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9,200 firms face raps for non-remittance of SSS


by Samuel P. Medenilla

The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) has recommended the filing of charges against 9,200 private establishments for the non-remittance of the Social Security System (SSS) premium of their workers.

Based on the latest data from DOLE’s Bureau of Working Condition (BWC), only 51,132 or 84.69 percent of the 60,376 companies which underwent the labor law compliance system (LLCS) of DOLE’s regional offices for 2016 remitted the SSS membership fees of their employees.

BWC Director Ma. Teresita Cucueco said DOLE’s regional offices have already forwarded the list of the non-compliant employers to the SSS for possible legal action.

“The (erring) employers can be charged with criminal cases with its corresponding fines and imprisonment,” Cucueco said in an interview.

She said the 10,180 establishments which did not remit the Pag-IBIG fund and Philippine Health Insurance Corp. (PhilHealth) premiums of their employees last year will also face similar charges.

To avoid similar sanctions, Labor and Employment Secretary Silvestre Bello III urged establishments to religiously remit the membership contributions of their workers.

“This is one way of safeguarding and protecting the rights of our workers. It is also the employers’ legal and moral responsibility to their employees,” Bello said in a statement.

DOLE has recently intensified its crackdown against delinquent employers due to increasing reports of non-remittance of premiums.

“DOLE has been receiving numerous complaints from workers about their employers’ non-remittance of SSS, Philhealth, and Pag-IBIG contributions, which resulted in the disapproval of their loan applications,” Bello said.

The campaign is also part of DOLE’s contribution to make SSS’s planned P2,000 pension hike sustainable.

The government’s economic managers opposed the higher pension rate fearing it will deplete the SSS’ fund. The SSS said it will implement a 1.5 percent increase in its contribution rate starting this May and go after delinquent employers.

The SSS earlier said it was already able to file cases against 34,000 delinquent employers  in the last six years.

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  • bechay64

    The SSS earlier said it was already able to file cases against 34,000 delinquent employers in the last six years…

    It’s not enough to file cases. These should be resolved. So SSS, in the last 6 years, how many of the 34,00 delinquent employers with cases have actually been resolved? That should have been included in the information given kasi that is the more important point that people would like to know.

    • manny villegas

      Filing is only the initial step. Collection/remittance with penalties on the employer is the final step. What has been done by the authorities. Nothing apparently.

      • bechay64


      • ken tutan

        bribery for the enforcers!

  • otoling

    Sinabi nga dyaryo, na si Binay Sr. nga rin hinde nag-remit ng mga milyunes na GSIS contributions ng mga empleyado ng Makati City Hall, tapus na-absuwelto sa kaso na ito.
    Papaano nagyari yun?

  • Harper

    Is there anything in this country that is done correctly and not all screwed up, It seems that your procedures are so complex and time consuming for people they will do anything not to go to a government department… If you want a good example Gun registration, There are too many stupid requirements and you have to travel to manila to register at the Camp. I understand why it is because the government wants to take weapons out of the public’s hands. You cannot rebel without weapons. They forget that those that register are not usually the criminals. Criminals want unregistered guns. So you are punishing the honest people again.
    SSS and Phil Health must be a nightmare for employers and they must spend days trying to sort out the paper work needed. No wonder it is screwed up

    • manny villegas

      On the SSS and Philhealth, there sould be noproblem. It is not complicated.About gun registration, that is another issue. Just like the selling of motor vehicles where the vehicle is registered by the seller, the gun trader/seller should be required to register the gun before he turns it over to the buyer. I don’t know if this is the process now.I don’t have any gun. So where is the problem here? I suppose it is mere implementation.

      • Harper

        Too register a firearm if you live in a province you must travel to Manila to Register the only place….. Why cannot the process be conducteds at the police station. That is every two years. The cost alone has risen more than 100 % and on to that you must pay for extra requirements. If you have a firearm for 5-10-or even 20 Years you have to get a a Phys evaluation and a seminar on gun handling and safety. Makes no difference if you were x-military. Aquino made it so difficult it took My friend two full days in manila just to register at the Camp. The Honest Law abiding people are the one who register their guns and have to endure the bureaucratic nightmare. I also have a friend who decided he would no longer register His guns 4 years ago. Nothing happened no enquirers to date…

  • sikatuna

    sanamagan we Filipinos cannot do anything efficient and simple and honest. that’s why the country is so screwed up to this day. it is the people who are the problem and solution.

  • ken tutan

    it is just cultural, the Filipinos were allowed to get away with all of this, due to padrinos and areglo system, is this going to be forever? if it is, then there is no hope for the Philippines!