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Duterte bares reason tension escalated in South China Sea


by Genalyn D. Kabiling

The United States had a chance to nip in the bud the territorial conflict in the South China Sea years ago but has “done nothing” about it, according to President Duterte.

The President has sharply rebuked the United States for its inaction when China started its reclamation works in the disputed waters a few years ago, accusing America of waiting for the conflict to ripen into an international issue.

Duterte is resenting US pressure to take a stand against China for its failure to take a “decisive action” to resolve the matter in the past.

“Why in hell ang Amerika siya lang naman talaga ang pwedeng kumasa doon. Bakit sabihin niya ngayon magpunta ang Navy ko? (Why in hell did America not move when it is the only one who can stand against China?  Why did it want my Navy to go there?) It will mean a massacre for my soldiers. I will not do it,” Duterte told a gathering of lawyers in Pasay City Thursday night.

“Why did you not, at the first instance pinuntahan ninyo ‘yung mga Instik doon nagta-trabaho (confront the Chinese working there), building that structures there?” he said.

The President recalled that the Philippines was “warned by everybody” about China’s construction works in disputed territory five years ago. At the time, the United States, Australia, and other nations were conducting over flights in the area.

He asked why the US, which is bound by a defense treaty to protect the Philippines did not confront China to stop building on parts of the country’s territory.


“Bakit hindi mo pinuntahan doon? Bakit hindi mo sinita? Bakit hindi ka nagpadala ng limang aircraft carrier at kinasahan mo? (Why did you not go there? Why did you not reprimand them? Why did you not send five aircraft carriers?) And you had to wait for the problem to ripen into an international issue involving this time so many countries Vietnam, lahat na,” he said in his rebuke of the US.

“You could have cut the problem in the bud had you have taken indecisive action,” he added.

At present, the President said the Philippines cannot challenge China’s presence in the disputed area because it was no match with the Chinese force.

He warned against “miscalculation” of moves that might worsen the conflict in the South China Sea. “It is one single solitary shot. It could lead to an explosion and it could lead into war; and it will be a slaughter,” he noted.

“So we go back to the days where it could have been solved or settled but why did America done nothing about it? Wala. Tapos ngayon tayo ang ipasubo ng… They want us to be assertive, for what reason?” he added.

Duterte also downplayed his earlier campaign promise to ride a jet ski to the disputed territory and plant a Philippine flag to assert the country’s claim. He said his comment was part of the campaign rhetoric when he ran for president.

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  • Dutete blames the US for his cowardly act of bending-over and letting himself be screwed by China. Duterte doesn’t understand international politics, nor does he have any education in international relations, this is why he is easily led by the nose and manipulated into entering deals that are disadvantageous to the filipino people.

    • Chris

      I’m sorry but President Duterte do understand what is happening in background right now because of the foreign Intelligence that was provided to him and he did not entering deals that are disadvantageous to the Filipino people but if you want war then lets go ahead with the Americans and let us see what will happen if China and Russia will have Military alliances this year possibly if Americans will not stop their devious ways. I just cannot say anything but we know what happened last year and if people only knows what America have done, they will be scared of WWIII.

      • War? Do you live in the 70s? Do you think that China is like Duterte who will turn rabid at the slightest provocation? God, how stupid. The US economy is too connected to China that it will not risk economic repercussions.

        Tensions escalated because it’s inevitable, given that we filed a pleading at the Hague and won. But I guess, you people, don’t understand these things, because you’re minds are saturated with Duterte’s propaganda and you trolls are being paid by the admin to vehemently suppress all criticism made by normal people like us.

        • lc

          May you please share with the community your views on why the country has gotten into this abominable circumstances where poverty and hunger continue to persist, where illegal drugs proliferate, and many others.

          • Read up on Walden Bello’s book “The
            Anti-Development State: The Political Economy of Permanent Crisis in the
            Philippine”. Illegal drugs proliferate because there is a market. It should be eliminated by prevention through education and programs done at the grassroots level, not by mobilizing the PNP to go out on a killing spree every night to murder everyone suspected of having taken drugs.

          • lc

            Have you read the book? If you have, please explain away, “the social realities and issues that have plagued the nation” the way you understood them.

          • For me to know, for you to find out. If you’re begging for attention and education, you better look elsewhere.

          • lc

            Your reply shows little of what you know about the complexities of the issues facing the country. Enough said.

          • manny villegas

            Ic, the guy above you just saw the title of the book. He has not even opened it.

          • really? ic getting his other troll accounts to support him?

          • The fvck would I give a summary for someone who baits people into making an effort to answer him when he doesnt even know how to make an effort to google it. haha

          • BRNXNY

            Here’s the statistics of drug casualties in the US. Drug Overdose Total 47,055 Pharmaceutical Opioid Analgesics18,893 Heroin Overdose10,574 .With these numbers, do you think US lacks drug education. These are US statistics only. Drug problem is world wide. Easier said than done.

          • Dilligas? hahaha

          • lc

            The truth hurts, does it not?

          • dilligas = do i look like i give a sh1t? hahaha idiot

          • manny villegas

            You are so naive. Be pragmatic. These are not kids anymore that you can mend. Education and programs at grass root levels? These addicts can’t even tell their children not to steal the fruit of some mango trees on their way to school. They even encourage them.

          • Heh. Calling a person naive because they proposed a solution that doesn’t involved murdering people? This is why dutertards like you have nothing good to contribute to a discussion. Your minds are so full of filth that you think everything Duterte does is holy and righteous.

          • Brenda Bloggs

            Corruption and illegal drugs can only proliferate when people who are supposed to be serving and assisting the poor of our nation are only serving and assisting themselves.

          • Barack Fernandes

            IC maraming tamad at pala asa isa na ako doon. Baka ikaw din.

          • lc

            That is a fact if the country’s well being is at stake. Everyone should learn to rely and trust one for the common good.

        • manny villegas

          World War 3 will lead to the end of the world and the US knows that.

          • i’m gonna block you guys because you’re kind-of disgusting and creepy. and you also contribute nothing to a discussion, without making even an effort.

        • Barack Fernandes

          You call yourself normal huh.

          • hey, i’m going to block you because you contribute nothing in the discussion and i don’t want to see your filth anymore.

        • Chris

          I understand completely what the President knows about this world. We can always see what is happening at the back. Just want to tell the people about this. Americans started it already, its just happens that President Putin is a cool guy. Because of what President Digong is doing, he knows that the safety of our country if very important and we support him for that 100%. Here in Mindanao we are for Tatay Digong!!!

    • lc

      The Philippines’ situation today is the result of being “screwed” by others except China for a very long time. History bears that out. If Duterte “is easily led by the nose”, much more so were all the previous presidents, and guided the country into despair.

      • I’m not disputing that. Read up on Walden Bello’s book “The Anti-Development State: The Political Economy of Permanent Crisis in the Philippine”, and you’ll know that most of the major messes made are by bending to the will of a foreign power, which is in this case, China.

        Just because the past administration have made many mistakes, it doesn’t excuse the incompetence of Duterte. He is a Trapo and an elitist, through and through. Just like the LP, they are cut from the same cloth who only cares about enriching themselves and their cronies.

        • BRNXNY

          Wise guy, what will you do with China if you are DU30? Justice Carpio already made some suggestions. Do you have any better idea? If not you are just but a nuisance.

          • Wow, because you can’t come up with your own ideas, you heckle me? Kill duterte and make me the president and I’ll gladly share with you my ideas. hahaha

          • Iesil me

            Now you reveal your true color, you want to become the Duterte of your own making!

          • hahaha fvck off, dutertard troll.

          • BRXNY

            That’s the best idea you can come up? Killing the president? You’re even worst than DU30. You are better off in your dream land. Else dead men will be everywhere .

          • Obviously, it’s a diss for being asked a stupid question. Who would be so utterly stupid and naive to think that as the best idea. If you don’t get it, I’ll spell it out for you. That means, fvck off, loser. hahaha

            Why would you ask me to hash out what I plan as if I was the president? Who the fvck do you think you are? Is this a job interview? hahaha. I have no obligation to answer a retard like you who couldn’t even piece any coherent reply that contributes to a discussion.

          • manny villegas

            You can’t even win a barangay election, now you want to lead this country? What DU30 is doing is just practising the Art of War techniques of Sun Tzu.

          • Barack Fernandes

            You eh baka taga recto graduate ka eh at google lang ang knowledge mo. Plus youtube pala.

          • hey, i’m going to block you because you contribute nothing in the discussion and i don’t want to see your filth anymore. hahaha

          • Civil_Rights

            Poor logic asking such question. You sounds like a boy with milk on mouth. Go back home this forum is not for you and grow-up.

        • lc

          If you are attributing the major problems in the country to “bending to the will of a foreign power”, you’re absolutely right. You may not want to compare an apple to an orange though. For generations and generations, the Pilipino people have seen their mind molded into thinking anything but Pilipino, thus, a mindset is formed. It is this kind of mindset that took the nation where she is right now. China on the other hand is a new kid in the block and the actions between the two countries so far have not indicated to shout “FIRE, FIRE” in a crowded theatre.

          The harm has been done. What is important now is to set a new direction for the country to be able to get away from this disaster. As much as possible avoid the follies of the past.

          • Say that to Duterte who’s even willing to repeat martial law just to flaunt his authority. He’s regressing into his child state, playing with powers that could easily destroy civil liberties, and doing whatever he wants without any shame, delicadeza or even conscience.

          • Barack Fernandes

            IC integrated circuit mag pa program ka muna.

          • Civil_Rights

            You are in this forum as damage control of DuDirty. You can’t fool us, such an idiot.

          • lc

            None sense, no damage to control, it’s all in your mind. Goodbye!!!

        • Richard Ochotorena

          I have a question for you, why is it an elitist as you mentioned, being called on by a US Ambassador as a provincial (rural) person? In Filipino terms, you can’t call a ‘syano as a sosyal. It is worlds apart.

          • I have a question for you, why is it that you based your understanding of elites on whether or not a person is from the provinces or manila? Did you graduate from elementary? How about highschool? Would it kill you to search for the word “elite” in google? Do you actually think that elite is being equivalent to “sosyal”? hahaha how disgustingly stupid.

          • Barack Fernandes

            Talino nyo mag isip na lang kayo nang makatulong sa bansa

          • Hi kung wala kang magawa sa buhay mo, suggestion ko magbasa ka ng libro. Huwag mag fentanyl tulad ni Duterte. :-)

          • Richard Ochotorena

            Yeah you discuss to much with quite a sarcastic tone, It just shows how useless your mind is. You don’t even know where to put your words in context. I bet, you cannot even explain why you put the word “elitist” and how is it used in your sentence. Anyway, I don’t see him as an “elite” person the point that his family has a normal life even if how demanding his previous job is where is elite on that? Not like those other people who ran for the President there before. The only thing makes him elite by definition is that he is one of the few city mayors who did well in managing their cities. Which made him better.

          • hey idiot, socialite is different from an elite. if you spend a time googling what the word means instead of spewing your filthy drivel, you wouldn’t sound as ridiculously stupid as that. duterte is an elite because he came from a wealthy political family.

          • Richard Ochotorena

            Yeah can call me anything you want, like I said before you have a useless mind. You just defined your context of an elite. How sure are you that he is wealthy? Do you know him personally? Elite by definition does not connect with being wealthy, a socialite does, and like I said previously it is worlds apart. Because a ‘syano can be knowledgeable like anybody else but distinct from the rest without being wealthy. And its only people like you want to look at it that way.

          • Because you’re too bigoted, lazy and narrow-minded, here’s the definition of elite as defined in meriam-webster dictionary. If it’s me that only looks at it that way, why does the dictionary defines it like that as well?

            – the people who have the most wealth and status in a society : the most successful or powerful group of people
            -a person who is a member of an elite : a successful and powerful person

            Being elite does not mean being necessarily wealthy but being endowed with either talent, influence or power. The facade of being from middle-class is part of the Duterte narrative that they had repeatedly used for their campaign/propaganda. Duterte is a lawyer and a prosecutor at that. He knows how to hide his wealth from the State.

          • Richard Ochotorena

            Sorry, your definition of an elite is tabloid definition, typical for people like you.

          • look, senile loser.
            https://www. merriam-webster. com/dictionary/elite

          • Richard Ochotorena

            You see, you are relying on merriam webster dictionary, that’s for children and young adults.

          • Are all Ochotorenas really this fvcking stupid, or is it just you?

          • Richard Ochotorena

            Don’t worry its just me, but if you want to take it up with the Ochotorenas try to in touch with them in Zamboanga in person or like I said previously remain anonymous it just shows who you are.

          • Civil_Rights

            He thinks socialites are the elites. Give me a break. He is just part of DuDirty damage control.

          • Civil_Rights

            His guess his real last name is supposedly Garchiterona, a sosyal Espanol.

        • Barack Fernandes

          Hi ang galing mo pala tumakbo ka kaya nang pagka president baka manalo ka.

          • Hi kung wala kang magawa sa buhay mo, suggestion ko magbasa ka ng libro. Huwag mag fentanyl tulad ni Duterte.

          • Barack Fernandes

            good luck saiyo malapit na birthday mo.

          • hey, i’m going to block you because you contribute nothing in the discussion and i don’t want to see your filth anymore. hahahaha

          • Civil_Rights

            Do so. He is a bobotantes and nonsense ignormus just like other in this forum.

          • Civil_Rights

            Damage control ni DuDirty iyan at ang main intent harrass you. Just ignore the ignoramus.

      • Civil_Rights

        So you are Chinese troll as referred to your statement. No wonder Chinese troll.

        • lc


        • lc


        • lc


    • pogipoint

      WHY BLAME DU30 ????? WHY??? WHY??

      • It’s not blaming, when you describe it as it is. Duterte won’t even reveal the details of these so-called “deals” that he made with china. He doesn’t, because they would be interpreted as treaties, which would become violative of the constitution as he had usurped the powers of the congress.

        • If it is violation of the constitution, then it becomes voidable. The next president can scrap the agreement, but we already got the Billions of help..
          This are all games, the end will justify the outcome. Calm down take Fentanyl or less Mary Jane.

          • These deals aren’t a one-time big-time thing. The government will probable get the funds through incremental amounts on a yearly basis. It would become China’s unseen strings and a way for them to control the Philippine state’s opinion when it comes to international politics. Pretty much what the IMF and the World bank had done into making the Philippines’ a debtor country.

          • Well, we still get the dough, better than nothing.
            All deal has string attached, weather receiver or giver. It all boils down to ones interest.
            WHATEVER, the outcome que sera sera……

          • lc

            Has the country learned anything from this experience “what the IMF and the World bank had done into making the Philippines’ a debtor country”? If the nation continue this route it will forever be fried with her own lard until there is no more. The fact that jobs creation haven’t been the focus for a very long time by the power that be, was that dollars were needed with immediacy to replenish the dollar reserve to pay for the interest of what the country owes these institutions. This could very well planned and executed without a writhe.

            The strings that China may attached as you have said are still “unseen”. Whether they are better or worse than what the country experienced with the international financiers is yet to be seen. You should be more afraid of what you already know damaged the nation, than what is yet to be known.

        • manny villegas

          Treatise? It was Panot sending TRillanes to China, remember? The Chinese did not take his bait.

        • Barack Fernandes

          That’s what they called Tactics read his palm you might decode it.

          • hey, i’m going to block you because you contribute nothing in the discussion and i don’t want to see your filth anymore. haha

      • Barack Fernandes

        Kasi Filipino tayo yan ang isang quality nang filipino. Tirador

        • Hey everyone, Barack Fernandes is D P’s troll account. If you have been
          harrassed, threatened and cyber-bullied by this guy, please feel free to
          block him and help keep disqus clean from his filth..

      • Civil_Rights

        Why blamed DuDirty? Because you have the same mentality.

  • Civil_Rights

    Look at this mongoloid narcissistic mentality now blaming US for his inaction on PH territory now fully controlled by stinking Chinese. US can’t just intervene in the island conflict and take over the island by force but rather can limit the activities and future occupation of China in PH sovereign territory. Pnoy administration understood the fact that PH military can’t fight Chinese humongous army but rather took the fight thru UN with sweat and blood and the help of international communities. PH won UNCLOS decision ruling that Chinese occupied island is unlawful (barbaric and uncivilized) and the island belong to PH as sovereign territory. But what DiDirty did upon assuming presidency, NOTHING and yet begun establishing relationship with China and kicking US forces away from PH territory. So far DuDirty has asked for billion of dollars financial support for infrastructure in Mindanao alone, acquisition of Chinese weapons and now allowing China to intrude to other PH territory for possible turn-over. Hoping Filipinos will not listen to DuDirty’s another lies and deceit just like when he directed killing of innocent civilians under his EJK without due process of law.

    • lc

      Please don’t ignore the fact that long before Duterte was elected into the Presidency, EJKs were taking place. If you disagree that tells everything about you.

      Is your disaffection of President Duterte due to what appears that he is changing “padrino”? Maybe he has his reasons in doing what he is doing, and that is not different from your opposing position well stated above.

      He is seventy one years old. This gave him plenty of time to digest results of events that transpired in the country throughout his lifetime, and probably experienced the inequitable dispensing of justice and fairness throughout the country. History could also have added to the enrichment of his perspective about the Philippines, the country he claims he loves. There is a good possibility that those set of circumstances he witnessed and learned from had helped him shaped his mindset.

      • Civil_Rights

        I can figure out remembering EJK has ever started in Aquino administration and you must be referring to another administration.

        I don’t have a clue of what Padrino you are talking about, may be you are talking about Fernando Poe, Jr. movie.

        Please don’t tell me how old he is but all I know what he is from the time he become a city prosecutor and a mayor and now the president. Do you believe he loves this country professing his personal agenda and ideology. You can’t teach old dog a new tricks and I guess you weren’t born yesterday, are you?

        • manny villegas

          If you don’t believe him, that’s fine with me. After all, 80% of us do believe him.

          • Civil_Rights

            All of use including me 80%? Why don’t you make it 99.9 %. There is no doubt you are integral part of 36.9% bobotantes

          • Barack Fernandes

            Oi matalino na civil rights umaayos ka ngah pabayaan mo na lang at manood kung anong kaya gawin na mga dutertads na group at least sila may naayos sa lugar namin yung mga nag haharian na drug lord and pusher yon nagbago na nang birthday. Bakit ngayon lang dumating ang mga dutertads. Mag pakilala ka ngah at papasyalin ka namin sa syria para matotoo ka.

          • Civil_Rights

            Nag ayos sa mga bobotante.

          • Civil_Rights

            I don’t believe him eh ano ang reklamo mo hindi naman ikaw ang kausap ko.

        • Barack Fernandes

          Oi kailan ka ba pinanganak 2008 ang dami nang EJK kung EJK man ang ganyan since 1980 pah. para hindi ka naman filipino.

          • Civil_Rights

            Dami mong ngangak, bobotante at ignoramus.

        • lc

          So, for you it’s all about Aquino. It is a sad moment for the country if you and others like you don’t even consider better possibilities offered by personalities other than Aquino.

          It is unfortunate that a smart individual as you are, you only can see what you want to see, and understand what you want understand.

          • Civil_Rights

            I have nothing to do with Aquino, I just responded to your comment of EJK practice before DuDirty so please don’t circumvent. You don’t discuss who is smart or not but focus on the subject matter or otherwise there is not need to respond to you further.

          • lc

            “I can figure out remembering EJK has ever started in Aquino administration and you must be referring to another administration.”

            Reading the statement above from one of your previous posts, you just exonerated Aquino the guy you said you have nothing to do with. If you don’t want to be called smart, fine, just what subject matter do you want to discuss.

          • Civil_Rights

            You are the one who said that in your first response to my comment, review. What you are telling me now is nonsense. Goodbye and I will no longer respond.

          • lc

            If you can’t even figure out what you have written, then goodbye to you as well. It’s just a waste of my time.

    • manny villegas

      Yellow troll. There are pros and cons. Study harder. I’ll give you 3.0 for trying (the UP 3.0 not the La Salle system)

    • Barack Fernandes

      Do you think Duterte can do something, Clear pa sa crystal and sinabi nya bakit nga naman noon eh hindi pumunta ang amerika. And who among us filipino can go and fight. Mas matalino at matapang ka naman dalhin mo ang angkan mo at labanan mo ang china I promise gawin ka naming hero pati clan mo.

      • Civil_Rights

        Ignoramus mentality. Go back home. Goodbye, bobotantes.

  • Ros Feliciano

    How could we expect a person to feel sorry for the faults of other people. Man, I will not feel sorry even for a minute to say I am sorry for the mistakes of others. This is common sense unless there is a personal hatred against me to force me to say sorry and still I will not do so. No way will I ever feel sorry for the faults of others, like I say even for a minute.

  • A Almeda

    China waited for a democrat wuss (Obama) to be in power before they started building. Now that there’s another republican (Trump), they are scared. Trump is now directly confronting China. He even sent an aircraft carrier group in the area. If only Duterte would cooperate with him and stop this one on one negotiations with our enemy, weakening our claim to what is ours.

    • manny villegas

      Why did you call China an enemy? Are the Chinese our enemies? Then we should kick out all Chinese in the Philippines.

      • How is it any of your business to scrutinize what he says. just stfu if you got nothig to contribute.

      • A Almeda

        Another dumb and stupid comment inciting radicalism. USA and Russians have been longtime enemies, and yet, there are thousands of Russians in the USA. As long as you’re not breaking the law, then you can stay in any country.

  • Harper

    Du30 wanted to have his own rules and his own policies. Now he blames the USA for his territory problems . The sea lanes is what matters to the US your shoals and other territories is your problem as you demanded. You want your territory then you have to own enough balls to confront China.
    How are you going to confront China when you have your hand out always begging. Now you want the chinese to explored the resources for you.

    • angpilipinongayon

      This type of argument has been refuted already, why repeat it?

      You do want us to confront China? In what way?
      Send the navy (A first step to conflict), yes not necessarily mean going to war, but if you a send a navy among the fleets of Chinese Coast Guard in their artificial islands, what will you do, what the Chinese will do? They will in turn send “in” their NAVY.

      Guess what?

      • Wow what a genius. He thinks that confronting china, involves going to war. Idiots like these are the ones utterly brain-washed by Duterte and his gang.

        • Barack Fernandes

          Someone Will Kill Duterte soon hinay hinay lang kasi kami na magagaling na kalaban ni Duterte li low lang. Kahit magtago ka one day ma trace nila IP address mo ikaw din. Li low muna tayo kung kalaban ka ni digong dahil sa ngayon hindi natin sya kaya. What’s out madali lang ma trace ang mga IP address nang computer ngayon baka ma shoot ka ikaw din.

          • Barack Fernandes

            Kaya wag mong gamitin ang sarili mong mobile, laptop, desktop or company if you comment use mga computer shop. and check first kung may mga camera sila. Hinay lang baka ma EJK ka.

          • Hey everyone, Barack Fernandes is D P’s troll account. If you have been harrassed, threatened and cyber-bullied by this guy, please feel free to block him and help keep disqus clean from his filth.

          • wow, scaring people to silence them? that’s what dutertards are good for. hahaha

      • Harper

        Then shut your mouth let china do what ever it wants to do because the Philippine is only good for begging and not to protect themselves. Sorry it is no longer 1942 and there are no longer any brave men here.

  • Lumad01

    Akala ko ba mag jetski and ask the 12 senators who kick out american bases. and should the 12 senators and renata reyes in spratley for fighting forces.

  • sikatuna

    maybe the US is partly to be blamed but most of it is our fault too. our leaders both civilians and military neglected the AFP for decades. keeping WWII era ships is just dumb. saying AFP upgrades cannot be afforded is dumb when we could have add 2% of our GDP for defense. Had we have modern assets like frigrates, subs, jet fighers, radars that patrol our borders then this could have been prevented. Now its too late. the enemy is already in our doorstep and this is the only time to buy more assets? lol. these assets takes some time to deliver because some need to build like the FA 50s and worst the frigrates we ordered from S Korea are still in the drawing board. lolll by the time they are delivered we already lost our territories in WPS. thats how negligent, undisciplined, lazy and dumb we are. stop blaming others but ourselves and if we continue with these bad traits and system then we are into self destruction. we do not need to be invaded by a foreign power or nation we will disintigrate if we keep self destruction on a daily basis.

  • maximme

    and think about that for a moment,
    America has been PUSHING Filipino forward
    for the slaughter…..

  • We won the arbitration against china and all duterte had to do was enforce that. What did he do? NOTHING! He always wanted to be a hero, he says. He had a chance to be one but did nothing to be one. Instead, Psycho duterte is a hero to china. Do Not blame America for china’s aggressive and bullying tactics in the West Philippine Sea

    During the campaign season for the presidency, the chinese ambassador paid a secret visit to psycho duterte as a presidential candidate. In this secret visit, the chinese ambassador gave duterte a photograph of massacred muslims in mindanao supposedly killed by americans over a hundred years ago. The chinese ambassador

    • angpilipinongayon

      “We won the arbitration against china and all duterte had to do was enforce that.”

      Please tell me how the UNCLOS can enforce it, or DUterte can enforce, tell me how.

  • concern issue

    Pres. Duterte topple the previous administration in diffusing tension over sea dispute. China’s might definitely belittle Philippines;
    Submarine: 63 – 0
    Destroyer: 25 – 0
    Tanks: 7,500 – 45
    Artillery: 25,000 – 300
    military planes: 5,176 – 289
    helicopters: 632 – 159
    Infantry vehicles: 7,700 – 559
    soldiers: 2,285,000 – 120,000
    navy ships: 972 – 120
    rocket launchers: 2600 – 0
    nuclear missiles: 300 – 0
    defense budget: $159B – $2.5B
    Philippines previous administration seek US aid to strengthen its military, however its effort is insignificant, mathematically base on annual budget, the ratio is 80 is to 1, this means every one hardware added to philippines against 80 hardwares to China, as time goes on it widens the disparity of military arsenals, therefore Philippines will become much weaker against China as time pass by.

  • James Mitchell

    defence treaty as such you the phillippino people have to put your first foot forward an if attacked then we will go to the deepest parts of hell to assist you god bless all

    • angpilipinongayon

      No, MDT cannot be applied at Scarborough.

  • Barack Fernandes

    Civil Rights… Ang dutertards ay kinokopya lang nila ang singapore, taiwan, vietnam, indonesia, malaysia, australia na ang china nag offer nang billion financial support. Kaya tingnan mo sila. Bukod tangi tayo na hindi na invest nang malaki ang china sa bansa natin. Sorry yung mga dutertads tama ka mga bobo pero cguro yon lang ang alam nila na madaling makatulong sa bansa. Kung hindi mo alam yan mag simula ka nang mag puyat.

    • ugok, hindi lahat ng alam nilang gawin tama kaya dapat kunsintehin lang. napaka genius mo naman, magkano ba bayad sa iyo ng Duterte admin?

  • Barack Fernandes

    As far as I know Mr. Duterte kahit hindi ako maka Duterte He is a man of tactics he can trap you with his bull shit. He can gauge when you act differently. Kaya nga noong nasa Davao pa ako layas kami kasi hindi namin sya kaya. He throw bait to know the real enemy. Yung mga subrang talino mga tao na hindi nag iisip na kalaban panay react naman di HULI.

    • Wow. where is the tactics in mass murdering innocent people who looks like drug addicts. Pareho kayo ni digong bullsh1t lang masasabi, puro kahambugan/kayabangan lang ang alam.

      • Chris

        Do you really know President Duterte personally why you said that? If not then you cannot say that because here in Mindanao he is a very good person for us and we support him. Mindanao will be a peaceful one someday because of him. Rebel leaders respect and love him even ordinary citizens here in Davao and in Mindanao.

        • yep, rebel leaders love to use him like a dishrag or a diaper.

          • Chris

            You are very incorrect Sir. As I have said, we loved him here in Mindanao and we will never abandon our President who starting to change this country. We will die for him if it needs to and you don’t know anything about the rebels here because you are not from Mindanao.

          • You don’t know anything about social reality. You’re claiming that you speak for all of Mindanao, but you sound like a brainwashed fool.

            You fail to see the incompetence of Duterte’s leadership and the number of mishaps that occured when he tried to manhandle the AFP. Fact is, Duterte tried and failed, so he now delegates everything to Lorenzana. And what happened to the Marawi evacuees, they were neglected by Duterte until the private sector began mobilizing relief efforts independently. Duterte did nothing. No compassion at all for the displaced people in Mindanao.

            Unlike you, I dont shamelessly lie and pretend I’m from mindanao just to prove that someone supports him.

          • Chris

            That is the problem because you are not even come from this place. Please try to go here and go to Marawi so that you will know the real situation. I’m not speaking for the whole Mindanao but people here are for Digong and no matter what you say, you are not from Mindanao. If you think Digong don’t have compassion then you are very wrong, again because you are not from Mindanao and don’t know anything about Digong ever since he was a Mayor or before that. I live in Mindanao for 36 years, my ancestors for more than 60 years my clans for more than 60 years and my relatives, so do you think I still don’t know Mindanao as a place? I go from places to places in Mindanao. My family educated some in Iligan and I have many friends from Lanao, so do you think I don’t know Mindanao? You are very wrong Sir about Digong, because even if he will die as long as he will going to help the people who are in need, he will do it. PERIOD. Right now I’m living in Davao city and my brother muslims will testify to that, Digong is a good man. Do you think I am brainwashed? You are very wrong because I am an independent person with the knowing of International and Local situation. I know that Russia is not in favor of Martial Law but, Digong is very worried, that is why he declare Martial law. He will be called foolish but no matter what, I will support and my family will support him and also my brother muslims here in Mindanao.

          • Chris

            Another thing, I know that this was orchestrated by the Americans and in time we will see what will happen next. CIA is on the back of this war in Marawi. They are again using many people to get Mindanao from our country Philippines, which will never happen because we will defend it to our last breath.

          • I’m a rational pragmatic human being, not a dutertard like you who’s so brain-washed that he thinks just because he’s in mindanao everybody thinks like him. Super assuming ng ogag. Hindi alam na sobrang raming taga mindanao ayaw kay Duterte. haha.

            CIA? Ugok, that’s no different than the more plausible speculation that Maute was orchestrated by Duterte.

            If he’s worried about Marawi, why would he rain down missiles even going against the advice of the AFP generals and Lorenzana himself? Fact is, he has utter disregard for civilian casualties. In his own famous words, “collateral damage” lang.

            Duterte is incompetent. You can’t change that fact. He doesn’t know when to act, when to let things play themselves out, and when to hold himself back if the time wasn’t ripe. He has no sense of discretion and foresight either. Always acting according to his mood and presumptions.

            No matter how much you lie through your teeth that everyone in Mindanao supports him, nobody believes you. The people may blame the Maute, but deep in their hearts, it was Duterte who exacerbated the situation.

            Please check your facts first before you force your beliefs on rational people like me.

          • Chris

            Again you are wrong!!! Why because you are not from here. So many Americans here in Mindanao and I met some of them, and they carry diplomatic immunities and some of them are contractors and mercenaries so do think I’m just a brainwashed person? Wrong again. Dueterte is not lying what the other previous leaders were doing. You think that the doings of Maute is good? Try to go here in Mindanao and if they know you are a Christian, they kill you. You must remember that President have the highest clearance in this country. Many countries providing intell in this country only thru the President. He can get an Intell from Russia, China, Europe, Middle East, and many other countries. In locals, he has NICA, ISAFP, etc. So do you think the Military knows than what the President knows? Lorenzana is an American man, connected to the CIA and I don’t trust him because of them they kill many of our brother muslims here with no cause and because of them this world is now a hellish planet, because of their stealing here, they used it as funding for their terroristic activities and Duterte knows that because during that time of Meiring, he knows what the CIA can do to his City. Ako , SUper assuming!!! Mali ka bro dahil totoo lang ako. Ask nga kita sino ba mga kakilala mo na taga Marawi? Taga Iligan? Taga Mindanao? Baka bro ikaw ang assuming. Wala ka pa kabalo sang naga katabo dri sa Mindanao. Kadto ka dri anay kag mag istar para mabal an mo then comment ka kay daw sin o ka nga indi ka man taga dri sa Mindanao, taga Luzon ka ya. Nobody believes me? You wrong again!!! Because even here in our office in Davao with thousands of people, already understand better than you. My home place in Sultan Kudarat many will support Digong both Muslims and Christians and even Lumads in the mountains that we know. Even the Royals supports Digong but just asking him to stop the airstrike as Digong is also a Royal blood of Maranao.

          • You just proven yourself a brainwashed Dutertard.
            Thanks for sharing with us your delusions and nonsense.
            No real person believes you. Your imagined alter-egos does not count.
            You have no evidence only your speculations, which is utter bullsh`t.

            Duterte’s intel? Like his sex video of De Lima, or the Marawi Mayor getting beheaded?
            He even tried to connect the Maute to drugs when the gunmen even beat-up someone just for smoking cigarettes because it’s unhealthy. You should watch the news and interviews being given by actual real Marawi residents, instead of deluding yourself with your imaginary friends.hahaha

            Among the voter population only 16 out of 50 million voted for Duterte.
            Those are cold hard facts. Duterte does not represent all of Philippines, let alone Mindanao.

            Kabalo ako sang nagatabo, toto. Nagtinir ako sa Davao. Kahigko kag wala espirito sang Davao. Naremember ko gid sang nagbisita kami sa schoolmate sang miga ko sa San Pedro hospital.
            Gin abduct sya kag gin-rape sang pila ka tawo nga ga motor lapit sa Ateneo de Davao.
            Asta subong wala sang natabo sa kaso nya.
            Ginpatay na guro ni Digong ang kriminal.

            I have first hand knowledge of the situation in Mindanao because I stayed in Davao before. It’s a dirty and unspirited place. I remembered it well because my girlfriend and I even visited her schoolmate at the local hospital. She had been abducted and raped by motorbike riders near Ateneo de Davao. Until now, there’s no progress with her case. Duterte might have already murdered the suspect.).

          • Chris

            You just don’t know anything bro where did Duterte get everything. No evidence, I’m not sure about it because as I have said earlier President has the highest security clearance here in this country. Are you sure that Davao is a dirty place? As I have said, people here in Mindanao supports Digong. No matter what you do, you will never understand him because you are just Anti Digong. Digong have access now to many intells from different countries. No matter what you say, I will not listen to you because we know what is happening now and observing what the bad people will do next in the background. I am an independent person and I decide on my own mind. As what the person told me during that time, do you think you already knows what is happening, its not actually real. What you see is not what you get. You need to dig deep to know the truth.

          • You can’t show any proof, yet you’re still shameless enough to spout nonsense.
            It just proves that you’re a duterte paid troll, who only floods disqus with bullsh`t.

          • Chris

            If that is what your opinion is then I respect that but I also have my own information from different sources and you also have to respect my own opinion and time will tell, the truth will set us all free. I AM NOT A PAID TROLL. I HAVE AN INDEPENDENT MIND THAT YOU CANNOT UNDERSTAND ME. Thank you for the responses. This is my last response here in this topic.

          • yep, continue deluding yourself that duterte is your lord and savior.

  • Eugene

    The attack on a UN humanitarian aid convoy near the Syrian city of Aleppo last month, which Washington has blamed on Russia, was actually carried out by one of the terrorist groups present in the area, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said.

    Russia denied the accusation and said a US drone was monitoring the convoy, so Washington should know the truth about the attack.

  • Lapu Lapu

    What a idiotic clueless president. Now the US is to blame, no blame on china at all, nothing about china being the SOLE instigator of this mess because of their fabricated history and just plain state sponsored thievery

    duterte…..what a pathetic excuse for a human with a brain.

  • tonylad

    What an a…hole! Vietnam went toe to toe against the Chinese and were willing to die for their country and this so-called leader of the Philippines is blatantly saying NO FILIPINOS SHOULD DIE for their country. And now has the gall to blame the US. As early as WWII the US Army were complaining Filipinos ran at the onset of the shootings and left mostly the US Army to do the fighting and some Filipinos are still asking compensation to the Veterans Administration to pay Filipinos for saving their country. NOW I GET IT! Shame Shame Shame! As the recent fighting at Marawi Duterte is again expecting young US soldier to shed their blood and die for the Philippines. Duterte is really a lunatic!