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The promising Mr. Duterte


By Leandro DD Coronel

Leandro DD Coronel

Leandro DD Coronel

Isn’t President Duterte’s statement about continuing his so-called war on drugs until the last day of his term an admission that it’s a war that he can’t win?

Whatever happened to this boast to lick the drug problem in six months? (His drug war was wrong from the start. Why kill users instead of interdicting the supply? Stop the supply and there will be nothing to deal, push, or use.)

It wasn’t the only boast that came out of Mr. Duterte’s mouth. The Abu Sayyaf and the Maute terror group will be destroyed in one week. He will ride a jet ski to plant the Philippine flag on Scarborough Shoal to defy China.

He will burn down the United Nations headquarters in New York City. The same thing with the European Union.

I said in the last column that Duterte is impulsive (which his supporters mistake for decisiveness). He reacts without thinking to questions or statements that annoy him. In Tagalog, he’s pikon, reacting petulantly to what he perceives as slights or challenges to his authority or machismo.

Duterte claims that advice-givers shouldn’t do it openly because that embarrasses him. But he has to learn how to deflect statements voiced openly by different personalities. He’s a politician and he should be used to political give-and-take, that’s a trademark of a democracy.

When his self-announced deadline of six months to tame the drug menace was up, a reporter asked him about his pledge. He didn’t like being questioned and it was then that he said his war on drugs will continue until the last day of his term. He was being impulsive too when he vowed not to talk to media anymore until the end of his term.

Talk among political observers is that most Filipinos are keeping quiet to give Duterte the benefit of the doubt about making good on his boasts. But the same observers opine that in two years’ time (or less) if he doesn’t deliver on his pledges, the people will start getting impatient.

Mr. Duterte has projected himself as a politician who keeps his promises, that he does what he says. Sixteen million people believed him and made him president, although a minority one, garnering only 38 percent of the vote.

Filipinos are giving Duterte time. But more and more, as time goes by, the people will be asking for results. Pressure will start to mount on Duterte to produce results.

The pressure is self-inflicted. His boasts to deliver in six months is very vivid in people’s minds. He has asked for more time and the people, by their silence, have allowed him more time. But his time is not unlimited.

Those who like him may be more forgiving. They may not be too vocal if he fails to deliver.

But those who never really took to liking him because of his boastful and crude style will be more demanding. Even at this early stage, many people on social media are already finding him wanting in many ways. The pressure will build up as the months pass.

Mr. Duterte has put a lot of pressure on himself by boasting that he could accomplish several things in a short time. Gullible people voted for him. But can he deliver in the coming months?

If he doesn’t, how will the people react?


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  • Virgilio Zamora

    The Psychotic President first of all does not deserve to be sitting where he is sitting right now, it’s a big mistake Filipinos commit during the last election. Being a strong believer in God, i believe God allowed him to become the President for us to realize first of all the worse drug problem the country is facing, secondly for the Filipino people to know the wrong doings of the Psychotic President committed during his over 20 years of service in Davao as a government official. He has to pay and punished for all these, depriving him of the Presidency will discharge himself for all the crimes he has done in the past and present. In short, putting Duterte as President of the Republic of the Philippines is God’s Justice.

  • Mike_Realism

    Well at least hes doing something unlike the previous admin that didn’t give a hoot about. Its not even close to a year when he presumed office and here you are hypocrites and self righteous putting the man down. How will people react? The people will react accordingly under the rule of law.