hehehehe why the PH remained poor all those 200 years under US? Ginawang mindecant ang mga little brown guys in exchange of aid. bwahahaha. by licking their a$$ especially under the yellow aquinos.

      • Sabungero

        You sounds like a grade school boy at 5th grade or may be 5th grade is better asking why PH still remain poor up to this time. There are so many countries in the world who have closed ties with US reaching one of the highest GDP like Japan, etc.. but PH? Because the desirable graft and corruption among Filipinos politicians and rulers like Marcos, Arroyo, Erap, Enrile, Revilla, Jinggoy and others with no exception to DuDirty administration are siphoning the countries wealth into their offshore bank accounts. Do you think embracing Chinese communism under DuDirty will lead this country to economic prosperity and adhering to the rule of law, you never had a clue, boy. Now, study well in elementary and know your ABC.

        • leomar101

          And you sound like a kindergarten girl. heheheh. ahahahahahha bakit di mo binanggit ang dalawang kurap na mga aquino? hahaha patawa talaga itong kindergarten girl. Who said that the PH will embrace communism? Why can’t you not accept the fact that under the american dictatorship the PH were just following the dictate of uncle sam in exchange of aids. hahahaha at mga second hand na military hrlicopter, very old ship.. etc. hahahah amboy pala itong matandang kindergarten girl n a ito.

  • Dirtiti

    “shopping?”, it’s as if he owns the taxpayer’s money. precision guided bombs are hundreds of thousands of dollars compared of the dumb bomb he looks down on (which he actually loves using on the abusayyaf, while murdering civilians). or perhaps he finally got the money from acquiring monopoly in the drug trade in the philippines?

    • leomar101

      Torpe la pala eh. Kaya nga papalitan ni Duterte ang mga bombs na yan na hindi precise m ula sa US. Is that a waste of taxpayers money to wipe out the a bus? hahaha patawa ka. At hindi waste of money yong ginastos ng animal na aquino na yan through his DAP. Sino ang nakinabang doon sa hundreds of billions na ninakaw ni aquino s akaban ng bayan? hahahahha .

  • Mel Manalo

    ,” peaceful use of nuclear energy and culture”……more russian culture, especially if they look like maria sharapova YEAH!!!

  • vg

    Du30 wants to modernize the the Armed Forces! My goodness, it looks like he wants to raise the level of every PH segment. I don’t know if he can find the money for it all. But, I say, go for it. The PH is growing up.