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Sen. Leila de Lima ‘walks her way’ to PNP-CIDG arrest


By MB Online

Sen. Leila de Lima voluntarily submitted herself to arresting Philippine National Police-Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (PNP-CIDG) officers Friday morning escorted by the Senate security following the issuance of an arrest order from the Muntinlupa RTC Branch 204.

De Lima stepped out of her Senate office on the 5th floor of the Senate Building at around 8:05 a.m., to issue a brief statement before the media before boarding the PNP coaster that was going to bring her to the PNP Custodial Center inside Camp Crame in Quezon City..

“Sasama na po ako sa kanila, voluntarily,” De Lima said.

“Nanalig po ako sa ngalan ng Diyos na malalagpasan ko ito,” she added.

De Lima also warned that she would not be silenced.

“Lalabas po ang katotohanan sa tamang panahon,” she added. “Inosente po ako. Wala pong katotohanan (ang mga bintang), pawang kasinungalingan.”

The warrants of arrest pertaining to Criminal Case No. 17-165 were issued by Muntinlupa RTC Branch 204 judge Juanita Guerrero against De Lima and two of her co-accused – former National Bureau of Investigation deputy director Rafael Ragos, and Ronnie Dayan.

The three were charged for violating Section 5 in relation to Sections 3, 26, and 28 of Republic Act 9165 or the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002 regarding the illegal drug trade in the national penitentiary when De Lima was secretary of the Department of Justice.


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  • Perjury! A crime committed by Psycho duterte and zombie aguirre. It’s all a lie, fabrication against the Honorable Sen. De Lima.

    • Man_e

      Ya right!

    • Juan Barili

      Honorable is not in existence in our nation. Please use a better term.

    • Ros Feliciano

      This is precisely she is to face the court in order to prove that there is indeed fabrication against her instead of trial by publicity. She did her best to escape prosecution by protecting herself against what she says fabrication. So what else can we expect to allow her to use the media in order to mislead us?

      • Jocel

        Let her answer all the aligations in the court, no more dramas

    • pogikunu

      I did not know being honorable includes having an affair with married men, disregarding the Supreme Court, abusing your positions in government, manufacturing evidenced against those political opponents. Perhaps if you can define what exactly an honorable person is, then I might be able to understand you?

    • don allado

      Honorable ba tawag mo kay delima ha druggy

    • Civil_Rights

      Don’t get carried away by those 37% ignoramus bobotantes rhetoric who normally responded in improper and unethical manner.

  • OFW_000000001

    More than meets the eye… Digong may look and speaks like psycho to you but works and leads for the good of the Filipino people. Delima may look proper and angelic to you but has not done anything for the people except allow if not led the proliferation of drugs in the country breeding heinous criminals. Thats a FACT.

  • jerry sanchez

    Kawawa naman si Leila! Nawala ang mga toyfriends, bilanggo pa! Mabulok ka sana.

  • Rico Quorum

    Karma! Remember PGMA?

  • lc

    The Philippines as part of Mother Earth has been in existence long before we arrive, and will be here long after we are gone. Same is true to these politicians who just like us will be gone in due time. To proclaim allegiance to anyone of these politicians in either side of the argument is only normal, as long as we do not forget that behind these back and forth accusations, its the welfare of the country that’s at stake.

    The country has suffered a great deal through the different eras of governance for a number of generations. We, as a people, were confused when the colonizers left, and we are still to this day. The mindset they left behind is so mangled up it lost any capacity to think independently. Emulating these politicians in their everyday behavior will further divide the people most vulnerable, instead of joining together for the common good.

    I do not know what could be gained in name calling and hurling insults to one another. For the sake of the country, and everyones children and their children, let there be an honest discussion of the issues that could save the Philippines from the hands of all tawdry politicians.

    • Harper

      Your right name calling benefits no one. If someone has an opinion state it . If you disagree or agree state it clearly.

      • lc

        Agree completely, and hopefully all commenters could understand that what is at stake here is the country’s well being, and not the well being of individuals, in and outside of politics, who do more harm than good. What is needed is the sharing of good creative ideas to jumpstart the country’s development. The exchange of ideas to be meaningful and worth the time, the problems the country is anchored on now must be fully understood by everyone concern.

  • freedash22

    I wouldn’t be surprised if next time, she’ll be in a wheel chair.

  • Ampalaya

    Wer na u, d2 n me.


  • vg

    Now maybe Delima can stop her daily attacks on the President. Imagine what she has done. From her first day as Senator up until yesterday all she has done is attack everyone in the DU30 administration. She not only turned in the most criminal performance of any Secretary DOJ she actually only worked on things that would benefit her. We do not need any person like her in our government. She is being put in the correct place to protect us all, jail.

    • don allado

      She is part of former adm plan B. Attack du30 para tuloy ang ligaya. Pro dug vs anti drug

  • Defender

    Why not just bail out and see Wigguirre in court all they way to supreme court if necessary.

    • Jocel

      Its non bailable

      • Defender

        It didn’t say alleged charges is not bailable where court trial is expected. ‘A person is considered innocent unless otherwise proven guilt in court of law. Wigguirre and PNP are not the court but rather instrument of DuDirty’s personal tirade and abused of authority. Why is it Peluka Boy Aguirre pinpointed involve in P50 Million bribery from gambling lord Lam wasn’t even charge, a justice of double standard.

        • don allado

          Druggy may nagtitinda pa ba ng shabu sa sari sari store malapit sa inyo. Pag wala na ibig sabihin may pagbabago

        • Jocel

          Dear a drug offense is a non bailable charge. You can also read judge’s note in her warrant of arrest. So even if the case is still on going, thre is now way she can go out of jail.

          • Civil_Rights

            I applaused your keen legal observation of the case unless you can prove you have legal expertise I find your claim undependable. The charge is alleged where all evidences and witnesses are subject to scrutiny and discovery including cross-examination. De Lima was charged of actual distribution of drugs nor conspiracy allegation from ‘convicted’ drug lords jailed in BNP. Good try but let us see the final outcome. Good luck.

          • Jocel

            lol…you are barking on a wrong tree Neng. I was stating a fact not an opinion, I was not assessing the merit of the case but merely stating the judge’s note. It was the judge who issued the warrant in the first place. idiot. hahahaha. Mag judge ka muna bago ka magsalita hahaha

          • Civil_Rights

            Your observation clouded you as layman rather than expressing your legal facts, moron. Why do you think De Lima voluntary surrender to PNP? Who are RTC or of Appeal Court who granted controversial TRO’s including all DuDirty’s allegation to any he sees threat against him were part of drug syndicates like drug list, matrix and narco-list all condemned thru public media without due process. In the past several months of scripted and manipulated senate hearing with collaboration of DuDirty’s minions in congress Espinosa, Dayan, convicted drug lords inside BNP, NBI agent, etc. are obviously clowned. De Lima would rather take the matter in right venue of hearing, the court. Prosecution of De Lima is all about DuDirty personal tirade after DDS investigation when she was DOJ secretary. Guess who is behind and brainchild of DDS killing, your boss DuDirty and now extending DDS nationwide leading to dreadful EJK.

  • Mike_Realism

    Voluntarily? You call it voluntarily when you requested to postpone the arrest until morning?

  • T Infante

    D5, you are painting yourself as the martyr saint. But you are just a plain hypocrite. I’m calling you and your fellow Yellows. Now read this headline.

    “Pope Francis delivered another criticism of some members of his own Church on Thursday, suggesting it is better to be an atheist than one of “many” Catholics who he said lead a hypocritical double life.”

    Yellow Catholics, can you refute what the Pope has said? Better say nothing or you are just one of the plain hypocrites.

  • Yolanda Santos

    This CIDG is the criminal group which barged into the prison in early morning hours and murdered the late Mayor Espinosa together with his unlucky cell mate. This CIDG is the Kempeitai of the lunatic serial killer Idioterte.

    This criminal Idioterte administration is responsible for the murders of thousands of Filipinos without even a hint of due process. They should all be tried by the International Criminal Court at the Hague for crimes against humanity.The stupid dutertards who support this killer administration are just as guilty of massacre as the psychopath Idioterte.

    • lc

      Hello, Yolanda. Is this really the way you show your concerns about the anomalous conditions in the Philippines by ranting anything about someone you dislike? The scenario you and others have been painting about the supposed crimes committed by Duterte are to say the least a reflection of the history of previous administrations. You have not raised your voice about that. The possibility that so many have come out of the woodworks trying to weaken the president is the fact that he has not followed so far the dictate of an old order from which these squawking politicians and their supporters may deem to loose a lot. The country should be thankful for him to take a path less travelled for a chance to change the direction of the country for the better. For the duration that there were elections the condition in the country has gotten worse after each election.

      • Yolanda Santos

        I am not beholden to any corrupt politicians. I denounced everybody – Marcos, Aquino, Idioterte, etc. If you have brains, why do you support the wanton murders of thousands of Filipinos by corrupt mad man Idioterte? Are without conscience too like the rest of the Idiotertards?

        • lc

          I did not say you are. Your denunciation of the people you mentioned above is admirable. However, what you missed to look at is the governmental system within which all of them, and others had used with all its power, resulting to the chaos the country is in the midsth of now. This is the situation that needs attention and resolution in the best possible way. Mistakes will be made along the way that may affect one’s life greatly, and that is regrettable.

          Maybe I don’t have brains that is why I do not take any news on its face value, and rant about it, its risky and unhealthy. I do not support any individual person, however, I support acts of anyone, in my judgement, portend the advancement of the country.

          • Yolanda Santos

            What kind of advancement of the country are talking about under the dictatorship of corrupt serial killer idioterte? What kind of order can we have when this serial killer idi0t trashes our Constitution and the rule of law? Instead of giving jobs to our poor people, he is murdering them like flies. He could kill 3 million Filipinos as he vowed he would, but at the end of his blood lust, half of our people will still live in poverty.

            Have you heard of the Communist Pol Pot who had exterminated 3 million Cambodians in his quest for a classless society? After his reign of terror, Cambodians today are still extremely poor.

          • lc

            Resorting to phrases such as “dictatorship of corrupt serial killer idioterte” most of the time you make a comment, seems to be leading to what appears to not wanting to consider the idea that there is another side of the coin is a game ender for me. Lastly, you can list all the people in the world who have committed acts of violence does not demean the stepping out of the box of President Duterte. It is the only possible way to not repeat the failures of the past.

    • lc

      Everyone must keep an open mind, and keep their eyes on the prize – that the Philippines get much better which she richly deserve, and her people a much better life, and dignity.

      • Yolanda Santos

        What better life are you cluelessly talking about? The poor comprise more than half of the population of the Philippines. Instead of giving them jobs, Idioterte and his supporters like you are killing them like flies. Even after idioterte is done with killing 3 million, the poor of would still live in poverty. Where is the better life you are talking about?

        When one of your relatives get killed by the hired killers of Idioterte, you would then understand why it is important that we uphold democracy and the rule of law.

        • lc

          Are you implying that your life has been touched by these killings being attributed to Duterte? It is unfortunate if that was the case, but circumstances surrounding any particular case of this nature must be taken in context before any wholesale condemnation of any individual is made. I don’t know any of the facts regarding this, so no further comments are necessary.

          The kind of “democracy and rule of law” you want to uphold have been in effect throughout the governance of all previous administrations. It was carried out with a system established to cater, unfortunately, not to the greater majority of Pilipinos but to the few, moneyed and powerful.

          Creating jobs has not been a top priority, it appears, so that more Pilipinos will be exported to be OFWs to repatriate $$$ to refill the $$$ reserve fund which the country needs to pay the interest of her indebtedness to international financiers.

          Bear in mind the problems Duterte is trying to solve: joblessness, illegal drugs, or whatever, are not of his own making. They were the accumulated results of inactions by past authorities, sanctioned by an unshakeable flawed system supported by most politicians. Ii is this system which has not yielded any benefits to, as you say, “the poor of would still live in poverty”, I believe the president for a change, is trying to bypass, and a chance to open possibilities that the country will be better off than if he follows the old dictum.

          “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”- Albert Einstein

  • sea eagle

    The fake charges against Sen.De Lima is worse than the fake hair of Aguirre.Killer Pres.Duterte is the Pol Pot of the Philippines a mass murderer who kill poor people and children.