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Duterte to enforce smoking ban in all public places in PH


By Genalyn Kabiling

A tough smoking ban in all public places will soon be enforced across the Philippines to promote public health.

Smoking ban (AFP Photo/Noel Celis) / MANILA BULLETIN

(AFP Photo/Noel Celis) / MANILA BULLETIN

President Duterte announced on Wednesday (March 29) about the upcoming anti-smoking regulation after admitting enduring low oxygen level arising from his old cigarette habit.

“In the coming months we will be implementing a no smoking law in the Philippines,” the President said during his visit to Oriental Mindoro. “You can only smoke if you are in the open sea at least five kilometers from coastal shores. Doon kayo mag-hithit,” he said.

Duterte, who has quit smoking, candidly confessed that he uses an oxygen concentrator to help with his breathing when sleeping.

“Pinost dyan yung oxygen ko kasi kung matulog ako, ganun lang,” he said, referring to his photograph showing an oxygen unit beside his bed. “‘Yung oxygenation ko hindi maganda because of smoking,” he added.

The President’s oxygen unit was spotted in the photos of Duterte being given a birthday surprise by his daughter Kitty and seven other grandchildren in Davao home last Tuesday.  The photos were shared online by Duterte’s son-in-law Mans Carpio.

At 72, the President revealed that apart from kicking the tobacco habit, he can no longer eat everything he wants and drink liquor.

Early this month, the President said he asked time to study the executive order on the smoking ban drafted by the Department of Health. The smoke-free order aims to bring down the number of people with smoking-related illnesses.

Duterte said he would still get the view of the medical sector on the proposed smoking ban. “They should be also in the forefront of this because they know the benefits of totally banning smoking inside,” he said.

The health department earlier proposed a draft EO on the public smoking ban, that is  pattered after Duterte’s ordinance in Davao that banned smoking in public places. It aims to authorize all government agencies and local government units to prohibit smoking in all public places.

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  • Riko Mambo

    If this can be done, they maybe a chance for Filipinos being disciplined.

  • Civil_Rights

    Ban of smoking in public is one of DuDirty’s power play rather than focusing on country’s humongous serious problems. Too many legislations and politicking without implementation. How do you expect those local law enforcers enforcing this ban where they are busy conducting EJK directives from DuDirty and to mention regulating their own ranks from scalawags members. General Bato should be the main power play maker in this legislation. Where the heck is he who seems hiding from limelight after receiving mountainuous of criticism being unseasoned PNP chief.

    • stjohnofthevatican

      You should run for president in 2022!

      • Civil_Rights

        The issue involved here is a matter of opinion. Why don’t you run as president where can’t even express your opinion and rebuttal. Ignoramus bobotantes.

        • Peter Mafran

          The topic is smoking ban in the public….

    • Peter Mafran

      Take note…the topic is smoking ban…

      • Civil_Rights

        Have you read the first sentence. Take note… you have been using the same phrase over and over again with various participants. Take note… is the only reason you got?

  • Mimi

    There should also be a ban of using profanity, swear word, cursing etc. in public speeches.

    • Toto Batungbakal

      no one gets physically hurt from hearing someone curse. Smoking, on the other hand, does.

    • Peter Mafran

      The topic is only Smoking ban…

      • RJ Dagcuta


  • It would be a shame to close down Premium Cigar Lounges.
    Cigar smokers do not inhale, so there are minimal health
    risks. Only people who want to smoke go to Cigar Lounges
    so there is no imposition on non smokers. Cigar Lounges
    feature powerful air purifying machines and ionizers to
    clean the smoke from the air. These are NOT like the
    discredited ventilation systems used in cigarette rooms.
    Purified air is often cleaner
    than outside air polluted by auto exhausts. Moreover the
    proposed ban states you need to be 10m away from the
    building. This means the establishment would need an
    additional 10m to house the smoking area. Most
    establishments do not own property that far from their
    building. Enjoying an expensive cigar while seated in a
    comfortable leather couch is like savoring fine wine.
    The cigar tasting notes follow fine wine tasting notes.
    Cigars are not smoked just for a nicotine buzz but more
    for the tasting notes such as escpresso, cocoa, cedar, cream
    and more. You don’t pay $100 for a bottle of fine wine to
    drik for the alcohol. It is for the taste. So also for
    premium cigars.
    Cigar tobacco is aged to reduce nicotine levels before the
    cigar is rolled. The ban would not allow cigar aficionados
    to enjoy a cigar in
    air conditioned comfort while wearing their best barong.
    Would the ban also extend to
    private membership paid Cigar clubs? Such places are
    not public. I agree with the ban on cigarette smoking.
    However it would be a shame to overextend it to Cigar
    lounges without considering how that none of the reasons
    for the smoking ban apply to cigar lounges.
    A reason why the ban on smoking has not yet been
    implemented nationally may be that it may conflict with the war
    on drugs. If drug users can no longer fall back to
    cigarettes as an alternative they may hang on to their
    drug habit. Want to save a cigarette smoker who is your friend?
    Turn him on to cigars instead.
    With Manila, Davao and smaller cities such as Maasin already
    having implemented a smoking ban it may be wise to leave it
    up to the municipalities.

  • Swiper Fox

    Stop the smoking at its source.
    Convert ALL tobacco farms into rice, corn, an vegetable farms. This way stopping the local supply; farmers still have income; and the country will have MORE FOOD.
    Raise penalties so smokers don’t want to get caught smoking.
    Raise TAXES on imported tobacco products; so only the rich can afford to buy tobacco products; besides…being rich, they have money to check themselves in the hospital for treatment.
    For SMUGGLED tobacco products, have all people (importers, workers) involved for the importation/sale/distribution of the products (aside from imprisonment, penalties, etc.) be confined for three to seven days in tobacco-smoke-filled rooms.