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Aquino officials should face trial over P3.8-B trains unfit for MRT – Poe


by Mario Casayuran

Transport officials in the Aquino administration must pay and face trial over the purchase of 48 coaches worth P3.8 billion that turned out to be not suitable for the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) 3 system, Sen. Grace Poe demanded yesterday.

“Dapat talaga pagbayaran nila yan. Dapat magkaroon ng kaso (They should pay for it. Charges must be filed),” Poe said as she vowed to file a resolution when the Senate resumes its regular session starting Tuesday for a full-dressed probe into the anomaly.

As chairwoman of the Senate Public Services Committee, Poe said she and even the current Department of Transportation (DoTr) officials, led by Secretary Arthur Tugade, were caught flatfooted by this anomaly.

Poe said Tugade was made to believe by past public statements of previous Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) officials, led by then Secretary Emilio Aguinaldo Abaya, that the trains purchased from Dalian, China, would finally end the transport woes of hundreds of thousands of commuters once they are installed.

But they could not be installed because the signaling system of the China made trains is not in order.

Poe and Tugade are on the same wavelength: That the Dalian trains should not be used at all as they would endanger the lives of hundreds of thousands of commuters that use the EDSA transport line every day.

Reports quoted Tugade as saying he did not know that the signaling system of the Dalian trains are not in sync with current signaling system in place at the MRT 3 system.

Thus, a big letdown not only for Poe, but also for the Duterte administration.

Poe said she would compel the appearance of past transport officials before her committee through the coercive powers of subpoenas if they refuse to appear when summoned.

“All will be invited,” Poe said, adding that her planned committee hearing would certainly cut short Abaya’s retirement from government service “because we need his explanation.”

Poe also favored the audit investigation into the questionable Dalian train contract by a third party, possibly reputable firms such as SGV or APMG, or even by the Commission on Audit (COA).

She stressed that these audit bodies “must not hide the truth.”

The problem at the MRT began when the Aquino administration severed its maintenance contract with Sumitomo, a Japanese firm, all because its fee is reportedly high.

Past administration officials then bid out the maintenance contracts to some firms whose technical problems were also questioned.

They learned too late that a low-cost maintenance contract does not automatically ensure efficient running of the trains.

“Yan ang isa pang malaking kasalanan na kung sino man ang nag-apruba niyan ay dapat managot,” she said of the Dalian train contract. (Whoever approved that Dalian train contract must face the music.)

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  • Ros Feliciano

    The Lady Senator at last has shown her brilliant mind to us. Go Poe go show our love for the people who are victims of corruptions forcing them to suffer and venture outside our country in search of employment leaving their loved ones behind and some ended in broken families.because our government-crooks are destroying our country and people. Prosecute all of them through the fullness of our laws.

    • magnus

      Sinabi lang na corrupt yun mga umorder ng made in China bagon, brilliant mind na. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see that. he he.
      Well, when it comes to making pogi points from the public, that’s perhaps politically correct.

      • Cheap Tuesdays

        Well…well…i do think senator Poe is brilliant…and sexy too.. what do you reckon mate? LOL…well you don’t need to be a rocket scientist…you just need to be a f$%#@ckin senator just like her to know this stuff…LOL…it’s a big f$%&#ck up that even a little kindy would figure…LOL…and the senator cannot claim pogi points because she’s a lady…i am not being rude or something…just trying to lighten things up here princess…

  • Dante

    nakaupo ka rin naman sa government noon ah ..bkit di ka man lang nagsalita..sana di ka puro publicity puro salita walang gawa hanggang ngayon..non sense senator puro walang laman sinasabi very unsignificant senator like pacquiao..

    • Ross Bartolini

      insignificant hijo not unsignificant..tama ka jan tungkol kay Senstor Pwe

      • magnus

        Senator hija not Senstor, sounds like sensor.

      • Sil

        That moment when you tried to be a Grammar Nazi but got owned by another Grammar Nazi instead. Epic!

      • krisaquinomalandimarquez

        Ross Bartolini FYI pareho lang meaning ng unsignificant at insignificant lol at Senstor meron ba yan sa dictionary

  • Ken Charbonneau

    Lock the crooks up and remember what may look like a savings in the maintenance cost may turn out to be more expensive when the trains don’t run.

  • mozzarella

    Those officials are either crooks or inept. Isn’t there a remedy to fix the equipment so they can still be used?

    • Cheap Tuesdays

      Both fu$&in crooks and inept…fu$&^in imbecile too…

    • Sil

      They are fixing it now and costs A LOT and will not be ready until 2020. Kagaguhan ng Aquino Admin, Duterte Admin ang nagbabayad.

    • Ray

      An analogy is like this, one is Apple based app and the other one is Android based app. The main problem is that both apps have different operating system and they were not designed to communicate with each other. So, I believe what they’re doing now is to design another app to serve as a bridge or kind of interpreter so that the apps can work together. This will take some time and we have to understand that we are talking about mass transportation. Any communication failure might result to serious accidents. So, in the analogy, you can see how inept were the officials when they decided to buy an Apple based app to be ran on Android operating system. It’s just plain stupidity.

  • magnus

    You get what you paid for, including the made in China cars (who orders their steel wheel fabricated in Bulacan) ordered by Abaya.

  • emomarcelo

    These corrupt officials should be made liable. The death penalty is too easy for them for all the money they have stolen from the hungry Filipinos. How greedy these wealthy people are, and conscienceless. As usual, the catholic church is silent about corruption.

    • Aubb

      Catholic church itself is the seat of corruption and treason!

      • Mike_Realism


      • Elizabeth Raquel

        yes so true

  • Cheap Tuesdays

    Well someone definitely failed to look into the details as needed…Did they not check the product specifications before purchasing to see if it was compatible or not…and why on earth did the government consider a proposal which was offering a product not compatible with the existing system…F%&*kin incompetent and stupid…$3.8 billion is seriously a shit load of money…i bet half of that ended up on corrupt government official’s pocket…or f&*$in even more! This is just a scratch in the surface of this big cock-up by the previous DOTC…pretty sure there is more into it…F&*%kin send the culprits in the jail and let them rot for 3.80 billion days…what an example of plain shit load stupidity…

  • Cheap Tuesdays

    Well someone definitely failed to look into the details as needed…Did
    they not check the product specifications before purchasing to see if it
    was compatible or not…and why on earth did the government consider a
    proposal which was offering a product not compatible with the existing
    system…F%&*kin incompetent and stupid…$3.8 billion is seriously a
    shit load of money…i bet half of that ended up on corrupt government
    official’s pocket…or f&*$in even more! This is just a scratch in
    the surface of this big cock-up by the previous DOTC…pretty sure there
    is more into it…F&*%kin send the culprits to jail and let them
    rot for 3.80 billion days…slap their buttoms and cheeks 3.80 billion
    times…LOL…what an example of plain shit load stupidity…their eyes
    were blinded with the billion peso figure…and so much itching to
    pocket some it…that is why they failed to see that the fu^$*in thing
    won’t work with the existing shit…

    • Nagagalitna

      They check only how much money na manakaw yan kasi ang common denominator ng mga gov’t official sa mga project eh.

    • Elizabeth Raquel

      That is yellow rubbish for the last 40 years…corruption pa more.

  • Ray

    Let’s not be so naive. Those are common signatures of our government agencies. They do projects worth billions of people’s money even knowing that those projects don’t work. Same with anti-flooding projects. They spend millions to upgrade the drainage and yet same flooding occurs. These corrupt officials only want the budget and don’t care about the results. This also holds true in our state universities. They spend and wasted millions of pesos for projects which do not benefit the public at all. The admin should try and investigate this as well. :)

    • Cheap Tuesdays

      I am with you here…heaps of government agencies in the country are just so f%$cked up…i remember everytime we visit relatives in the country…and that is like every two f^%ckin years…we see Quezon Avenue…demolished and replaced with the same shit…and yet no president has ever dared to touch EDSA since f&%^in Marcos…EDSA is like the f$%ckin main road of f$uckin roads in the country…and why does the inept people of DPWH cannot make it the same quality road as paid toll roads? Everything just so f%&$cked up in the country…

      • krisaquinomalandimarquez

        Fuckin eh?

  • Nino

    The current MRT is running with an obsolete, analog-type of signaling system that was already discontinued by it’s manufacturer, bombardier. So how will you install something that is no longer produced by the manufacturer?

    The key is that the whole signalling system of the MRT should be upgraded and this system is to be installed on both old and new trains.

    The tricky is how to have it implemented in an operational line without causing much disruption.

    It is doable, and it’s the way to go if we want this train system improved.

    Kaso tungaw si Tugade kaya naghahanap na lang ng sisisihin matapos magmayabang.

    • Piping Dilat

      at kinurakot ni PNOY, ROXAS, at ABAYA ang pondo ng MRT3 … pang 2016 election ! Ang dami mo pang PALUSOT !

      • Nino

        Hindi ko kailangan magpalusot. Si tungawde ang nagpapalusot kasi hanggang yabang lang ang kaya.

        Sana lang magkaroon ng open investigation sa senado para makita ng lahat kung sino ang gago.

        Ikumpara mo ang ridership ng linya at capacity ng bagon ng LRT at MRT. Dun mo makikita kung bakit mas laspag ang MRT.

        • Piping Dilat

          Palusot ka pa rin ! Walang problema ang MRT3 up until PINALITAN nila ang maintenance contractor from the original SUMITOMO to the current one !

          • Nino

            “walang problema” alam ng sumitomo na malala na ang problema ng mrt kasi maging sila ayaw na magbigay ng warranty sa mga repairs noong sila pa nagme-maintain, hindi rin nila ginawa ang nasa kontrata na overhaul ng mga train ayon sa audit findings.

            inuulit ko, hindi ko kailangan magpalusot dahil hindi ko naman trabaho yan. si tungawde at chavez ang nag iingay dahil hindi nila mapanindigan ang yabang nila.

          • Piping Dilat

            Sa KORTE na lang kayo MAGPALIWANAG !

          • 123123

            Fr what u r saying. Sec pabaya stil erred. He shd have upgrade the signalling syatem while waiting for the new bagon to arrive. That way, the new ones can b used immediately when the arrived. But no, looks like they are in a hurry to get the commissions for the purchase of the new bagon which is def a big fat bonus than the signalling system. Dont u think? Still claiming innocence? Or is it incompetence-but shd not b so judging by the glorious curriculum vitae of sec Pabaya. Or is it as suspected-corruption. U tell us.

          • Nino

            Consider this: If you will replace the signalling component of the old trains, may sapat pa bang tren na masasakyan ang commuters? Hindi kasi yan plug and play; mahaba habang test-runs pa yan dahil daang daang buhay ang nakasalalay dyan sa tren na yan.

            Ang logical step na dapat gawin dyan, dapat ma install muna ang modernong signalling component sa new trains, pagkatapos ay dun na mismo sa linya habang gumagana pa rin ang lumang signalling para sa lumang trains. Pagkatapos ang operation nila, bandang 12mid. simula na ng test runs ng new trains using new signalling system. Pagkatapos makumpleto ang test runs at ok na ang bagong trains para sa commuters, bagong trains w/bagong signalling na ang gagamitin habang ini install naman ang bagong signalling component sa lumang trains at totally tatanggalin na yung obsolete na signalling.

            Ganun lang, kaso puro lang yabang ang tao ni Tungawde.

          • 123123

            Thats logical. But isnt it in the news the rails too are incompatible. How then do u go about it then.

          • Nino

            If they are indeed incompatible, how did those new trains reach the depot after they were assembled on the rails near pasay station? The new trains were also tested to carry passenger on a weekend and it did not have problem with the rails. Those new trains can even run on LRT1 rails in fact some actual tests were done on it. That incompatibility, among other issues are just a scapegoat, politics being played by the new management o the detriment of the riders. There are several problems that need to be addressed to modernize the ageing MRT and buying new trains is just a part of the solution. One year hence Tugade, et. al., are yet to make progress. They haven’t even bid out the installation of the new rails purchased by the previous management.

          • Nino

            There’s no such thing as ‘you can use immediately’ in this type of system, lalo na kung kasing luma na ng MRT3. If there’s basis dyan sa accusations mo then file a case against Abaya, pakialam ko. Ang pakialam ko lang ay as commuter and taxpayer na pinaglololoko sa press release ni Tungawde at ng usec nya.

          • 123123

            fu nny thing is, lrt1 is more luma than mrt3. how come mrt3 is more rundown. the mistake in the previous admin really is to appoint a politician. such technical department shd have been headed by a technocrat.

          • Nino

            lrt1 has more passenger capacity per trip, but mrt hauls more passengers daily that is why it has been performing beyond its designed capacity resulting to accelerated wear and tear. tungawde is not exactly a technocrat by the way he is doing his job.

      • Cheap Tuesdays

        The f%^&$ckin AQUINO government together with the LIBERAL party f&%$cked up big time here…they are no different to previous governments…if not worst…prime example is all the money that vanished for the Yolanda victims…fu$&%ckin 90 billion pesos…gone to the pockets of LIBERAL party? It’s the f%$&ckin the most blatant corruption act in the history of the f%$#cked up Philippines…and what about the shit load blatant election cheating for Robredo…it’s the most f%$#ckin blantant election fraud in the history of the country…these people are f$%^ckin shameless…no f%$ckin moral sense…and no f%$#ckin soul…

        • Nino

          Keep fVcking yourself.
          Forget about working on your reading comprehension and critical thinking.
          Just keep fvckin yourself.

          • Cheap Tuesdays

            You must be AQUINO supporter that is why you are seriously f&%$cked up…and feeling really shit with DUTERTE? LOL…don’t give a damn shit if it’s AQUINO or DUTERTE…if it’s a f%&$cked up shit…then it’s worth commenting…

    • Cheap Tuesdays

      You are f&^$uckin getting side tracked here mate…the point is…why did they buy the shit in the first place if it wasn’t compatible with the existing signalling system…pretty sure there are f$&%in coaches for sale out there that works with the current system…what difference does it make if you upgrade the f&%ckin signalling system? Does is it make the trains run any faster? And does it really help in moving shit loads of people catching the MRT every f&%$ckin day? I think the aim was to increase the numbers of coaches so that they can increase the frequency of trains coming and going…thus moving more people quicker…but they f&%$cked up and cocked-up big time…

      • Nino

        If not for your faulty comprehension, you would have understood from the original comment that you can no longer source the signalling system from its manufacturer, bombardier, because it is already obsolete – which means they have stopped manufacturing the fvcking thing, !diot.

        If you want to find compatible trains, maybe those spanish trains as old as our MRT that sobrepenas want to acquire (with government funds, of course) would probably do. Which is like purchasing more problems on top of what we already have.

        The MRT signalling system needs the upgrade if the management wants to increase the carrying capacity per trip because the obsolete system does not support 4-car configuration as it has always been running 3-car per train since the start.

        The purchase of trains is not an instant pill that would solve all the problems of the mrt. The plan for capacity expansion concerns the signalling, power supply, total rail replacement, gradual replacement of all the old trains, among others. Tungawde is obviously uninformed, misinformed or simply cannot absorb the plan in his aging coconut.

        So he resorts to bragging and later on, blaming.

        • krisaquinomalandimarquez

          gawan mo pa ng palusot ang idol mong corrupt na abnoy… sana wag ng ikulong ang mga animal na kurakot gastos lang ng goberno ang pagpapakain barilin na lang sa ulo oh di kaya public hanging

        • Gloria Panganiban

          nakakabilib ka naman @disqus_3ppAwJ2CFp:disqus , sana makatulong yang mga sinasabi mo sa problema ng bansa natin esp sa problema ng mrt…naisip ko lang, try mo kayang sabihin sa mukha ni TUnGAwDE (ikaw ang nagbansag nyan ah…) yang mga alam mo, since sabi mo nga, if i may quote you — “Tungawde is obviously uninformed, misinformed or simply cannot absorb the plan in his aging coconut.” — sa ganon, malalaman natin kung may saysay nga yang mga kino-comment-comment mo…try mo lang…

          • Nino

            Alam na nila yan, may plano na yan. wala lang gumagalaw dahil naghihintay ata ng ambon.

        • Cheap Tuesdays

          Hey genius…i am impressed…you know your trains mate…LOL…what’s so fu$%&ckin hard to understand mate? The f$%&ckin point is they f&*^%cked up when they bought the shit…if the signalling system is not compatible…then why buy the new coaches? Who is the idiot then? Definitely not f^&%ckin me…have you had any inputs when they bought the uncompatible coaches? By the sounds of it…you work for the rail agency…trying to be mr. smarty pants? Why don’t you f%&ckin let them know your thoughts then…rather than keeping your genius thought yourself?

      • manuelergcruz

        Mas inuna pa kasi nila bumili ng mga bagong train kaysa i-upgrade or i-update muna ang signalling system ng MRT. Hinahabol kasi nila yung malaking discount na makukuha sa China, baka 3 days lang yung sale ng mga train, sayang din yung mati-tipid nila, magagamit sa eleksiyon, kaya lang talo pa rin si Roxas

        • Nino

          Malamang kung kasing bano mo ang diskarte, at least ilang linggo paralisado ang mrt para lang kabitan ng signalling ang buong train system, isama mo pa test runs.
          sa haka haka ka lang naman kasi magaling.

    • manuelergcruz

      Alam na pala nila na obsolete ang signalling system ng MRT, eh di sana in-upgrade muna nila yun bago sila bumili ng mga bagong train sa China. Limited time lang ba yung offer ng China? Parang sale ng SM, 3 days lang. lol Sabagay, magagaling na Negosyante mga Tsino na kagaya nina Cojuangco, “Ikaw bili muna bago testing..” lol

      • Nino

        Paano mo ia upgrade ang signalling system na hindi napaparalisa ang MRT na gumagamit pa ng obsolete na signalling? Alam mo ba kung gaano katagal ang installation at testing ng bagong signalling sa lumang mga bagon? O baka sa tingin mo ba plug and play lang yun na pagkalagay mo sabak agad ng walang testing period?

  • Nagagalitna

    Sabi ng mga dilawan na mga hinayopak dito ay hindi pa din kasalan ng time ni PNOY si Duterte pa din daw.

  • bastonehro

    Yan ang legacy ng tuwad na daan….Pasagasaan sa train ang mga may sala sa deal na yan .!

  • Jane

    Try to modify/upgrade the computer software cards in the newly purchased Dalian trains. The DCS system will reject any command unless it is made to sync with the new train units. The manufacturer should get involve during the software upgrade. And hang Abaya to the tallest electrical post afterwards.

  • Rico Quorum

    Tinipid nang tinipid ng Abn0y government ang infrastructure ng Pilipinas, kaya ayan, palpak at pagdurusa para sa mga mamamayan.

  • quimz

    ka palpak gud..palit ra diay diretcho..dili diay tan.awon if mag match ba…pagka jud…sobrahan ka bright ba

  • Disenteng Drug lord

    Thanks Pnoy

  • Aubb

    Grace Poe,
    Pls go after officials (which includes St.Robredo) connected with shoddy housing costing billions of tax payer’s money, which are now occupied by slum dwellers instead of honest PNP people.

  • Mr. Troliling

    48 coaches useless. Let the culprit pays for it. Meanwhile let’s find a good use for the 48 useless bagon. I recommend to convert into a food kart strategically placed in commercial areas with a huge banner that would remind the public that is the costly failed project of the previous administration. Gawing na rin yung iba para sa Duterte Kitchen.

    • 123123

      We shd name it daan na matuwid food cart