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House OKs bill declaring December 8 as special non-working holiday


By Ben Rosario

After rejecting the Catholic church’s appeal to junk the death penalty bill, congressmen are giving believers of the faith, especially Marian devotees, something to celebrate about.

Shortly after passing the death penalty measure, the House of Representatives unanimously passed on third and final reading House bill 5241 declaring December 8 of every year a special non-working holiday in the entire country to celebrate the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary.

Devotees flock to the image of Our Lady of Immaculate Concepcion at the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral. (Cheryl Baldicantos / MANILA BULLETIN)

Devotees flock to the image of Our Lady of Immaculate Concepcion at the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral.
(Cheryl Baldicantos / MANILA BULLETIN)

Authored by Majority Leader and Ilocos Norte Rep. Rodolfo C. Fariñas, HB 5241 will be added among the country’s holidays marking Catholic religious events.

Ironically, it was Fariñas, known in the Lower House as among its most deeply religious members, who strongly pushed for the swift approval of the death penalty bill, thus, causing an uproar in the Catholic church that vehemently opposed it.

The bill was endorsed for approval by the House Committee on Revision of Law chaired by Pangasinan Rep. Marlyn Primicias-Agabas.

Under the bill, December 8 of every year will be a non-working holiday throughout the country to allow the faithful to commemorate the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary, the principal patroness of the Philippines.

Fariñas, said among the titles under which Mary is venerated in the country, the Immaculate Conception is one of the most prominent and its feast highly observed by members of the Catholic Church.

The House official noted that Philippines is predominantly Catholic and is considered the third with the biggest population of Catholic faithful in the world. He said a 2013 survey showed that there are 76 million Catholic Filipinos.

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  • Sayanz

    Salamat sa mga kongresista! Salamat sa Diyos at kay Mama Mary! The Philippines is a Marian country and will be forever because of this bill.

    • Ysrael

      With the passage of that bill ,This county will become stupid forever. Hindi dapat nila pinakikialaman ang usaping relihiyon, kung gustong nilang mag-holiday ng mga katoliko patungkol kay Maria eh di gawin nila, eh wag naman idamay lahat ng Pilipino kinikilabutan kami sa ganito pangiinsulto sa totoong Diyos, baka magalit na naman sa Pilipinas at delubyuhin ulit tayo. Kailan ba kayo matututo. Mag-aral nga kayo ng Biblia!

      • Sheng Navarro

        Godbless you, Fear is from Evil, bakit ka takot madelubyo? Wala ka bang pananalig sa Diyos na kinabibilangan mo? Haizzz..

      • leubas


  • Stewart Davies

    The Immaculate Conception is no mere “title”. Our Lady Help of Christians; Our Lady of Perpetual Help …. etc are titles. The Immaculate Conception defines the fullness of exactly Who and What Mary is in the economy of salvation. The numerous devotions to Our Blessed Lady under Her various titles, efficacious though they are, are very limited in their understanding of the person of Mary. They do provide portals into the greater whole, the Immaculate Heart of Mary, but do relatively little in terms of enlightening our understanding of the unique role that Mary plays in salvation history.
    The Immaculate Heart of Mary was commissioned by her Divine Son on Calvary to be the depository and dispensary of all Heaven’s graces. Hence She is the Mediatrix of All Grace, Co-Redemptrix with her Divine Son and our Advocate. This role Mary earned for herself by her perfect conformity to the Will of God from the moment of her conception until the very last instant of her earthly life. According to Abbot Prosper Gueranger; “Such were the sufferings of Mary beneath the Cross that, were they to be shared equally among all creatures capable of suffering, they would be sufficient to cause all to die instantly.” The time has surely come for the Church to make known to the world everything that has been revealed to us about Mary. This is fundamental to the Message of Fatima, and it is the key to world peace. There is no alternative route.

    • Ysrael

      Message of what Mary is a hoax, she is not the mother of God. God has no parent and until now her remain is still in the grave. The only mediator between man and God is thru Jesus Christ. Stop this stupidity you better go back to the Bible and study.

      • Stewart Davies

        Just to acknowledge your public display of abysmal ignorance and semi-literacy.

        • primo

          Apparently he seems to have interpreted his bible too literally on a human brain level.

      • Gemma Calendro Villamosada


      • dugyot


        • Ysrael

          Bakit kaano-ano ka ba ni Maria? Hindi mo nga siya kilala at di ka rin niya kilala.

      • WakeUp

        Where is her grave if she is indeed buried? Haven’t you heard of the Assumption?

        • Ysrael

          Yes and it’s not Biblical

          • Jose Maria de Manila

            Who said that Christians are supposed to believe only what is found in the Bible?

      • Jose Maria de Manila

        You said: ” The only mediator between man and God is thru Jesus Christ.”
        So who said that Mary was the mediator between God and man?

        You also said: “Stop this stupidity you better go back to the Bible and study.”
        Why? IF it was wisdom for you, then who said that the Bible was to be the authority of faith? Where did the Bible say so?

      • Charlie Ags

        If you’re in the Philippines, and “if” senate approved the bill, whatever your religion is, makikinabang ka din. who doesn’t love holidays… Just saying…

        • Racquel Ritumalta-Candaroma

          Agree. Why would someone debate on someone else’s belief/faith?

  • Michael Bravo Recto Arrieta

    Praise God! Dapat naman gawing non-working Holiday yun especially in the Philippines, maraming Marian devotees and hindi lang Catholic schools ang mag-observe nito. May this re-awaken our fellow Filipinos too.

  • Michael Bravo Recto Arrieta

    Not all politicians are bad after all. Meron pa rin mga may takot sa Diyos.

    • Ysrael

      Ok lang kung may takot sa Diyos, eh yung kumilala ka sa Diyos-diyosan tulad ni Maria ay malaking kaestupiduhan at wag ninyong idadamay ang lahat ng Pilip[ino sa kagaguhan ito ng mga katoliko.

      • dugyot


        • Ysrael

          Kaya kung patunayan na mas ugok ka kesa sa akin. Hindi kaugugkan yung itama ang kaugukan ninyo.

          • dugyot

            tumigil ka na kampon ni satanas

          • Ysrael

            Wow si Satanas nasa Vatican, may mas masahol pa sa pagiging kampon ni satanas ay yung maging TANGA ka pagdating sa relihiyon.

      • Sheng Navarro

        Respect begets respect, so kung gusto mong irespeto ang paniniwala mo, matuto kang rumespeto sa paniniwala ng iba..instead of bashing others belief, why don’t you just focus on making disciples, ikalulugod pa yun ng Diyos. Remember you’re word reflects your community and your God.
        Be praying for your community, Gobless you.

      • universe OU0

        ayaw mo ng holiday? muslim christian heroic or national event na holiday ok yan.

      • Jose Maria de Manila

        Sino ba nagturo na dios-diosan si Maria?

    • Ysrael

      So ito ang reference mo na good politician sila dahil nagbigay pugay sila kay Maria. maling-mali ka diyan , eh mali nga eh hindi nga sila dapat pumupunta sa hindi nila teritoryo, papel ng simbahan yun.

  • Brian Eugene Lim

    They honor the Mother but kill Her children.

  • Ysrael

    Napakagago nitong si Cong. Fariñas at mga kongrsistang para mag-author ng walang kwentang bill na tulad nito, Bakit di na lang nila i-confine ito sa mga katoliko eh halos lahat na ng holiday sa bansa ay ritual ng simbahang ito.. Calling the attention of Congress please paki-repeal ang batas na ito dahil hindi ito makakatulong sa pag-unlad ng bansa. Kung gusto nilang mag-holiday eh di mag-holiday ang simbahan nila..

    • Argosy Nazareno

      ang bitter mo naman. wag ka ding magalit sa mga kapatid nating Muslim ha kung may holiday din dahil sa relihiyon nila. :p

      • naz

        Philippines is one of the biggest catholic country.. despite it , we also have holidays related to other religion (such as holidays for muslims).. if you are just a cult (religion na umalis sa katoliko) dont expect that this state will commemorate your festival.. hahaha.. Glory to God! Mary has been chosen to bear the son of god.. :)

        • Argosy Nazareno

          is this reply intended for Ysrael or me? mine referred to the former. :)

        • Ysrael

          Yes and the biggest cult of them all is the Catholic Church where you belong. It has nothing to do with my religion and we don’t demand holiday. Yun lang naman ang papel ni Mary ang isilang si Jesus tapos na yun walang sinasabi ang Bible na dapat tayong magpugay at magdasal sa kanya.

          • naz

            hahaha.. kung kulto ang katoliko, ano ang tawag sa mga kulto na humiwalay sa kanya para sa pangsariling interes????..

          • Ysrael

            Mas mabuti na yung self interest kesa sa interest ng Vatican. Lahat ng resources ng simbahan ninyo rito pinadadala ng mga lider ninyo sa vatican. Hindi naman deni-deny yan ng mga Obispo ninyo rito sa investigative journalism na pinalabas sa TV bilyon-bilyon ang saving ng mga Obispo samantalang ang mga simbahan ninyo pinanglilimos ninyo kung kani-kanino. Now who are talking of self interedt. Gumising ka!

          • naz

            oo nga pala sapilitan ang pangkukurakot ninyo sa mga miyembro nio.. hahaha.. we only give ang taos sa puso namin,, di kailangan ipagmakaingay ng simbahan kung saan napupunta ang donations na binibigay namin….. we see the worth of our donations.. hindi ito napupunta sa magagarbong gusali at bulsa ng pastor para ipambabae lang nila.. hahahaha

          • naz

            why is it that Ysrael seems commenting all post regarding this article?… napansin ko lang?.. sir ysrael! paggalang lang. lahat tayo may kanya kanyang paniniwala.. kung ayaw mo ng holiday na ito then you are free, pumasok ka sa work.. at kung ayaw mo at nasusuka ka sa mga katoliko na pinanggalingan ng kulto mo eh you are free to go and leave this country. this country will not waste its time for u. youre cult is just 2% i guest of the population of this country. kung wala kang maitutulong na mabuti ay umalis ka.. at kung wala kang masasabing maganda ay manahimik ka. we catholics dont argue with u but we fight for our faith and belief to god…

        • Anonymous

          The Catholic Church relies heavily on sacred tradition, as passed down from the apostles, and manifested in the teaching authority of the Church. The assumption of Mary is one doctrine of the Church that has emerged from apostolic tradition, rather than directly from scripture. It is not officially declared whether or not Mary underwent human death. However, what the Church does officially pronounce is that after the course of her earthly life, Mary was assumed body and soul into heaven by the power of God. The Church’s belief that Mary’s soul was perfectly sinless gives us confidence that she went directly to God. At the same time, her body was not subject to corruption, as our human bodies typically are. There is biblical history of one who is so close to God, being assumed body and soul into heaven. In the Old Testament, we see that Elijah was assumed into heaven in a whirlwind. (2 Kings 2:11). Similarly we read in Hebrews 11:5, “By faith Enoch was taken up so that he would not see death; and he was not found because God took him up; for he obtained the witness that before his being taken up he was pleasing to God.” Mary was even closer to God than these two biblical figures, and therefore this special privilege of bodily assumption was granted to her.
          – All these traditions are unscriptural and based merely on traditions

      • Ysrael

        I will prefer na bigyan nila ng Holiday si Marcos dahil may nagawa sa Pilipinas eh si Maria ano nagawa nun eh patay na yun hanggan ngayon. Bakit until now naniniwala kayo sa pangloloko ng mga Pari na kapag namatay ang tao mapupunta agad sa langit? Wala sa Bible yan imbento lang yan ng vatican.

    • Ja Ne

      hayzzz less talk less sin, wag ka ng magpaka hero kasi kahit ano pa ang gawin mo aprubado na yon, salamat Papa God through your Son Lord Jesus Christ makapagsimba na kami bilang pagbibigay respeto at pasasalamat kay Mama Mary na tinupad nya yong napakahalagang mission ang mailuwal c Lord Jesus para sa kaligtasan ng sanlibutan.

    • dugyot

      ugok! magrally ka mag-isa sa kongreso

      • Ysrael

        Sige sama ka?

        • dugyot

          ikaw na lang, me lakad ako :))

  • Kurt Lorence Caco

    glory to God in the highest!!!!

  • Sheng Navarro

    To God be the Glory, sa mga magba bash pa.. ito ang lang masasabi ko… Godbless you and we will be praying for you???? ..

  • Ysrael

    If you are talking about respect eh di highest respect ang dapat nating gawin. First, and Diyos lang ang dapat nating sambahin. Jesus Christ is the only mediator between God and Man. Wala sa eksena si Mary pati yung mga Santo’t-santa na made in Vatican. Walang Biblical account na si Mary ay nasa langit na at nabuhay maguli. Papaano ka magdadasal kay Mary kung siya ay patay pa hanggan ngayon. Hindi rin siyang mamamagitan dahil hindi niya role yun. Biktima lang naman kayo sa mga maling turo ng Simbahang katoliko at ito rin ang kinontra ni Dr, Jose Rizal nuon dahil tinuturuan tayo ng mga prayle ng wala naman sa Biblia. Ok lang kontrahin ninyo ang mga sinasabi ko pero alam ko na deep inside alam ninyong na may punto ako.

  • Romeo Lavilla Jr.

    Prove that Mary is not the Mother of Jesus, the Son of God.